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Woman Who Married A Ghost Admits It Was Hard To Find A Church That Would Host Their Wedding Day

A woman who married a ghost admits it was hard to find a church that would host their wedding day. When Did this happen? This happened on October 31, 2022.

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A woman who married a ghost admits it was hard to find a church that would host their wedding day. When did this happen? This happened on October 31, 2022.
Her now-husband, Edwardo, met the singer Brocarde for the first time when he unexpectedly showed up at her house last year. The 38-year-old womanfrom Oxfordshire said that her husband was like a Victorian soldier and that he once ignored her for a week when she was in the news.
Brocarde, a woman who married a ghost admits it was hard to find a churchthat would host their wedding day. "I think there is a bit of an issue with religion and the afterlife. "Not all priests believe," she said on ITV's This Morning.
She has said that prior to meeting her husband, she did not believe in ghosts. But their first encounter made her cry a lot and opened her eyes to the possibility of life beyond death.
She remarked, "I had tears streaming down my face," she said. "It was really intense, and I think it was the fact that it was so intense that converted me."
The 38-year-old has previously admitted that when looking for wedding sites, she experienced exorcism threats and was ejected from churches.
She described her ideal wedding as a "big white wedding," attended by all of her loved ones, but claimed that "many people just can't see the vision."
However, it seems that having a chapel-style wedding is pointless because Brocarde claimed that Edwardo "doesn't feel comfortable in churches."
For the special event, she was also told to make him a three-piece Victorian suit. This morning's conversation with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield featured an admission from Brocarde that her beloved Edwardo was truly present.
When the visitor abruptly interrupted Holly, she was in the middle of talking about how Brocarde and Edwardo's relationship progressed when the guest screamed in surprise.
His arrival was announced by Brocarde. Edwardo graciously made an appearance even though he probably wasn't on the episode's guest list. "I should hope so... it's your wedding day." Phil said
Holly inquired, "Where is he?" as Brocarde pointed to the hosts. ' from behind a pillow, before pointing and saying, "Can't you see him?"
When they initially met a year ago, Brocarde claims Edwardo "broke into [her] bedroom in the dead of night" and that he communicates by "pushing sensations through [her] body."
She told the presenters:
When he's around, I feel like I'm being embraced, like a kind of warm hug, and if there's things that he's really really unhappy about he'll send chills down my body.- Brocarde


A woman who married a ghost admits it was hard to find a church that would host their wedding day. Her name is Brocarde and her ghost partner is Edwardo. She continued by saying that the ghost, who had once "ghosted" her for a week, did not appreciate the fact that she had mentioned Phillip Schofield on television.
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