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Which State's Capital Comes First Alphabetically By Capital?

Which state's capital comes first alphabetically? The state capital of New York is Albany, which also happens to be the nation's first capital in terms of capital's alphabetical order. Although Albany is the capital of New York, it is only the sixth-largest city in the state.

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Which state's capital comes first alphabetically? The state capital of New York is Albany, which also happens to be the nation's first capital in terms of capital's alphabetical order. Although Albany is the capital of New York, it is only the sixth-largest city in the state.
Let's have a look at states and capitals alphabetically by capital list.

50 States And Capitals - Alphabetical Order By Capital

  • Albany - New York
  • Annapolis - Maryland
  • Atlanta - Georgia
  • Augusta - Maine
  • Austin - Texas
  • Baton Rouge - Louisiana
  • Bismarck - North Dakota
  • Boise - Idaho
  • Boston - Massachusetts
  • Carson City - Nevada
  • Charleston - West Virginia
  • Cheyenne - Wyoming
  • Columbia - South Carolina
  • Columbus - Ohio
  • Concord - New Hampshire
  • Denver - Colorado
  • Des Moines - Iowa
  • Dover - Delaware
  • Frankfort - Kentucky
  • Harrisburg - Pennsylvania
  • Hartford - Connecticut
  • Helena - Montana
  • Honolulu - Hawaii
  • Indianapolis - Indiana
  • Jackson - Mississippi
  • Jefferson City - Missouri
  • Juneau - Alaska
  • Lansing - Michigan
  • Lincoln - Nebraska
  • Little Rock - Arkansas
  • Madison - Wisconsin
  • Montgomery - Alabama
  • Montpelier - Vermont
  • Nashville - Tennessee
  • Oklahoma City - Oklahoma
  • Olympia - Washington
  • Phoenix - Arizona
  • Pierre - South Dakota
  • Providence - Rhode Island
  • Raleigh - North Carolina
  • Richmond - Virginia
  • Sacramento - California
  • Salem - Oregon
  • Salt Lake City - Utah
  • Santa Fe - New Mexico
  • Springfield - Illinois
  • St. Paul - Minnesota
  • Tallahassee - Florida
  • Topeka - Kansas
  • Trenton - New Jersey
So, which state's capital comes first alphabetically? It is Albany. Albany is the only American city that has always had a charter. It is also one of the oldest European settlements that is still around from the original thirteen colonies.
Albany became the official state capital of New York in 1797. Before, the capital moved around between Albany, Kingston, Hurley, Poughkeepsie, and New York City.
Albany is a city in the U.S. state of New York and the county seat of Albany (1797). It is located 143 miles (230 km) north of New York City along the Hudson River.
It is a port city, the northern end of the deepwater Hudson River Channel, a natural transshipment point between oceangoing ships and the New York State Canal System routes to the Great Lakes, and the center of a metropolitan area that also includes Troy and Schenectady.

Albany, New York - The TOP 10 Places you NEED to see!

Albany's dominant feature continues to be politics. Manufacturing of paper, machine tools, clothes, industrial equipment, chemicals, electronics, and dentistry items are all a part of its moderate industrial development.
When the Port of Albany opened to oceangoing shipping in 1932, the city became a maritime hub. It was one of the first in the nation to develop a commercial airport.
Albany, the capital of New York State, evolved over the course of the last four centuries from a modest Dutch colony to the center of the expanding Tech Valley.

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Which States Capital Comes First In Alphabetical Order By State?

Below are capitals alphabetically listed by State:
  • Alabama - Montgomery.
  • Alaska - Juneau.
  • Arizona - Phoenix.
  • Arkansas - Little Rock.
  • California - Sacramento.
  • Colorado - Denver.
  • Connecticut - Hartford.
  • Delaware - Dover.

What Is The Capital Of 50 States?

The capital of the 50 states is Washington, DC.

Which States Have Their State Name In Their Capital?

Actually, there are three. Indianapolis, the state capital of Indiana, would be the first. Oklahoma City, the state of Oklahoma's capital, comes in second. Providence, the state capital of Rhode Island, and Providence Plantations would be the third.


Which state's capital comes first alphabetically? It is Albany of New York City if we consider the list alphabetically by state's capital.
You should learn about the thriving craft beverage industry and dynamic culture of downtown Albany. You should experience this region's stunning architecture, world-class museums, and rich history.
In the Helderberg Hilltowns, you can explore outside the city boundaries for beautiful scenery and exhilarating outdoor adventures. An out-of-the-ordinary place to visit is Albany County.
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