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Woman Sparks Controversy After Dyeing Her Dog Green To Look Like The Grinch For Christmas

Christmas may have been stolen by the Grinch, but Rizzo the stylish Schnauzer has won our hearts. A woman sparks controversy after dyeing her dog green to look like The Grinch for Christmas.

Author:Xander Oddity
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Dec 12, 2022119 Shares2K Views
Christmas may have been stolen by the Grinch, but Rizzo the stylish Schnauzer has won our hearts. A woman sparks controversy after dyeing her dog greenso he would look like The Grinch for Christmas.
His family took him to the salon to receive his own Grinch glow-up to help him get in the holiday spirit. Images and videos of the handsome puppy quickly gained popularity on social media.
However, it seems that not everyone was pleased with Rizzo's new, holiday-inspired appearance. In fact, a woman sparks controversy after dyeing her dog green and angry keyboard warriors caused the dog's TikTok videos to go viral, with almost more than 10 million views.
One said,"Why do people do stuff like this?"A second added, "That should not be allowed. Poor baby."While a third chipped in with their rather harsh opinion, "Some people don’t deserve animals."
The family's matriarch, Ashlee Spielmann, told LADbiblethat her only goal was to honor her kids' favorite holiday movie.
Our kids love The Grinch and watched it almost every night last year. Because Schnauzers naturally have grumpy looking faces due to their haircut I thought it would be fun to make Rizzo the Grinch.- Ashlee Spielmann
She spoke with Rizzo's groomer, scheduled an appointment for him, and then left with a green pug with a red Santa coat dyed into his fur.
Rizzo was never uncomfortable, according to Ashlee, and he actually enjoyed getting more attention while receiving treatment. She claimed that the hair color was completely safe and that no bleach was used.
She laughed at this controversy. "Welcome to the internet and this day and age where everyone has an opinion,"she said. "My goal in doing this was to make people smile and help spread holiday cheer. Who doesn’t love a Christmas dog?"
But she isn't allowing the detractors to damper the holiday enthusiasm of the Spielmann family. The newly groomed Grinch has Madelyn, 15, Hayden, 14, Elise, 12, Kendall, 7, and Hudson, 5, all in awe. Ashlee giggled when asked about the Christmas squabble.
Washpaw's grooming professionals claim that coloring your dog's fur is absolutely risk-free and harmless for your pet.
According to Washpaw:
All-natural and organic dyes formulated for use on pets are for the most part safe. These products do not include the harmful toxins and chemicals found in most regular human hair dyes.- Washpaw
So, the key takeaway is to avoid being a real-life Grinch. After all, it is Christmas.


Woman sparks controversy after dyeing her dog green to look like The Grinch for Christmas. The woman who dyed her dog's fur green, red, and white to make him resemble the Grinch for the holiday season has defended her actions too.
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