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Not A Driving Simulator - Laugh At These Videos Of People Driving Like They Are In GTA

Online games are such a trend these days, and almost every teen and gamer know what is Grand Theft Auto and how it works. Obviously, the people in this article are heavily influenced by this video game and it shows. The people in the videos under this article are driving like they are in GTA.

Author:Scarlet Sunset
Reviewer:Maxwell Canvas
Apr 08, 2023
Online games are growing more popular. Many of these have just lately come to fruition. They make use of cutting-edge technology and features. These games create an atmosphere that is similar to the one we live in. GTA is one such game, albeit the universes in these games and real-life are vastly different. In this article, you will witness videos of cars and people drivinglike they are in GTA.
Driving quickly, weaving in and out of traffic, and using your e-brake to avoid bashing into walls is simply the most effective way to get about the GTA. It gets you to your target faster, makes it more difficult for copsto apprehend you, and sets you up beautifully if you happen across one of the game's many secret stunt leaps or ramps. Why, after all, pay the bridge toll if you don't have to?

What Is GTA?

GTA online the contract poster with cars, dog, and people
GTA online the contract poster with cars, dog, and people
Grand Theft Auto is a game developed by Rockstar Games and published by American Softworks Corporation (ASC Games) in 1997 and 1998 for use on video game consoles and personal computers. Following its hugely successful debut, Grand Theft Auto spawned a slew of sequels and expansions, including Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004), and the highly acclaimed Grand Theft Auto IV (2008).
In the Grand Theft Auto series, players take control of thieves and try to further their careers by completing tasks in various virtual cities. The initial game in the series provided a simple bird's-eye view of the terrain from which the player could see and participate in carjacking, robberies, gun battles, and other sorts of delinquency. Approaching a car and removing the driver lets the player take control, change radio stations, and cause as much havoc as required to achieve the goals. Later games in the series upgraded the visuals and included new styles of play. Strategically interspersed video segments advance the plot, giving each title its own unique narrative and cast of characters. The freedom to wander about cities, along with sophisticated and hard levels, helped to make Grand Theft Auto one of the most inventive and successful video games of the late 1990s.

Does Driving In GTA Help In Real Life?

Unfortunately, GTA and video games, in general, do not aid with real-life driving. Someone once taught a professor from Leeds University in the United Kingdom who had driven a car but only in a video game with the steering wheel. When he initially drove, his steering wheel was all over the place, and he was steering abruptly all the time, just as in the game. As a result, It is not recommended to practice steering in GTA because it is in no way comparable to real life.
To say the least, the game has cartoonish crash physics. With the protagonist shrugging off otherwise fatal crashes like they were a mere speed breaker and a general disregard for red lights, driving isn't one of GTA's strongest suits. However, that's probably what works best. It's an open-world game, not a driving simulator.
However, video games are designed for entertainmentand are not intended to be used as teaching aids. It's the reason why you don't see racing/driving schools using GT/Forza and aviation schools using FSX.

GTA VS Real Life

The primary difference between GTA and real life is that in GTA, everything centers on completing tasks and committing heists. While in real life, people's ultimate goals are things like work, school, and so on. Furthermore, GTA treats acts such as murder, theft, and drunk driving in a lenient manner, whereas in real life these acts can result in serious consequences for the perpetrator.

A Video Of Driving Like They Are In GTA

A TikTok video posted by a Reddit account where a car is driving in circles in an empty parking lot like they are driving like they are in GTA. This video will surely make you smile, laugh, and weirdout at the same time. The video below was posted with the caption, "Don’t think Los Santos Customs can even fix this one."
You will see in the video how the black car was driving in circles and meandering in an empty parking lot. The TikTok video with a text that "Kid said watch me GTA style, Dad gonna be mad". The driver of the car may be practicing how to drive, we never know. The people on the comment section of the Redding Thread where it was posted pointed out that the best way to learn how to drive is to drive in an empty parking lot because it is full of giant poles but it's not completely empty.

More Videos Of People Driving Like They Are In GTA

This video posted by South Africa Live was compilation of people driving like they are in GTA and it's really like the video game was actually happening in real life. You will see how these people don't have any idea what they are doing or how to drive at all and causing accidents for everyone around them.

Guy thinks he's in Grand Theft Auto

Crazy People Think They Are Playing GTA 5 in Real Life | GTA in Real Life -2017

The Danger Of Driving Like In GTA

A few studies have revealed a correlation between driving games and an increased inclination to drive erratically, but this is not arguing that playing GTA IV, or any other driving game, would convert a safe driver into a highway monster. No responsible individual will exceed the speed limit merely because he or she spent the afternoon behind the wheel of a virtual car.
After being accustomed to the crashing in GTA 5, any normal driving became a piece of cake. Because it's hard to address a phobia like that in real life, the game served as a virtual vehicle for tackling impossible-to-replicate anxiety. Sure, crashing would still be a terrifying experience, but the worry of it occurring again has reduced.
Gaming is a great way to get some exposure to treatment in. Immersive games allow you to confront and overcome your fears. It's less intimidating than really going out and doing what you're afraid of in the real world, where you have no control, and now, with VR's developing realism, there's a whole new level of depth to experiment with. Video games are considerably more than just enjoyable pleasures; they may provide a plethora of practical, real-world benefits.


The Grand Theft Auto brand has accomplished a great deal over the years, shattering sales records and becoming a cultural phenomenon. It is, nevertheless, one of the most troublesome video game series in existence. Authorities, the media, concerned monitoring organizations, and a slew of others have all slammed GTA as a corrupting influence in our society. Some argue that it is training our youngsters to be murderers. Others have said that it incites violence against its citizens. While there is a clear and major difference between committing a heinous crime in GTA and doing the same thing in real life, we'd be remiss if we didn't accept that there is at least some correlation between violent video games and real-world violence, so don't ever think of copying these people driving like they are in GTA.
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