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Youtuber Gives Katie Hopkins Hilarious Fake Award

Youtuber gives Katie Hopkins hilarious fake award. One of the most fervently right-wing commentators in the UK is Katie Hopkins. She has a history of expressing bigotry, including calling immigrants "cockroaches" and declaring her kids wouldn't be permitted to play with youngsters from lower socioeconomic classes.

Author:Morgan Maverick
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Youtuber gives Katie Hopkins hilarious fake award. One of the most fervently right-wing commentators in the UK is Katie Hopkins. She has a history of expressing bigotry, including calling immigrants "cockroaches" and declaring her kids wouldn't be permitted to play with youngsters from lower socioeconomic classes.
She is well-liked by Fox Newsin the United States and well-known for accepting Trump retweets, so you know she is genuine rubbish.
That is what makes YouTuber Josh Pieters' amazing prank so incredibly fulfilling. Pieters and his friends went to great measures to humiliate Katie while filming each exquisite move. So, Youtuber gives Katie Hopkins hilarious fake award.
They started by fabricating an organization with the name Capetown Collective for the Freedom of Expression because they knew Hopkins would be drawn to it like bees to honey. Then they informed her through email that she had won their prize, the "Campaign to Unify the Country Trophy."
They managed to convince Katie to fly all the way to Prague to claim the award using some excellent Ocean 11-style theft techniques. In order to photograph her en route, they even purchased a friend's seat on the same flight.
She attended the fictitious ceremonial supper, where the rest of the so-called committee was represented by a table full of Czech actors, and she saw Pieters give a speech praising her.
We need freedom of speech, from politicians to journalists, campaign groups to creatives, YouTubers to you in this room. Without being able to say what we think, without being able to mock other people, without being able to attack people, we are not free.
Without Katie noticing, the magnificent event took place behind them as she stood up to take the prize from Pieters.

I Flew Katie Hopkins to Prague to Win a Fake Award

Hopkins' televised "acceptance speech," in which she made fun of Islam, epileptics (? ), and labeled Greta Thunberg a "autistic wench," erased any lingering remorse that anyone may have had at witnessing Hopkins so utterly degraded. There was no one else who should have received the honor.
It's worthwhile to watch the entire spectacular adventure.
Let's have a detailed look at Katie Hopkins and her controversies.

Katie Hopkins

British journalist and media personality Katie Olivia Hopkins is renowned for her candor. She originally rose to prominence as a divisive candidate on the BBC program "The Apprentice."
She was from Devon, England, and was raised there. She studied economics and through military training, but due to her epilepsy, she was not commissioned.
She participated in a couple more reality series after her debut on "The Apprentice," and she later wrote columns for the British newspapers "The Sun" and "Mail Online."
Her ideas, as expressed in her essays and tweets, frequently caused controversy. Her remarks on migrants, dementia patients, and Scots people sparked outrage, petitions, and rallies.
The "Homicide and Major Crime Command" has interviewed her under a code of conduct due to the accusations of promoting racial bias. After her remarks about 'Manchester Arena Bombing,' she was removed from the post of the broadcaster for 'LBC' radio station.
The magazines she worked for occasionally had to reimburse the people she had accused of damages and legal fees. She currently contributes articles to The Rebel Media, a Canadian website. She has three children and is married to Mark Cross.
Angry Katie Hopkins on the background of her tweet
Angry Katie Hopkins on the background of her tweet
Hopkins was embroiled in several legal disputes and scandalsduring the course of her career:
  • Hopkins faced backlash in July 2013 for her remarks about the given names and her distaste for "lower-class names" on the ITV program "This Morning." She continued by saying she opposed "geographical location names." She stated that her daughter's name, India, had nothing to do with geography when it was brought up, but a viewer vote disproved her assertion.
  • As the "Glasgow helicopter crash" of 2013 had just occurred, her tweet in December 2013 regarding "Scottish life expectancy," which she made after taking part in a "ITV" debate on Scottish Independence, drew criticism. To stop her from appearing on "ITV" programmes, there were petitions and signature drives. Later, she expressed regret.
  • Her remarks regarding the Ebola illness of Scottish charity worker Pauline Cafferkey (2014), the drowning victims at Camber Sands (2016), and referring to dementia patients as "bed-blockers" (2015) were found offensive and received harsh criticism.
  • When she protested to "National Pakistan Day" celebrations in Rochdale based on the "Rochdale sextrafficking case," she was reported (by MP Simon Danczuk) for potential race-hate crimes.
  • She wrote a post for "The Sun" in April 2015 in which she compared migrants to cockroaches and suggested using gunships to prevent them from navigating the Mediterranean. The United Nations High Commission for Human Rights denounced her column. Also, there was a lot of backlash in the media and on Twitter, and petitions urging "The Sun" to fire Hopkins were circulated. It collected 310,000 signatures (in total). She was questioned but not charged after the "Metropolitan Police Commissioner" was notified about her and the publication. By December 2016, the article has finally been taken down from the website.
  • Hopkins supported Donald Trump while he was running for president. Trump thanked her and referred to her as a "Respected Journalist." She was referred to as a "racist" during a "LBC" radio station show in January 2017 (by a caller-listener), to which she responded, "Call me racist, I don't care... She was imprisoned and her passport briefly seized in South Africa in 2018 on suspicion of promoting hatred.
  • Hopkins stated in a letter following the "Manchester Arena Bombing" in May 2017 that "We need to find a permanent solution." The Nazis first referred to the "Holocaust" as the "final solution." Subsequently, the tweet was changed to read "Real Solution" in its stead. Her remarks were criticized, and requests to boycott the "LBC" radio station where she works were made. She emphasized in an interview that by "Ultimate solution" she meant a long-lasting solution. Following this incident, Hopkins departed "LBC."
  • Hopkins wrongly charged Jack Monroe, a cookbook author, with damaging a warmemorial. Afterwards, she understood that she had misidentified Monroe as journalist Laurie Penny (who had written in support of that vandalism). Monroe demanded an apology and a payment of £5,000 to a good cause. He filed a lawsuit in 2016, and in 2017 he was awarded £24,000 in damages and £107,000 in court fees.
  • The Walthamstow-based Mahmood family learned that their entry visas to the US had been revoked in December 2015 at the Gatwick airport. Two pieces on "Mail Online" Hopkins said that the members of the family were extremists and that the authorities were correct to stop the family. The family received £150,000 in damages from the "Daily Mail" in December 2016.
  • Hopkins claimed that Jackie Teale, a teacher, had brought her class to a demonstration against Trump. Even though Hopkins had left "Mail Online," Teale had to be compensated in November 2017.

People Also Ask

Who Is Katie Hopkins And Why Is She Famous?

Katie Olivia Hopkins, an English media personality, columnist, far-right political pundit, and former businesswoman, was born on February 13, 1975. She is famous because of her controversial comments about other people.

What Nationality Is Katie Hopkins?

Katie Hopkins is British.

What Age Is Katie Hopkins?

Katie Hopkins is 48 years old.

What Is Katie Hopkins Net Worth?

Katie Hopkins' net worth is $4 million.


Youtuber gives Katie Hopkins hilarious fake award. Katie Hopkins was allegedly duped by a YouTube prankster into accepting a "totally false" award, and she then made harsh remarks about Muslims, Asians, and epilepsy patients.
Josh Pieters said that the former Apprentice contestant traveled to Prague on Monday to receive the award (27 January). A far-right commentator named Hopkins can be seen grinning with Pieters in video from the "ceremony" in front of a screen that reads "Campaign to Unify the Country Trophy."
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