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Which U.S. State Raises The Most Turkeys In 2022?

Which U.S. state raises the most turkeys? It is Minnesota. While North Carolina tops the list in terms of pounds produced, Minnesota is the state that raises the most turkeys per capita.

Author:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
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Nov 18, 2022
Which U.S. state raises the most turkeys?Whether you measure production in pounds or heads raised each year will depend on your metric. Below are the complete details.
The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) report Poultry - Production, and Value 2021 Summaryfrom the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), published in 2021, provides an overview of turkey production in the top producing states based on the placement of turkeys for the period beginning September 1, 2020, and ending August 31, 2021.
So, Which U.S. state raises the most turkeys? It is Minnesota. While North Carolina tops the list in terms of pounds produced, Minnesota is the state that raises the most turkeys per capita.
Additionally, when it comes to the production of birds, California and Ohio are tied for ninth place with each other. However, California produces substantially fewer pounds of turkey than Ohio, which is sixth in the nation. Michigan comes in ninth for the amount of turkey produced while not even placing in the top 10 states for heads raised.
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Turkey Production By State

Top 10 States For Head Produced

  • Minnesota - 40,500,000.
  • North Carolina - 30,000,00.
  • Arkansas - 27,000,000.
  • Indiana - 20,500,000.
  • Missouri - 17,000,000.
  • Virginia - 14,000,000.
  • Iowa - 11,700,000.
  • Pennsylvania - 6,900,000
  • Ohio and California (tie) - 6,000,000.

Top 10 States For Pounds Produced

  • North Carolina - 1,167,000,000.
  • Minnesota - 1,044,900,000.
  • Indiana - 836,400,000.
  • Missouri - 552,500,000.
  • Arkansas - 540,000,000.
  • Iowa - 512,460,000.
  • Virginia - 420,500,000.
  • Ohio - 268,200,000.
  • Michigan - 217,260,000.
  • Pennsylvania - 198,030,000.
Only 13 states' worth of state-specific data were made available by NASS. South Dakota and West Virginia, which are included in this report as additional states, were ranked 12th and 13th on both lists, respectively.
The production of 7,175,849,000 pounds of turkeys and 216,000,000 heads of turkey came from all other states, however, state-specific data for other states was withheld to avoid giving exact dates for individual operations.

People Also Ask

Which State Consumes The Most Turkeys?

California consumes the most turkey in the United States.

What Are The Top 5 States That Produce Turkeys?

216.5 million turkeys were raised in the United States in 2021, which amounted to 5.558 billion pounds in total production. The top states for producing turkeys are Minnesota, North Carolina, Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Virginia, Iowa, and California, as per the USDA.

Which State Leads The US In Turkey Production?

Minnesota leads the U.S. in turkey production.

How Much Turkey Does The Average American Consume In A Year?

An average American consumes about 16 pounds of turkey in a year.


One of the most often consumed poultry species in the US is turkey. The bird is associated with the Thanksgiving holiday because turkey is a traditional meal for many American families.
An estimated 240 million turkeys are produced in the US annually; production peaked in the 1990s. Many poultry farmers across the nation engage in turkey farming as a profitable venture. Among the top states for producing turkeys in the nation are Arkansas, Minnesota, and California.
Which U.S. state raises the most turkeys? The best state in the country for raising turkeys is Minnesota. Around the state, 44 million turkeys are reportedly raised. Minnesotan families have a long-standing habit of raising turkeys.
In the state, roughly 450 families are engaged in the production of turkeys. Each year, these farmers receive orders for millions of pounds of turkey, with the majority of them coming around Thanksgiving.
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