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Which State Has The Most Miles Of Interstate Highway?

Which state has the most miles of interstate highway? Texas has the most miles of interstate highway. You know it's Texas because it has the biggest and most of everything, right?

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Which state has the most miles of interstate highway? Texas has the most miles of interstate highway. You know it's Texas because it has the biggest and most of everything, right?
Even if Texas isn't quite the biggest state, building and maintaining roads is challenging. Which state's roads are the most paved? More than California, Texas. Where are the most unpaved roads located? Texas - and by a wide margin.
Which state has the most roadways that pass through ditches and dry rivers while also bearing warnings about potential flash floods? Texas. Which state has the most miles of interstate highway that are guarded by "cattle guards"? Texas.

Which state has the most miles of interstate highways?

Highways In Texas

The system is currently 46,876 miles long overall. Texas has 3,232 miles of interstate highways spread across 17 routes, which is nearly 7% of all interstate highway miles in the country.
Given that the Lone Star State is the largest state in terms of land area in the contiguous United States (Alaska is larger but far less inhabited), this shouldn't be too surprising.
When it comes to the number of kilometers of interstate highways, California and Illinois, with 2,453 miles and 2,160 miles, respectively, don't lag too far behind Texas. Delaware, with 40 miles spread across 3 roads, has the shortest interstate segment.
The three longest interstates in Texas are Interstate 10, which is 877 miles long, Interstate 20, which is 635 miles long, and Interstate 35, which is 407 miles long.
I-10, which runs through the state from east to west and passes through Beaumont, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, and numerous other smaller towns, is unquestionably the best roadway by any measure.
From Shreveport, Louisiana, I-20 travels west via Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene, and Midland-Odessa before connecting with I-10 in a sparsely populated region.
I-35 extends from Laredo on the Mexican border north via San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, and Waco before dividing into two halves, one going through Fort Worth (I-35W) and one going through Dallas.
In some ways, especially in terms of traffic density, I-35 is more significant than I-20 (I-35E). At Denton, the two segments come together, and the road continues as I-35 into Oklahoma.
Even though they may be vital thoroughfares, none of the less significant interstates - like I-45, which connects Dallas, Houston, and Galveston - are as significant as these three. Additionally, none of the numerous state highways or other US roadways are.

People Also Ask

Which State Has The Most Highways?

Texas state has the most highways.

What Is The Longest Interstate In One State?

Nebraska is home to the I-80's longest continuous section, measuring about 116 km between Exit 318 in the Grand Island region and milepost 390 close to Lincoln. Additionally, it is the longest section of the US Interstate Highway System as a whole.

What Is The Most Traveled Interstate Highway?

I-95 at SR 4 is the most traveled Interstate Highway.

What State Has The Worst Roads?

California and Rhode Island states have the worst roads.


Which state has the most miles of interstate highway? Texas has the most roadway miles of any state, with 3,233 miles of interstate highway spanning 17 different routes. You may travel the entire state with this technique. Texas has an interstate that will take you to Houston, El Paso, or Amarillo, among other places.
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