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Woman Relocated, Works A Week Before Learning She's Not Hired

Camryn Spina, a woman relocated, works a week before learning she's not hired, moving 800 miles for a job that was never officially hers. Discover her story.

Author:Raven Noir
Reviewer:Morgan Maverick
Oct 13, 20235.7K Shares206.2K Views
Camryn Spina, a woman relocated, works a week before learning she's not hired, made an 800-mile move from Florida to Virginia and faced a shocking revelation when she discovered she wasn't officially hired for the role she had been working for a week.

The Unexpected Twist

Camryn Spina, a hopeful cheerleading coach, took her story to TikTok, explaining her recent journey. She detailed her move from Florida to Virginia, following two successful interviews for a college cheerleading coach position. According to Camryn, after the interviews, her new boss informed her, "they wanted to hire her."
Following her new boss's instructions, Camryn relocated in July. The college's human resources department still needed her details via their website. This was described as 'merely a formality' in an email shared with Insider.
During her move, Camryn had consistent correspondence with her new boss, the head coach of the cheerleading team. To support her transition, he accommodated her in a hotel in Virginia while she sought permanent lodging. To facilitate the move, she terminated her lease in Florida.
On August 1, Camryn began her role at the college, "started doing official business with the team". However, a week later, upon connecting with the HR department, she received unsettling news: her application was still "under review". Further confusion arose when the head coach queried her about potential findings on a background check, only for HR to inform her that her application hadn't reached the background check phase.
The situation reached its climax when HR notified her they had "decided to move forward with other applicants for this job." An alarmed Camryn contacted them, only to discoverthere was no record of her employment. They confirmed her suspicions: she hadn't been officially hired.
"It was initially a panic situation, mostly because of all the money I had spent," Camryn shared with Insider. She stated she'd expended approximately $1,500 in the moving process.
Camryn Spina TikTok explaining her story on relocating but not getting hired.
Camryn Spina TikTok explaining her story on relocating but not getting hired.
In her viral TikTok video, she expressed her disappointment and confusion, stating:
I write this long email to HR. Like, I understand that something happened that this didn't go about the right way and I am not hired and that's... whatever. [But] I need to be reimbursed.- Camryn Spina
Camryn emphasized that the college owed her 'a lot of money', citing her relocation expenses and the week she'd worked. She indicated she would pursue legal action if not compensated appropriately. Eventually, she did receive a check in the mail from the institution.
Facing this unexpected turn of events, Camryn mentioned she is currently without a home or job. Fortunately, she can temporarily stay with her parents and has managed to reclaim her previous job.
The college, which Camryn refrained from naming in her TikTok video and during her conversation with Insider, did not offer any comments despite the publication's "multiple requests" for a statement.


Camryn Spina's unsettling experience highlights the complexities and potential misunderstandings in the hiring process. After relocating and working for a week, she learned she wasn't officially employed. Her story, shared on TikTok, underscores the importance of clear communication between employers and potential hires. Thankfully, Camryn found solace with her family and managed to secure her previous job.
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