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The Thing Aka The Great Seal Bug - A Friendship-Spy Gesture Between Soviet School Children And W.A Harriman

On the fourth of August 1945, a gathering of Soviet younger students was introduced to W. Averell Harriman (The US Ambassador to the USSR) with a cut US Seal as a token of fellowship.

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The Thing Aka The Great Seal Bug- On the fourth of August 1945, a gathering of Soviet younger students was introduced to W. Averell Harriman (The US Ambassador to the USSR) with a cut US Seal as a token of fellowship. The Thing hung in his office for a considerable length of time prior to finding it contained a listening gadget.

Where Is The Great Seal Bug?

The Thing aka the Great Seal bug was one of the primary clandestine listening gadgets (or "bugs") to utilize uninvolved methods to send a sound sign.
It was hidden inside a gift given by the Soviet Union to W. Averell Harriman, the United States Ambassador to the Soviet Union, on August 4, 1945.
A black and white picture of people inspecting the thing
A black and white picture of people inspecting the thing
Since it was detached, requiring electromagnetic energy from an external source to become empowered and dynamic, it is viewed as an ancestor of radio-recurrence ID (RFID) innovation.
The Thing was planned by Soviet Russian innovator Leon Theremin, most popular for his development of the theremin, an electronic instrument. Theremin listening devicewas very popular.

Use Of The Thing Aka The Great Seal Bug

The gadget, installed in a cut wooden plaque of the Great Seal of the United States, was utilized by the Soviet government to keep an eye on the US. On August 4, 1945, a little while before the finish of World WarII, an appointment from the Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union introduced the messed with cutting to Ambassador Harriman, as a "token of fellowship" to the Soviet Union's conflict partner.
It hung in the diplomat's Moscow private review for a considerable length of time until it was uncovered in 1952 during the residency of Ambassador George F. Kennan.

How Does The Thing Listening Device Works?

The Thing comprised of a minuscule capacitive layer associated with a little quarter-frequency receiving wire; it had no power supply or dynamic electronic parts.
The gadget, an uninvolved hole resonator, became dynamic just when a radio transmission of the right recurrence was shipped off the gadget from an outer transmitter.
This is alluded to in the NSA speech as "enlightening" a latent gadget. Sound waves (from voices inside the minister's office) went through the flimsy wood case, striking the film and making it vibrate.
The development of the film changed the capacitance "seen" by the receiving wire, which thusly balanced the radio waves that struck and were re-sent by the Thing.
A beneficiary demodulated the transmission so that sound got by the amplifier could be heard, similarly, as a standard radio recipient demodulates radio transmissions and results in sound.
Theremin's plan made the listening gadget extremely challenging to distinguish, on the grounds that it was tiny, had no power supply or dynamic electronic parts, and emanated no sign except if it was effectively being illuminated from a distance.
These equivalent plan highlights, alongside the general straightforwardness of the gadget, made it entirely dependable and gave it a possibly limitless functional life.

How The Thing Was Discovered?

The presence of the bug was found unintentionally in 1951 by a British radio administrator at the British Embassy who heard American discussions on an open Soviet Air Force radio channel as the Soviets were radiating radio waves at the representative's office.
An American State Department worker was then ready to duplicate the outcomes utilizing an untuned wideband recipient with a basic diode locator/demodulator, like some field strength meters.
The film of the Thing was very meager, and was harmed during taking care by the Americans; Wright needed to supplant it.
The effortlessness of the gadget created some underlying turmoil during its examination; the radio wire and resonator had a few full frequencies notwithstanding its primary one, and the tweak was somewhat both abundancy adjusted and recurrence regulated.
The group additionally lost a little time on a suspicion that the distance between the film and the tuning post should have been expanded to increment reverberation.
Illustration of how the thing listening device works
Illustration of how the thing listening device works

People Ask

What Is A Passive Listening Device?

The primary aloof and passive remote listening gadget (a receiver that works with no dynamic electronic parts) was "The Thing", which involved a metal chamber with a slender film toward one side and a long metal pole reaching out from the side

How Do I Block A Listening Device?

  • Buy a sound jammer. These gadgets are fairly costly, yet can be depended upon to desensitize any secret receivers inside a given breadth.
  • Place the sound jammer in the room where you suspect a listening gadget might be available.
  • Test your sound jammer's viability.

How Did A Russian Spy Tech Trump The U.S.?

"Tha fact it was presented by school kids just makes this hilarious."
_NoiLLion (Reddit)
"If it's one thing I've learnt from 40 years of Scooby Doo is that meddling kids are sneaky AF..."
_Simon_Says_2021 (Reddit)
"It was passive and didn’t require external was illuminated by microwaves at which it was resonant. Small changes in dimension due to acoustic waves (speech) would slightly change that resonance and the resultant frequency modulated microwave could be detected remotely and converted back to speech."
_crosstherubicon (Reddit)


In May 1960, The Thing was referenced on the fourth day of gatherings in the United Nations Security Council, met by the Soviet Union over the 1960 U-2 episode where a U.S. spy a plane had entered their area and been killed. The U.S. envoy Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. flaunted the messing with gadgets in the Great Seal to delineate that spying episodes between the two countries were common and to claim that Nikita Khrushchev had amplified the specific occurrence as an affection to cut short the 1960 Paris Summit.
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