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Fake Fb Girlfriend Who Hoaxed A Guy Of Rs 4.5 Million Proves To Be A Man - Facebook Romance Scams

Fake FB girlfriend who hoaxed a guy of Rs. 4.5 million proves to be a man - In a weird episode, a man was hoodwinked at Rs 4.5 million by a fake Facebook profile.

Author:Xander Oddity
Reviewer:Raven Noir
May 20, 2022
Fake FB girlfriend who hoaxed a guy of Rs 4.5 million proves to be a man- In a weirdepisode, a man was hoodwinked at Rs 4.5 million by a fake Facebook profile - a con man who acted like a lady and turned into his 'girlfriend'.
Have you been befriended by a lovely young lady on Facebook who might be coy with you?
Assuming that somebody you've never met before adds you as a friend on Facebook, be careful on the grounds that you may be getting baited into a duping trick.
At times these tricks are essential for a ploy to take your data for obnoxious closures. The perfect example so far is this fake FB girlfriend who hoaxed a guy of Rs 4.5 million proves to be a man.
Red scam keys on a white keyboard
Red scam keys on a white keyboard
As indicated by reports, Mothe Ashok, a jobless gamer from Nuzvid, Andhra Pradesh, made a Facebook record of a phony lady named 'Indhusha Thummala' to meet his monetary requirements and chose to con individuals by acting like a lady searching for admirers.
The resident of Jubilee Hills succumbed to Ashok's falsehoods and in the range of two years sent cash worth Rs 4.5 million lakhs.
Ashok acting like 'Indhusha' at one point additionally roped in cash from the victim asserting that both her mom and herself are experiencing COVID-19.
Curiously, the victim not even once questioned the phony 'Indhusha' as Ashok used to send him voice notes with the utilization of a voice transformer application that transformed his voice into that of a lady.
As indicated by the cyber police, just Rs 2 hundred thousand could be recuperated from the suspect as the rest of the sum was spent by him on internet gaming.
According to a Reddit user, LeagueOfficeFucks, horrible people are going after desolate individuals like that. Indeed, we presumably ought to be more watchful yet screw tricksters and feline fishers.
Getting into the details of these Facebook scammer profiles, we have gathered concise information. Hope that helps.
A girl threatened by reading something on her phone
A girl threatened by reading something on her phone

Who Are These Facebook Romance Scammers?

A group from the Middle East is making counterfeit fake Facebook profile generator systems to bait in clueless men with pictures of pretty young ladies and afterward sending companion solicitations to start the last phase of the trick.
This group is thought to be in the present beginning around 2015, fooling their users into at last downloading malware that can take messages, photographs, sound accounts, and, surprisingly, a victim's area.
The web-based misleading group is nicknamed '‘Tempting Cedar Spyware,' by specialists.
The moniker focuses on the M.O. of enticing victims with "counterfeit" ladies and the cedar tree, which is a huge piece of the Lebanon banner.
Numerous victims come from the Middle East and the group began in that area.

Get Familiar With Their Shady Patterns

The cybercriminal network made wraps of fake records to deceive clients, with names like Alona, Rita, and Christina by utilizing taken pictures from online profiles of genuine individuals.
They then associate with each other to make the duping accounts show up genuine.
When they reel in a Facebook client, they send coquettish messages and work up to requesting a "close" visit in a private stage.
The gathering then sends casualties a connection to introduce an informing stage called Kik to keep talking, which seems, by all accounts, to be authentic however really contains orders that the programmers can use to keep an eye on casualties.
The malware incorporates ways of making contacts, photographs, call logs, instant messages, gadget geolocation data, numbers, network administrators, and models.
Individuals in the Middle East are the primary targets, however, clients in the U.S., China, Germany, and France have likewise been hoodwinked by this trick.

I'm Alone And Urge To Meet The 'One'

The most ideal way to meet individuals for dating is through a dating or social application intended to assist you with finding love, which you ought to secure while involving your telephone or loaning it to a companion for reasons unknown.
A savvy method for safeguarding your dating applications or all your social applications is to utilize dfndr security's social gatekeeper highlight. It permits you to add a second secret word to keep applications stowed away from sneaking around.
One more new thing that Facebook carried out is a feature called "DiscoverPeople" to assist you with meeting possible business or love associations.
The feature is in the route area underneath Friends, Events, and Groups. When you find the segment, Facebook will request that you present yourself by refreshing your profile.
A digital illustration of a con man giving flowers to a girl through phone
A digital illustration of a con man giving flowers to a girl through phone

People Also Ask

What Are The Signs Of A Romance Scammer?

  • Assess your internet-based presence.
  • Know about the advance notice signs.
  • What's more, they request explicit installment techniques.
  • They guarantee they need cash.
  • They break vows to visit.
  • The relationship moves quickly.
  • Their profile appears to be unrealistic.
  • They're far, far away.

Are There Scams On Facebook Dating?

Romance con artists make counterfeit profiles on dating locales and applications or contact their objectives through famous online entertainmentdestinations like Instagram, Facebook, or Google Hangouts. The tricksters hit up a relationship with their objectives to fabricate their trust by talking or visiting a few times each day.

What Is A Sweetheart Scammer?

A darling trick is a point at which an individual purposes a phony internet-based profile to connect with victims, work up heartfelt sentiments, and request cash. Misfortunes connected with darling tricks came to $304 million in 2020 — a half increment from 2019. Grown-ups age 70+ lost a normal of $9,475.80


At the point when you encounter one of the occasions like this scam in which a fake FB girlfriend who hoaxed a guy of Rs 4.5 million proves to be a man, you'll see profiles of individuals joining in, which you can swipe through and possibly meet your future partner. Simply know to exercise self-control and be vigilant.
Read about the Thing aka the Great Seal Bugis not something like a digital scam but a scam of the 90s.
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