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What Is Dynamic Number Insertion And How Does It Work?

In this article, we have discussed what is dynamic number insertion, what are the benefits of using this, and how it works. A call tracking tool called dynamic number insertion gives each online source its own phone number and then displays that number to visitors who access your website from that particular source.

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In this article, we have discussed what is dynamic number insertion, what are the benefits of using this, and how it works. Keep reading.
What is dynamic number insertion? A call tracking tool called dynamic number insertion gives each online source its own phone number and then displays that number to visitors who access your website from that particular source.
These sources include natural search results, PPC advertisements, Yelp, and other internet locations where your company has a presence.
Once your phone starts ringing, the data will be sent to your Google Analytics account for you to review. This enables you to identify the precise origin of incoming calls.

What Makes This Tool Useful?

It is, in a nutshell, the foundation of call tracking. Install dynamic number insertion if you want to log phone calls accurately. Second, dynamic number insertion makes it possible for you to identify your target audience.
You can concentrate your effort and ad budget on optimizing channels that drive conversions if you know where your customers hang out online or, more significantly, which sources generate the most phone calls.
Consider this: by understanding the source of every call, you may improve virtually every area of your company, including your marketing plan, your advertising campaigns, and even your goods and services.
You won't get a true picture of how leads turn into customers if you aren't tracking your phone conversations. Even if you are definitely keeping an eye on your web traffic, what about all the leads that you lose when a customer chooses to call you?

What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

What Is The Working Process Of Dynamic Number Insertion?

Installing a single line of JavaScript code is all it takes to integrate CallRail's dynamic number insertion into your website. This code will identify the source of your users and add a cookie to their browsers instructing your website to show a particular phone number.
Additionally, this makes it possible for a user to constantly see the same number, even if they leave and then return to your website. Dynamic number insertion is simple to set up.
  • Access Settings.
  • Select the business you want to configure dynamic number insertion for.
  • From the top menu, select Integrations, then select Dynamic Number Insertion.
  • Write the JavaScript code down.
  • Place the code before the tag on each page of the website.
  • You should ideally put this code on each page of your website. So, you'll always be aware of the source that prompted a call.
Tip: It's just as easy to change images dynamically as it is to change phone numbers on HTML pages that show phone numbers.

Understanding Dynamic Number Insertion

That's great that you've added dynamic number insertion to your website. What occurs next, though?
To start, test your dynamic number insertion to make sure it's functional. Make sure to either enable private browsing or erase your browser's cookies. This will make it seem as though you are a first-time visitor to your website.
Next, look up your complete URL on Google. then take these actions:
  • Visit your URL.
  • Go to a website where your tracking phone number is listed.
  • It was successful if it was there! You simply behaved as a natural website visitor.
  • By simulating a click without really clicking on your ad, you can test dynamic number insertion on your PPC advertising. You can access your website just like you would have if you had clicked on your paid advertisement by adding "?gclid=test" to the end of the URL in your web browser and pressing "enter." If your tracking number is visible, DNI has been implemented successfully.

Using Dynamic Number Insertion Data To Its Fullest

DNI is a precise means to identify customers that call your company after finding your number online. Marketers can learn all the steps a person took before calling thanks to dynamic numbers.
With DNI, you may identify the web content, ads, and keywords that contribute to generating inbound calls and ought to be credited in marketing attribution. DNI is the ideal answer for marketers who are unsure whether or not they are comfortable employing call tracking due to SEO.
Through dynamic number insertion, you can collect incredibly useful data. Consider the following:
  • Spend more money on advertising and marketing initiatives that result in high-converting phone calls.
  • Optimize products or services according to your Web pages that are drivingcalls.
  • Build on content that is driving phone calls, such as blog posts, white papers, and webinars.
The availability of analytics and its capabilities may vary depending on the sort of DNI solution you choose.
A user might see a different phone number in the most basic dynamic number insertion system, for instance, depending on the advertising they clicked, the keywords they looked up, or any other marketing campaign that has been set up.
Each of them will have a separate, distinct number that will be displayed to the user and connected to analytics depending on these particular campaigns.

People Also Ask

What Is A Dynamic Number?

Simply put, dynamic call numbers enable businesses to monitor all incoming calls. Each visitor is given a special phone number, which is displayed "dynamically" on the brand website or in a digital marketing campaign.

What Is A DNI Product?

A marketing tool called dynamic number insertion (DNI) allows companies to attribute the phone calls that are generated by their online marketing and website.

How Does Dynamic Number Insertion Work?

A call tracking tool called dynamic number insertion gives each online source its own phone number and then displays that number to visitors who access your website from that particular source. Some of these sources are natural search results, PPC ads, Yelp, and other places on the internet where your business is present.

What Is The Dynamic Number Insertion Script?

You add a block of code known as a Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) Script to your client's website. Each visitor to your website receives and sees a different phone number assigned and displayed by the script, letting you know exactly which marketing channel generated each phone call.


What is dynamic number insertion? Dynamic Number Insertion, or DNI, is a call-tracking system used by businesses. It connects offline and online attribution in a seamless way.
DNI gives companies the ability to link phone calls to PPC advertisements, SEO campaigns, retargeted ads, and more in order to evaluate the effectiveness of each digital marketing channel.
Through multi-channel and multi-touch marketing attribution, this call tracking system helps to show the whole customer journey, from online to offline.
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