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Which State Grows The Most Christmas Trees?

Which state grows the most Christmas trees? It is Oregon. All details are given below. Nothing beats a real Christmas tree, from selecting the perfect Tannenbaum to decking it out with sparkling ornaments in December to the fresh evergreen aroma.

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Which state grows the most Christmas trees?It is Oregon. Nothing beats a real Christmas tree, from selecting the perfect Tannenbaum to decking it out with sparkling ornaments in December to the fresh evergreen aroma.
More than 15 million trees are cut down on 15,000 tree farms spread out across 295,162 acres in the United States. Christmas trees are a significant industry, with sales of around $377 million.
The yearly family outing that involves cutting down and buying a real Christmas tree from a nearby farm is unforgettable.
Real Christmas trees are a renewable resource that may even be recycled, in contrast to artificial trees that may be manufactured of nonbiodegradable polymers and contain hazardous chemicals.
In addition, up to three saplings are planted for each real Christmas tree sold. More than 100,000 full-time or part-time jobs are generated by the Christmas tree farming industry.
The country's Christmas tree farms not only meet an important economic need, but they also help protect miles and miles of valuable wildlife habitat and green space.
The states that produce the most Christmas trees were determined using data from the 2017 USDA Agricultural Census, which is done every five years and was released in 2019.
Which state grows the most Christmas trees? Below is the complete list. States are ranked based on the number of trees harvested in each:


  • Total trees cut: 4,714,298 trees.
  • Total farms: 1,431.
  • Total acres for production: 45,283 acres.
  • Total sales: $120.68 million
Oregon easily beats North Carolina (the second-place state) in terms of the number of Christmas trees produced, winning the title by more than 2 million trees.
Christmas trees resulted in an estimated $84.5 million in sales in 2015, with 92% of Oregonian trees being sent outside of the state.

North Carolina

  • Total trees cut: 4,031,864.
  • Total farms: 854 farms.
  • Total acres for production: 38,893.
  • Total sales: $86.83 million.
Most of the Christmas tree varieties cultivated in North Carolina are Fraser firs. Every year, every state in the United States, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and Japan gets shipments of North Carolina Fraser fir. More than 1 in 5 of the nation's Christmas trees are grown in North Carolina, making it a powerhouse in the industry.


  • Total trees cut: 1,551,185 trees.
  • Total farms: 1,233 farms.
  • Total acres for production: 36,986 acres.
  • Total sales: $28.73M.
The Scotch pine, white pine, blue spruce, black hills spruce, balsam fir, concolor fir, Douglas fir, and Fraser fir are the most widely used Christmas trees in Michigan. Amazon started selling and shipping Michigan Christmas trees to families all throughout the country in 2017.

People Also Ask

What State Is The Christmas Tree Capital Of The United States?

In fact, Indiana County in southwest Pennsylvania is referred to as the "Christmas Tree Capital of the World." The Indiana County Christmas Tree Growers' Association claims that the term originated in 1956 when the county's estimated 700,000 trees were felled during that year.

What Are The Top Six States For Christmas Tree Production?

The states of Oregon, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Washington, and Wisconsin, produce the most Christmas trees.

Who Grows The Most Christmas Trees?

Oregon grows the most Christmas trees.

Which Country Exports The Most Christmas Trees?

Canada exports the most Christmas trees.

How Old Are Most Christmas Trees?

The average age is seven years old.


In 2014, around 3,352 businesses sold 19.9 million Christmas trees for a total of $366 million. That represents an improvement from 2009 when the Census of Agriculture recorded 2,700 farms producing short-rotation woody crops and cutting Christmas trees with sales of $249.8 million.
Which state grows the most Christmas trees? Christmas trees are cultivated for sale in 47 U.S. states; however, in 2014, the following five states produced the most trees: North Carolina (5.4 million), Michigan (1.3 million), Pennsylvania (839,000), Oregon (8.5 million), and Wisconsin (657,000).
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