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Worlds Longest Silencers - Meet 6 SOS-Hunters!

Let us discuss the worlds longest silencers! Many hunters have suffered permanent hearing damage as a result of someone firing a high-caliber gun too close to them without warning. Silencers are thus employed by hunters to protect their hearing.

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Let us discuss the worlds longest silencers!Many hunters have suffered permanent hearing damage as a result of someone firing a high-caliber gun too close to them without warning. Silencers are thus employed by hunters to protect their hearing.
A silencer, sometimes known as a suppressor or sound moderator, varies in length; some are short and others are long. It is a muzzle device that reduces the loudness of the muzzle report and muzzle rise when a gun is fired.
It does this by changing the speed and pressure of the gas coming out of the muzzle, which stops the muzzle blast. A silencer can be attached to the muzzle like other muzzle devices, or it can be built right into the barrel. Here is a video below that shows the world's longest silencer!

The World's Longest Silencers

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The Rebel Silencers team put six of their SOS-Hunter.308 suppressors together to make what they call the world's longest suppressor. In the video, you can see the silencer, which is about the length of a yardstick, hanging off the end of a bolt-action test chassis. The rebel took readings from a meter at the shooter's ear and found that the lowest reading was 123 dB.
Below are the goals of the group Rebel Silencer:
Here at Rebel Silencers we employ a rare business model. We’re majority owned by disabled Veterans, and most everyone here is a partner. What does that mean for you? It means that truly we care about the work that we do because our future depends on your satisfaction, 100%. We don’t punch a time clock, we all own this thing and we’re serious about what we do. We are a fun loving and lighthearted crew so expect words like ‘gubment’ and greetings like ‘howdy’ but rest assured constant improvement is our highest goal, and innovation is our creed.

World's Quietest Silencer

The Quietest 9mm Silencer Ever? The Gemtech Lunar 9 [SHOT Show 2020]

When shooters want guns that don't make a lot of noise, they usually look for something that they can put a suppressor on. Suppressors are also expensive and might make you feel stressed. But if you think about it, there are a number of guns that are "quiet" in and of themselves.
They might not be as comfortable as shooting a suppressed rifle or pistol all day, but a few shots from one of these won't "ring your ears," and some of them are as quiet as an air rifle. Some of the guns that do not require silencers are listed below:
  • Mosin Nagant M91/30
  • Beretta M950
  • Marlin 25MG
  • Smith & Wesson Model 17
  • Remington Rolling Block in 45-70

People Also Ask

What Is The Quietest Silencer On The Market?

The Obsidian45 suppressor is the quietest on the market. It is rated for almost all center-fire pistol calibers and common lever action calibers. One of these features is the non-slotted piston. The non-slotted design of the Obsidian 9/45 results in a full circumference gas seal.
This significantly reduces gas blowback, resulting in a more enjoyable shooting experience. SilencerCoTM slotted pistons are interchangeable with Obsidian 9/45 pistons.

What Is The Most Effective Silencer?

The most effective suppressors are usually constructed entirely of titanium. Titanium is an excellent material for suppressors since it is lightweight and performs better at cooling hot muzzle gas than steel or aluminum. This, of course, results in a quieter rifle.

What Is The Most Expensive Suppressor?

Silencers are expensive. These devices, also known as suppressors, can cost thousands. At $2,500 apiece, the Cyclopsfrom Advanced Armament, which can be attached to rifles, is the most expensive suppressor on the market. The Gemtech Arrow suppressor for heavy caliber rifles costs $1,895.

How Does A Silencer Actually Work?

A silencer is mostly a tube with baffles and a tube the size of a barrel with holes in it. The gases that move the bullet are sent through these holes and into the area where the bullet is stopped. The baffles slow down the gas so that it doesn't make as much noise when it comes out.

Final Thoughts

Given the phrase "silencer," you might assume that it really does silence a certain gun. Do silencers really make a pistol silent? The answer is no. They won't be able to completely get rid of the sound of gunshots. The main goal of a silencer is to protect your hearing from damage.
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