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Teens Are Dressing Up As Old Ladies In Masks To Buy Booze

In a new trend on TikTok, some teens are dressing up as old ladies in masks to buy booze. These videos, which show young people donning fake wrinkles, wigs, and oversized clothing to make themselves appear much older than they are, have been circulating on social media for months.

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In a new trend on TikTok, some teens are dressing up as old ladies in masks to buy booze. These videos, which show young people donning fake wrinkles, wigs, and oversized clothing to make themselves appear much older than they are, have been circulating on social media for months.

Teenagers Dressing Up As Old Ladies TikTok

Teens are dressing up as old ladies in masks to buy booze. Several TikTok videos have been posted with the hashtag #grandmaskin, featuring young people transforming into elderly women with the goal of buying alcohol without being caught. Some of these videos have been viewed millions of times.
One video, posted by TikTok user audrey.belle, shows her and her friends wearing wrinkled masks, oversized cardigans, and pearls. They pretend to be lost and confused while browsing the wine aisle of a grocery store. When they are finally able to purchase their chosen drink, they exit the store with big grins on their faces.
While this trend may seem harmless, it is actually illegal. In the United States, it is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. Those caught attempting to buy alcohol with a fake ID or by using someone else's ID can face fines, suspension of their driver's license, and even jail time.
Additionally, this trend has been criticized for trivializing the serious issue of elder abuse. Dressing up as an older person for entertainmentpurposes can be seen as disrespectful and offensive to elderly individuals who experience age-related discrimination and abuse.
Some experts have suggested that this trend could be a result of pandemic-related stress and boredom. With many young people being forced to stay at home and away from social events, they may be looking for creative ways to entertain themselves.
In response to this trend, some stores have started cracking down on underage drinking by increasing their security measures. This includes checking IDs more thoroughly and monitoring the alcohol aisles more closely. In some cases, stores have even implemented policies that require anyone who appears to be under the age of 40 to show ID when purchasing alcohol.
While the trend of teens dressing up as old ladies to buy alcohol may seem funnyor harmless, it is important to recognize the potential dangers of underage drinking.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), underage drinking is a serious public health problem in the United States, leading to a range of negative consequences, including increased risk of injury, risky sexual behavior, impaired driving, and long-term damage to brain development.
Additionally, the trend has sparked controversy and criticism from some who feel that it is disrespectful to older adults and may contribute to ageism. Parents, educators, and community leaders need to engage in conversations with youth about the risks and consequences of underage drinking, and to provide alternatives and support for making healthy choices.
Furthermore, the trend has raised questions about the role of social media in promoting and popularizing potentially harmful behavior. While social media can be a powerful tool for connecting and communicating with others, individuals and platforms need to consider the potential impact of their actions and content on the wider community.
It is also worth noting that the trend may have legal implications, as it is illegal for minors to purchase or possess alcohol in most states. Individuals caught using fake IDs or engaging in other forms of underage drinking can face fines, legal charges, and other penalties.
Studies have shown that alcohol use during adolescence can have significant negative effects on brain development, leading to impairments in memory, learning, and decision-making.
Moreover, underage drinking can also lead to a range of other negative consequences, including increased risk of injury, car accidents, sexual assault, and academic problems. Parents, educators, and healthcare professionals need to take steps to educate young people about the dangers of alcohol use and to promote safe and responsible behaviors.

TikTok Video Shows Teens Disguised as Elders to Buy Alcohol

Creative Ways Teens Get Alcohol

Teenagers have been getting their hands on alcohol for decades, and they often come up with creative and sometimes risky ways to do so. While it is illegal for minors to purchase or consume alcohol, many teens still try to find ways to obtain it. Here are some of the creative ways teens get alcohol.

Fake IDs

One of the most common ways for teens to obtain alcohol is by using a fake ID. Fake IDs are often purchased online or through other channels and can look very convincing. However, using a fake ID is illegal, and if caught, teens can face serious consequences, including fines and even jail time.

Stealing From Parents Or Other Adults

Another common way that teens get alcohol is by stealingit from their parents or other adults. This can be done by raiding liquor cabinets or wine cellars or simply taking advantage of adults who are not paying attention. While this may seem like a harmless prank, it is still illegal and can lead to serious consequences.

Asking An Older Friend Or Sibling

Teens may also turn to older friends or siblings to purchase alcohol for them. While this may seem like a safer option than some of the other methods, it is still illegal and can lead to consequences for both the teen and the person who purchased the alcohol.

Online Delivery Services

With the rise of online delivery services, some teens have turned to these platforms to obtain alcohol. While most of these services require age verification, some teens have found ways to bypass these measures and have alcohol delivered to their doorstep.
In recent years, teens have also started using delivery services to get alcohol. Some apps and services allow customers to order alcohol online and have it delivered to their doorstep. Some teens have found ways to circumvent the age verification process and order alcohol online, even if they are underage.

Dressing Up As An Adult

As mentioned earlier, some teens have taken to dressing up as older adults to purchase alcohol. This may involve using makeup or masks to appear older or simply borrowing clothing from older relatives. While this method may seem like a creative solution, it is also illegal and can lead to serious consequences if caught.
While it is illegal for minors to obtain alcohol, many teens still find ways to do so. Parents and other adults should be aware of these methods and take steps to prevent underage drinking. Additionally, teens need to understand the risks and consequences associated with obtaining and consuming alcohol before they decide to try any of these creative methods.

People Also Ask

The legal drinking age in the United States is 21 years old.

Is It Illegal To Buy Alcohol With A Fake ID?

Yes, it is illegal to buy alcohol with a fake ID. It is considered a form of identity theft and can result in fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record.

How Do Stores Check If An ID Is Fake?

Stores typically check the ID's hologram, security features, and barcode to verify its authenticity. They may also use a black light to check for hidden security features.

Can Stores Get In Trouble For Selling Alcohol To Minors Who Are Wearing Masks?

Yes, stores can get in trouble for selling alcohol to minors who are wearing masks. It is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under 21 years old, regardless of their appearance.

Are There Any Consequences For Minors Who Attempt To Buy Alcohol With A Fake ID?

Yes, minors who attempt to buy alcohol with a fake ID can face legal consequences, including fines, community service, and a suspended driver's license. They may also face disciplinary action from their school or university.


Teens are dressing up as old ladies in masks to buy booze. The trend of dressing up as old ladies to buy alcohol is not only illegal but also potentially harmful and disrespectful. While it may be tempting for some young people to participate in this trend for entertainment purposes, it is important to remember the serious consequences that can result from underage drinking.
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