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Woman Found Her Doppelgänger Online And Killed Her So She Could Fake Her Death

A woman found her doppelgänger online and killed her so she could fake her death. A 23-year-old German-Iraqi woman is suspected of murdering a beauty blogger she met online who resembled her in appearance. Reports say that the alleged murder was part of a complex plan by the suspect to fake her own death.

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A woman found her doppelgänger online and killed her so she could fake her death. A 23-year-old German-Iraqi woman is suspected of murdering a beauty blogger she met online who resembled her in appearance. Reports say that the alleged murder was part of a complex plan by the suspect to fake her own death.
A woman found her doppelgänger online and killed her so she could fake her death. According to the Times UK, the Munich-based suspect, identified as Sharaban K. in German media, scoured Instagram for a doppelganger before choosing an Algerian beauty blogger, Khadidja O.
Sharaban K. allegedly texted the woman, who resided around 100 miles away in Eppingen, and had makeup-related communications before luring her to meet by offering her a cosmetics kit, according to reports.
On the day of the alleged murder, Sharaban K. and her boyfriend, Shequir K., are said to have picked up the victim in their car, drove her to a wooded area in Ingolstadt, and stabbed her to death, according to the German newspaper Bild.
Khadidja O. may have been stabbed more than 50 times, and Sharaban's Mercedes was found with her body in the back.
When Sharaban didn't return home that day, she'd told her family she was visiting her ex-husband in Ingolstadt, according to prosecutors, according to The Times UK, her parents went out to hunt for her. They quickly discovered an abandoned automobile with the body of the deceased woman inside.
Because of the striking resemblance between the two ladies, Sharaban's relatives assumed she was the victim in the backseat; additionally, the severity of the victim's stab wounds obscured specifics of her facial appearance. An examination, however, revealed that the body belonged to Khadidja O.
The weapon used in the killing has yet to be discovered.
Attorney General Veronika Grieser said:
It has been confirmed that the accused had contacted several women via Instagram before the act who seemed to look similar to her. It can be assumed that the suspect wanted to go into hiding, due to internal disputes with her family, and fake her own death.- Attorney General Veronika Grieser
According to several accounts, Sharaban K. and his suspected accomplice Shequir K. were apprehended by police in August 2022 and are now both charged with murder.
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Attorney General Veronika Grieser of the Ingolstadt state prosecutor's office added:
After the investigation, it can be assumed that [Sharaban] wanted to go into hiding due to internal family disputes and faked her own death.- Attorney General Veronika Grieser
"It was an extraordinary case that demanded all the investigators' skills,"a spokesman for the local police force, Andreas Aichele, said. "We don't have a case like this every day, especially with such a spectacular twist. On the day we found the body, we didn't expect it to turn out like this."
If convicted, the suspects could face life in prison. It's unknown if they have legal representation or have entered pleas to the allegations leveled against them.
Now, let's have a detailed look at doppelgängers and some interesting facts about them.


Have you ever met someone that resembled you? Perhaps you've approached someone you thought you knew only to discoverthey were a complete stranger. If this is the case, you may have encountered a real-life doppelgänger!
What exactly is a doppelgänger? The term is derived from German. It translates to "dual goer" in English. Today, it's commonly used to describe two strangers who appear to be twins.
The sight of a doppelgänger might be disconcerting. That is true whether the person looks exactly like you or could be your friend's twin! It's no surprise, then, that doppelgängers appear frequently in horror stories.
A doppelgänger is the literary equivalent of another character. They resemble the character in many respects, most notably in appearance. However, the differences between them are more crucial.
The values of the doppelgänger frequently diverge from those of the primary character. As a result, they make decisions that lead them down a different route.
Doppelgängers appear in numerous civilizations' stories as well. They are described as ghosts or spirits that appear to be human people. Many people believe doppelgängers bring bad luck and seeing your own is a solid sign that something horrible will happen shortly.

Interesting Facts

They Are More Common Than You Think

When calculating doppelganger odds, there are two scenarios to consider: the possibility that your doppelganger exists somewhere out there, and the possibility that you will encounter them.
So far, no agreement has been reached. In 2015, a professor at University College London told that the sheer number of variables at play made truly calculating the odds difficult.
However, an assistant professor at Cornell University told the same year that there's "only so much genetic variation to go around," and significant resemblances are sure to appear soon.

They Are Thought To Bring Bad News

Don't worry if you haven't been disturbed yet; the folklore surrounding doppelgangers becomes really spooky very quickly. Doppelgängers were thought to be bad omens; if you saw your friend's doppelganger, it was a warning of oncoming illness or bad luck. At the very least, it's not a death omen, as happens when you see your own doppelganger.

They Don't Cast Any Shadows

How were you expected to recognize whether you were dealing with a doppelganger if the lookalike was a perfect double? There is one distinction, according to folklore: Doppelgangers throw no shadows and have no reflections in a mirror or water.

They Are The Ancestors Of The "Evil Twin"

Folkloric doppelgangers announce bad luck for a reason: they are frequently the ones who bring it. Traditionally, doppelgangers give counsel to the person they're shadowing, although it's sometimes misguided or downright destructive.
Sometimes they can plant thoughts in people's heads, and if that doesn't work, the doppelganger may cause chaos by claiming to be their double in front of their friends and family - standard "evil twin" behavior.

Doppelgängers Are A Real Thing And Your Look-A-Like Could Be Similar In Every Way

People Also Ask

What Is A Fun Fact About Doppelgängers?

Doppelgangers were thought to be bad omens in myth.

What Are The Characteristics Of Doppelgängers?

A doppelganger is an enigmatic, perfect duplicate of a living person.
The researchers also looked at the sequence data to find out where the look-alikes came from, which confirmed that they were not related.

How Did Doppelganger Get Its Name?

To describe such specters, German writers invented the term "Doppelgänger" (from doppel, meaning "double," and gänger, meaning "goer").


A woman found her doppelgänger online and killed her so she could fake her death. In an intricate attempt to fake her own death, a German woman is accused of murdering a lookalike she found on Instagram.
Investigators say that Sharaban K., who is also 23 years old, killed beauty blogger Khadidja O., who was also 23 years old, in Ingolstadt, Germany, last August.
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