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TikToker Accidentally Books An Entire Hotel Instead Of Airbnb In Bali

Planning a family vacation can be an exciting experience, but sometimes, unforeseen incidents can turn the most anticipated trips into unforgettable adventures. A TikToker's recent holiday to Bali took an unexpected turn as the TikToker accidentally books an entire hotel instead of Airbnb in Bali. This extraordinary mix-up quickly captured the attention of the internet, leaving many amused and intrigued by the unusual vacation story.

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Planning a family vacation can be an exciting experience, but sometimes, unforeseen incidents can turn the most anticipated trips into unforgettable adventures. A TikToker's recent holiday to Bali took an unexpected turn as the TikToker accidentally books an entire hotel instead of Airbnb in Bali. This extraordinary mix-up quickly captured the attention of the internet, leaving many amused and intrigued by the unusual vacation story.

TikToker Accidentally Booked An Entire Hotel In Bali

TikToker accidentally books an entire hotel instead of Airbnb in Bali. The TikToker, Jas, had diligently searched for the perfect accommodation for her family's Bali vacation. In her quest for a memorable and luxurious experience, she stumbled upon a seemingly opulent listing on Airbnb.
The photos showcased an exquisite property with stunning views, spacious rooms, and resort-like amenities, making it an ideal choice for a family getaway. A TikToker claimed she intended to register a single Airbnb but by accident booked a whole hotel in Bali for a week for a little over $3,000 instead.
Jas, who describes her job on TikTok as a "social media manager," related the story to her more than 211,000 followers in the video she posted earlier this week. The TikTok caption said:
The video received over 2.7 million views and 282,000 likes.
The house Jas uploaded on her TikTok channelappears to be this Bali residence with four bedrooms listed on Airbnb. According to its 4.8 rating, it offers "a relaxing atmosphere as well as a real tropical experience." According to the description, it sleeps 11 people and costs $538 each night.
Jas said in the video that she reserved the house "a year in advance" for a family getaway. She claimed that she gave her grandparents the chance to select the location, and they chose "the most expensive one" available.
Jas informed her followers that she expected problems before departing on the journey. Jas said:
I just know there's going to be problems with this because, like, Bali increases their prices for everything every single year.- Jas
She said that she was worried that because she had paid a cheaper fee, her reservation might be canceled or increased in price.

Jas Had A Conversation With The Property Owner Before Her Vacation

Jas claimed that she spoke with the property owner a week before her vacation and discovered that new management had been appointed. She claimed the proprietor informed her that after her initial reservation, the pricing, rooms, and amenities had all altered.
Since the hotel typically cost $1,400 per night for its lowest rate, Jas claimed that the owner appeared bewildered and "frantic" about how she managed to secure such a low price.
Jas reported to her followers that towards the end of their conversation, the owner appeared to be in good spirits and declared he would "take a L on this."
She shows a picture of the property on the video, showing a sizable pool and a structure resembling a resort in the distance.
On the route to the property, Jas saw the first cautionary sign.
When Jas realized the villa was listed as a "hostel" on Google Maps while drivingto the villa, she stated that was the first "red flag" she had seen. When she noticed a "till," or cash register, in the kitchen, she was further perplexed.
Jas claimed the proprietor promised her more people would attend because she had reserved "a special rate." Jas took issue with the owner as she added in the video:
I just booked it. No one explained that there was going be other people staying here. 'I understand I can't use all the bedrooms. That's fine,' but I was like, 'There's no way I'm staying here with my family if other people are going to be staying here'. It's a huge fucking villa but a small hotel.- Jas
The owner, according to Jas, acknowledged her worries and canceled the reservations for the remaining visitors.
Ubud Villa and Jas from Tiktok video
Ubud Villa and Jas from Tiktok video
Jas stated towards the conclusion of the video:
So basically, there are seven of us, me and my family. I think there's like 12 bedrooms. I think it sleeps like 18 people. There's like a full-time bartender, a kitchen, a chef, like an actual restaurant in the fucking thing, and it's literally just me and my family here.- Jas
A day later, Jas provided viewers a closer look at the property in a follow-up TikTok, claiming that it has "full-time security."
Jas begins the tour by pointing out the outdoor space, which has a Ping-Pong table and beach seats around the pool. The camera then cuts to a living area with a fire pit and a blue rectangular sofa. The video also features a pool table, a sizable kitchen, and a table that seats "20 people."
The hotel-like appearance of the property's rooms makes them only visible from the outside and appear to require a key card for admittance. Both the upper and lower floors' rooms, according to Jas, are "small" and a lot like hotel rooms.
"I think you can see what I mean now. Its like definitely got the capabilities of being a hotel but it's a small hotel. Huge Airbnb, but a very small hotel," Jas stated at the conclusion of the clip.

Her Trip Cost More Than $5,200

Jas detailed the cost of her trip to Bali in a third TikTok about her reservation that was published on Sunday. Jas said that her family only went on one expensive meal out, spending "200 quid" for all seven of them, which she claimed was "still really cheap." Jas' family spent most of her vacation eating at the villa or a nearby restaurant.
She claimed that she frequently purchased £10 day passes to a gym. Jas estimated that the entire vacation for her family cost £4,100, or $5,270.

Social Media Frenzy

Amused by the extraordinary turn of events, the TikToker decided to share her story on social media, particularly on her TikTok account. The video went viral, gaining millions of views and capturing the attention of newsoutlets and social media users worldwide.
Netizens were both amused and envious of TikToker's accidental stroke of luck. The story became a hot topic of conversation, with many people expressing their desire to have a similar experience.

Making The Most Of It

Rather than fretting over the unexpected situation, the TikToker and her family embraced the opportunity to enjoy a grand vacation they had never imagined. They made the most of their time at the hotel, indulging in the luxurious amenities, exploring the various facilities, and relishing the personalized service provided by the hotel staff.

Travel Booking Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Booking a trip can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also lead to frustrating and costly mistakesif not done carefully. From flights and accommodations to tours and activities, travel arrangements involve numerous decisions that require attention to detail.
In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore some common travel booking mistakes and provide essential tips on how to avoid them, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience.

Not Comparing Prices

One of the most significant mistakes travelers make is failing to compare prices before making reservations. With countless booking platforms, airlines, hotels, and tour operators available, it's essential to shop around and explore different options to find the best deals. Utilize search engines, comparison websites, and apps to compare prices, amenities, and reviews to make an informed decision.
Tip - Be flexible with travel dates and use fare comparison tools to find the most affordable flight options. Additionally, consider alternative airports and travel seasons for potential savings.

Ignoring Cancellation Policies

Travel plans can be unpredictable, and unforeseen circumstances may force you to change or cancel your trip. Ignoring cancellation policies can lead to costly penalties and non-refundable bookings. Many travelers have learned this the hard way when they had to pay for hotel rooms they couldn't use or forfeit prepaid activities.
Tip -Always read the fine print and understand the cancellation policies of airlines, accommodations, and tour operators before confirming your booking. Consider travel insurance that covers trip cancellations and interruptions for added peace of mind.


Packing too much can be a significant travel booking mistake, especially if you have limited luggage allowance or plan to hop between destinations. Overpacking not only increases baggage fees but also makes moving around more cumbersome and less enjoyable.
A hotel in Bali
A hotel in Bali
Tip -Make a packing list and stick to it. Consider versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched, and pack travel-sized toiletries to save space. Research the weather and cultural norms of your destination to pack appropriately.

Not Checking Visa And Passport Requirements

Traveling abroad without the necessary visas or valid passports is a serious mistake that can disrupt your trip and even lead to denial of entry at immigration checkpoints. Visa requirements and entry regulations vary by country, and it's crucial to comply with them to avoid any legal complications.
Tip -Check the visa and passport requirements of your destination well in advance. Ensure your passport has at least six months validity beyond your travel dates. Apply for visas early and double-check entry requirements to avoid last-minute surprises.

People Also Ask

What Happened When The TikToker Arrived At The Airbnb In Bali?

When the TikToker arrived at the Airbnb in Bali, she realized that she had accidentally reserved an entire hotel instead of a lavish villa.

How Did The TikToker Discover The Booking Mistake?

The TikToker discovered the booking mistake upon reaching the address provided in the booking confirmation. The property resembled a hotel rather than a private villa, prompting her to inquire with the staff.

What Was The TikToker's Reaction To The Booking Blunder?

The TikToker's initial shock quickly turned into amusement as she realized the magnitude of the booking blunder. She found herself in charge of an entire hotel, which became an unexpected and unique experience for her and her family.

How Did The TikToker And Her Family Make The Most Of Their Accidental Hotel Booking?

Rather than getting upset about the mistake, the TikToker and her family embraced the situation and made the most of their time at the hotel. They indulged in the luxurious amenities, explored the various facilities, and enjoyed the personalized service provided by the hotel staff. The unique experience turned their vacation into a cherished memory.


What was meant to be a simple family vacation to Bali turned into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for a TikToker as the TikToker accidentally books an entire hotel instead of Airbnb in Bali. This delightful mix-up showcased the power of turning unexpected situations into cherished memories.
The TikToker and her family will undoubtedly cherish this unique vacation story for years to come, and their experience will continue to entertain and inspire others around the world.
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