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E Meme - The Most Surreal And Totally Bizarre Meme

What is the E meme? Lord Marquaad E, also known as Lord Farquaad/Markiplier E, is the name of a deep-fried image of Markiplier's face that was added on the head of Lord Farquaad from the Shrek movie, along with the letter "E" in impact font.

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What is the E meme? Lord Marquaad E, also known as Lord Farquaad/Markiplier E, is the name of a deep-fried image of Markiplier's face that was added on the head of Lord Farquaad from the Shrekmovie, along with the letter "E" in impact font.
In later revisions, a face was added to a photograph of Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional Hearings. The character was then altered in a number of templates that made fun of the ridiculousness of contemporary memes.
Memes have become increasingly bizarre in recent years. These "transcended memes" represent an intriguing, utterly 2018 turn for meme culture.
However, it's unclear what they can do next. Although other forms of media, such as fine art, film, and literature, have experienced protracted periods of postmodern absurdity, such examples don't really serve to describe meme culture.
Memes are a relatively new medium that hasn't yet been extensively utilized by business interests, for one thing. Another reason is that these other, more established cultural forms are still debating the issue of what will come after postmodernism.
But for now, we're just going to stop and start laughing uncontrollably at "E."

E Meme Origin

On May 25, 2015, YouTuber and Twitter user Cyndago released the picture of Markiplier on Lord Farquaad's face. The image was originally posted as a "E" on the Tumblr site photo-frier on February 15, 2018, where it garnered 728 remarks.

E Meme Spread

In April 2018, the image started to circulate more. The picture received 3,884 points on April 11th after being used in a /r/dankmemes post.
The image was placed in numerous templates over the ensuing weeks, frequently in templates that made fun of the absurdity of contemporary memes.
On May 2, 2018, The Daily Dotpublished a story about the meme. PewDiePie mentioned the meme on May 26 in a video that had over 4.2 million views.


This was the first of many jokes featuring the character. One of the most well-liked posts was created by user thezerg505000, who combined an image with a fictitious headline to get nearly 7,000 points.
Over 4,400 points were earned by user Mrgglock after he shared an image claiming that soon there would be enough letter memes to make "e=mc2" in meme characters.
Meme by thezerg505000 (Left); meme by Mrgglock (Right)
Meme by thezerg505000 (Left); meme by Mrgglock (Right)

People Also Ask

What Does The E Meme Mean?

The capital E serves as a metaphor for how memes have grown to be so self-referential that even something as meaningless as a simple capital E can have meaning when used as a meme.

Who Is The E Guy In The E Meme?

The Markiplier and Farquaad mashup/photoshopped image of them known as Lord Marquaard E is the E guy in the famous E meme.

When Was The First Time You Saw The "E" Meme On The Internet?

The E meme first appeared on Twitter in 2015.


Internet memes are a booming new medium, but they are also a form of underground communication among teenagers and young adults that contains inside jokes and references.
They can be entirely opaque to those who are not familiar with them. There is no chance of understanding the joke without the numerous layers of context gained from participating in internet groups. The E meme is the best 2018 meme at illustrating this concept.
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