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Craziest Things People Do For Drugs - Desperation Knows No Bounds

Dive into the dark and compelling stories of the craziest things people do for drugs. Discover the extreme measures, shocking behaviors, and the desperate lengths individuals go to in their pursuit of addictive substances.

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Oct 22, 202318.8K Shares265.6K Views
People have been misusing weirdthings for generations as a means of escape, thrill-seeking, or to avoid drug withdrawal symptoms. The pursuit of drugs, often driven by addiction or desperation, can lead individuals to engage in some truly astonishing and sometimes dangerous behaviors.
This article will delve into some of the craziest things people do for drugs, shedding light on the complex web of addiction, its consequences, and the need for compassion and support.
Help is available, and recovery is achievable if you or someone you love is battling with substance abuse. Anyone struggling with addiction can start along the path to a better life with the help of professional treatment. Call American Addiction Centers (AAC)to speak with a compassionate admissions navigator for free at 877-736-9333 or receive a text.

The Impact Of Theft And Robbery In Addiction

One of the most distressing consequences of drug addiction is the desperation that leads individuals to commit theft and robbery in the quest for their next fix. The need for drugs can become all-consuming, overriding the moral and ethical boundaries that individuals once adhered to. As a result, they resort to illegal means to obtain the funds necessary to fuel their addiction.
The journey from recreational drug use to theft and robbery is often characterized by a series of unfortunate events. Addiction creeps into a person's life, sapping their financial resources and clouding their judgment. What starts as occasional drug use can escalate into a full-blown addiction, creating a sense of urgency to maintain the habit.
The consequences of theft and robbery for victims can be emotionally and financially devastating. Friends and family members are left feeling betrayed and violated, while businesses and individuals may face significant financial losses. This not only creates turmoil for the victims but also perpetuates a cycle of criminal behavior as addicts continue to steal to maintain their habits.

Prostitution As A Desperate Means To Satisfy Addiction

Prostitution is another extreme measure individuals turn to when seeking funds to fuel their drug addiction. The connection between prostitution and addiction is complex, often driven by the necessity to acquire drugs and the lack of alternative resources.
For many individuals trapped in the cycle of addiction, it becomes a relentless force dictating their actions. Prostitution, a practice where sexis exchanged for money, shelter, or drugs, can become a means to an end. Desperation leads people to make decisions they would not otherwise consider, driven by the immediacy of their cravings.
It's crucial to understand that individuals who turn to prostitution in the context of addiction are often doing so out of desperation. They are not making these choices lightly, and addressing the root causes of their behavior is essential. Offering support, access to treatment, and rehabilitation programs can help those involved in prostitution break free from the cycle of addiction.

Drug Manufacture

In some of the most alarming cases, individuals struggling with drug addiction resort to the manufacture of drugs themselves. This includes creating dangerous, illegal substances like methamphetamine or synthetic drugs within their own homes or makeshift laboratories. The process is not only hazardous to the individuals involved but also to their communities and the environment.
Creating drugs in clandestine labs is fraught with danger. The chemicals involved in drug production are highly toxic and volatile. Mishandling these substances can result in explosions, fires, and chemical exposure. These labs often operate in secret, hidden away in residential neighborhoods, posing serious risks to those living nearby.
The compulsion to create drugs often arises from a combination of factors, including addiction, the high cost of purchasing illegal substances, and the belief that making drugs will provide a steady supply. The individuals involved are often driven by their cravings and a lack of access to treatment options.

Drug Muling

Drug muling, often referred to as drug smuggling, is a perilous and illegal activity undertaken by individuals to transport narcotics across borders as one of the craziest things people do for drugs. It is an extreme measure that demonstrates the lengths some people will go to satisfy their drug addiction. Drug mules, as they are commonly known, carry drugs within their bodies or belongings, exposing themselves to a host of dangers.
The compulsion to obtain drugs can drive individuals to consider drug muling as a means to an end. The promise of quick money or a free supply of drugs can be tempting to those who have become dependent on substances. These individuals are often recruited by drug trafficking organizations and can face coercion or threats if they attempt to back out.
The risks associated with drug muling are numerous. Swallowing drug-filled packets or concealing them within luggage poses a serious health threat if the packages rupture inside the mule's body. Moreover, being apprehended by law enforcement can lead to criminal charges and lengthy prison sentences.

Dumpster Diving

Dumpster diving, a practice in which individuals search through trash and garbage for discarded drugs or drug paraphernalia, is a stark example of the lengths to which addiction can push people. It underscores the desperation experienced by individuals struggling with addiction.
Addiction is an all-consuming force in the lives of those afflicted by it. It takes precedence over all other priorities, drivingindividuals to seek drugs by any means necessary. Dumpster diving represents a last-ditch effort to obtain the substances they crave.
Understanding the desperation behind dumpster diving is crucial. Many individuals engaging in this activity need not only access to drug treatment but also a compassionate and supportive community to help them break free from the cycle of addiction. Offering alternatives and assistance is key to addressing this extreme behavior.
Different types of drug items on a wooden surface
Different types of drug items on a wooden surface

Violence And Aggression

Drug addiction can lead individuals to resort to violence and aggression, both towards others and themselves. The need for the substance often fuels intense and unpredictable behavior that can have devastating consequences.
The physical and psychological cravings that accompany drug addiction can alter an individual's behavior significantly. The urgency to obtain drugs can lead to confrontations with dealers, rivals, or even loved ones. This behavior is marked by unpredictability and a lack of rationality.
In pursuit of drugs, individuals may engage in violent acts, including theft, assault, or even homicide. These actions pose a risk to the safety of the individuals involved and those around them. The consequences can be devastating for all parties.

Surrendering Personal Dignity

One of the most heartbreaking consequences of drug addiction is the surrender of personal dignity. Addiction can strip individuals of their self-respect and drive them to perform degrading acts they would never consider in a sober state. This surrender of personal dignity is a powerful indicator of the lengths to which addiction can push people.
Addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, has an all-encompassing grip on the lives of those afflicted. As the craving for the substance becomes more pronounced, individuals often find themselves engaging in behaviors that they never would have imagined in their pre-addiction lives.
Surrendering personal dignity often manifests as engaging in degrading acts to obtain drugs or maintain the addiction. This can include participating in acts of self-degradation, public humiliation, or even submitting to the demands of drug dealers or other individuals involved in the drug trade.

Child Endangerment Due To Drug Addiction

Perhaps one of the most heartbreaking consequences of drug addiction is child endangerment. Parents struggling with addiction may expose their children to harmful environments, neglect their care, or even involve them in the drug trade. This not only endangers the children's well-being but perpetuates a cycle of addiction and trauma.
Children growing up in households affected by addiction face numerous hardships. They may be exposed to drugs, violence, and neglect. In some cases, parents may place the welfare of their children at risk by exposing them to illegal activities associated with the drug trade.
Child endangerment due to addiction often perpetuates a cycle of substance abuse and trauma. Children growing up in these environments may be at increased risk of developing their own addiction issues later in life.

Extreme Deception And Manipulation In Drug Addiction

Extreme deception is another shocking aspect of addiction, where individuals resort to manipulation, lies, and deceit to secure drugs and hide their addiction. The need for the substance drives individuals to create elaborate falsehoods, adopt fake identities, and manipulate those around them.
Addiction is often accompanied by a profound sense of shame and guilt. To avoid judgment or intervention, individuals resort to extreme deception. This includes concealing the extent of their substance abuse, manipulating loved ones, and adopting a facade of normalcy.
Extreme deception takes a toll on relationships, eroding trust and straining family dynamics. Loved ones are often left in the dark, unable to provide the support and help that individuals struggling with addiction need.
These behaviors are not meant to sensationalize addiction but to underscore the severity of the challenges faced by individuals trapped in the cycle of substance abuse. Drug addiction is a complex issue that affects people from all walks of life, and the lengths to which people go to feed their addiction are often driven by a combination of physical dependence, psychological compulsion, and societal factors.
Syringes and drug powder
Syringes and drug powder
Here are some some stories shared by people on Reddit:
Max_Cherry_ says:
Participated in burglaries of buildings (not habitations), mostly churches. They generally have more lax security features if they’re a relatively small church. If they have a church band, there’s going to be musicand sound equipment. Guitars, pedals, keyboards, amps, etc.
And if you’re lucky, you could find cash. Or mail containing yet to be activated credit cards. That was my friend’s MO to support his meth habit and after I developed a meth habit I started tagging along and letting him use my car. One time we made three trips to and from a church, hauling in goods which we sold on Craigslist in other cities.
It probably won’t surprise you he’s currently in prison. Glad I quit doing meth because I could very well be there too if I kept at it.
150c_vapour says:
Imported bulk chemicals from China to make them, in the late 90s, did 2y eventually in a penitentiary, but boy did I have a lot of drugs.
He continued on explaining when a person asked him about what he was synthesizing, "mdma, mda, ketamine (one step from a precursor, thermal rearangment in special solvent), and meth. The meth was just personal. Mostly mdma and ketamine. I'd go into the room with the cyanogen bromide animation reaction stiring in a barrel and after about 5m the cyanide in the air would make it hard to breath and I'd have to go outside for awhile. Fun times."
BlackExcellnece216 says:
I raided my grandfather's pill drawer after he passed from leukemia, OD'd on Oxy at 13. Didn't understand what overdose was back then, so I went back and kept taking them. I'm pretty sure that little stint set me on a fast track to kidney failure, don't raid your grandparents' pill drawer at 13 kids.
Masonthetranny says:
When i was like 13, my friends were high on ambien and legit lost their weed money but already called a dealer so i fronted them like $30 and they said they would walk to my house and give me 1/8. They didn’t. So that night my friend agreed to leave it out for me to pick it up.
me and a friend ended up sneaking out my window and walking almost 2 miles in absolutely pouring rain, following a map drawn on snapchat maps, and she taped it to her fence bc she had a camera. So we had to run through like 3 backyards to get it off the fence, once again at night in the pouring rain.
We then walked back to our “smoke spot” which was still outside and normally you walk over rocks bc there’s a lil stream there. But bc of the rain it was flooded, so we did some crazy parkour to get to this lil patch of dirt.
We then realized we couldn’t even light it bc of the rain so we all took our jackets off and made a lil makeshift tent and finally smoked under that. Ended up jumping back through my window as the sun was rising and i could hear my dads work alarm go off. middle school was wild.
JayJayJinx says, "About two decades ago in my late teens I was addicted to crack cocaine and heroin. I was on a bender and knew my neighbor was arrested for being drunk in public. So I climbed into an unlocked window and raided the house. I found a bottle of Xanax almost full. I went on a bender trading with friends but ran out of everything except for the Xanax.
I must have been on a 15-20mg dose of Xanax and decided it would be a good idea to rob a gas station with a CO2 gun that shot pellets but looked 100% like a real gun. I had associates take me in the middle of the night and park a few parking lots away from the gas station.
You couldn’t tell my race, gender, eye color, or anything I was masked up and had sunglasses on gloves and didn’t talk in my normal voice. I waited until the parking lot of the gas station was empty and ran inside. I waved the gun in the cashiers face and stated they had seconds to bag the money and hand it over.
The cashier was frantically following my orders and I took the bag and hit the front door. Two parking spaces over was a police car that had pulled in to get something from the store. My adrenaline went from extreme to life or death. I ran as if I had superhuman speed the opposite direction, and into the woods behind the store.
Finally after plowing through bushes and brush for what seemed like forever I got to a fence. This first fence was concrete and at least 8 feet tall. I couldn’t get it my first try, second, or third. I threw the gun and ran and jumped as high as I could barely grasping the top with both of my hands and slowly pulled myself over.
I remember there after jumping through back yard after back yard until finally getting to more woods. I hit a swampy area. I heard helicopters, sirens and dogs in the distance. I laid down and covered myself with mud only letting my mouth stay out of the swampy water. I laid there until sunrise which must have been a solid 5 hours.
I left the woods after stripping off the beanie hoodie and pants leaving myself in wet shorts and a shirt. I walked until I found a town and a fast food restaurant where I asked to use the phone. I called the trap house and had them come pick me back up and bring me straight to the dope dealer with my $210 in muddy bills.
Never again did I dare rob another place. Two of the people there that day were arrested attempting the same thing at separate times when they were down and out of dope in their addiction within the next year."

Craziest Things People Do For Drugs FAQs

What Are Some Extreme Measures People Take To Obtain Drugs?

People resort to extreme measures, such as theft, prostitution, or even engaging in dangerous drug manufacturing, to feed their addiction.

How Does Drug Muling Work?

Drug muling involves individuals carrying or swallowing drugs to transport them across borders, often risking arrest, imprisonment, or severe health consequences.

How Does Drug Addiction Lead To Violence And Aggression?

The intense need for drugs can lead individuals to confrontations with dealers, rivals, or even loved ones, resulting in unpredictable and aggressive behavior.

How Do Individuals Deceive Others To Obtain Drugs?

Deception is common, with individuals creating elaborate lies, fake identities, or manipulating loved ones to secure drugs and hide their addiction.

What Is The Impact Of Drug Addiction On Victims Of Theft And Robbery?

People struggling with drug addiction may resort to theft and robbery, causing harm to victims and facing potential criminal charges as a result.


Understanding and addressing addiction requires empathy, support, and effective treatment options. It's important to recognize that addiction is a disease, and those struggling with it need help rather than judgment. While these stories of the craziest things people do for drugs are indeed shocking, they underscore the urgency of providing accessible treatment and support for individuals trapped in the grip of addiction.
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