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Which Opera's Plot Follows A Female Cigar Factory Worker?

Which opera's plot follows a female cigar factory worker? It is Carmen's opera act. The four-act opéra comique Carmen by Georges Bizet had its world premiere on March 3, 1875, in Paris, France.

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Which opera's plot follows a female cigar factory worker? It is Carmen's opera act. The four-act opéra comique Carmen by Georges Bizet had its world premiere on March 3, 1875, in Paris, France.
Carmen is by no means a comedy, despite the fact that the term "opéra comique" literally means "comic opera." Instead, because the spoken dialogue is used instead of sung dialogue, or recitative, it falls within the comique genre.
Which opera's plot follows a female cigar factory worker? It depicts the tale of Carmen, a cigarette factory worker, and her passionate, tragic relationship with army corporal Don Jose.
Carmen is a precursor to the verismo style, which was popular among later composers like Pietro Mascagni and Giacomo Puccini and concentrated on realism. It deals with the problems of individuals like factory workers, gypsies, and criminals on a daily basis.

Characters In Carmen

The plot of the Carmen opera takes place in 1830s Seville, Spain. Some of the key characters' vocal ranges, or the range of notes that each performer can sing, are as follows:
  • Carmen(Mezzo-soprano): Operatic vocal range that is lower than soprano but higher than contralto.
  • Escamillo(Baritone): A vocal range used in opera that is higher than bass but lower than tenor.
  • Don Jose(Tenor): The highest male vocal range heard in the majority of popular operas.

Who Is Carmen?

Carmen is a Gypsy or Romani woman who works in a cigarette factory in Spain. Although Carmen is drawn to Don Jose, she fights being confined by her free spirit nature, which ultimately becomes fatal.
Carmen fits the stereotypes of the Romani people that were particularly pervasive in 19th-century Europe due to her sexual liberation and affiliation with criminal smugglers.
Originating in India, the Romani, or Roma, are a historically migrant ethnic group that started to settle in Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries. They have endured widespread persecution and bad portrayals in literature and art for a significant portion of the time since then.

People Also Ask

What Opera's Story Is About A Female Cigar Factory Worker?

Carmen opera is about a female cigar factory worker.
The "exotic" setting and musical language of Carmen is one of its most striking elements, which is largely responsible for the opera's enormous popularity today in a complete aesthetic reversal. This element contributed to the opera's initial failure in 1875.

How Many Acts Are There In Carmen?

There are four acts in Carmen's opera.

In What Country Does Carmen Takes Place?

Carmen took place in Spain.

What Is The Genre Of Carmen?

The opera is written as an opéra comique, with spoken passages separating the musical sections. It is based in southern Spain and follows the tale of Don José's fall from grace after being seduced by the fiery gypsy Carmen.


Which opera's plot follows a female cigar factory worker? The premiere of Georges Bizet's opera "Carmen" took place on March 3, 1875, in Paris. Because it defied tradition at initially, audiences were horrified and scandalized.
The opera relates the tale of a young soldier who is taken in by Carmen, a fiery gypsy, and is set against a backdrop of southern Spain. It has grown to be one of the classical canon's most popular and often performed operas.
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