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Which Game Did Fidel Castro Ban Upon Rising To Power In Cuba?

Which game did Fidel Castro ban upon rising to power in Cuba? It was Monopoly. One game that can lead to several conflicts is monopoly, and parents who are tired of the bickering frequently forbid it in their homes.

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Which game did Fidel Castro ban upon rising to power in Cuba? It was Monopoly. One game that can lead to several conflicts is monopoly, and parents who are tired of the bickering frequently forbid it in their homes.
However, did you know that several whole nations have outlawed the game? There are certain locations where playing Monopoly is prohibited, although the restriction isn't necessarily irreversible. Continue reading to learn more.

Monopoly Board Game Was Banned In Cuba By Castro

Which game did Fidel Castro ban upon rising to power in Cuba? Cuba under Fidel Castro was another country that decided the kind of capitalism that Monopoly promoted didn't match its values.
Castro went a step further; upon taking office in 1959, he not only outlawed the game but also directed that all copies of it be destroyed since he didn't want even one Monopoly game to exist in the nation.
It's not surprising that an unofficial version of Monopoly named Capitolio was released despite the prohibition because the game was previously very well-liked in Cuba.
The rule seems to still be in place, and censorship is still a big problem in the country, where people don't have many of the freedoms you'd find elsewhere.
There were other countries including china and Russiawhere Monopoly was once banned.


Although it wasn't for very long in the late 20th century, monopoly isn't currently prohibited in China. The Chinese Communist Party deemed the game to be in direct conflict with its beliefs, which is why it was banned at an unknown time.
Since the CCP seized power in China in 1949, you might assume that the prohibition was put into effect soon after.
Since the country's admission to the World Trade Organization in 2001, the game has most likely been re-released on the market. Therefore, it is likely that Monopoly was outlawed in China for about 50 years.
Undoubtedly, a communist party would disapprove of a game that "promotes" capitalism, though one could argue that this misses the point somewhat given that the board game's original purpose was to expose the shortcomings of capitalism. The board game is at least now accessible.
There were a lot of fake versions of the game for a while, but now you can buy an original copy at any major toy store in China.


For a while, Monopoly was outlawed in Russia when it was still a part of the Soviet Union for the same reasons it was in China and Cuba: the nation didn't want a game based on capitalism to conflict with its communist values.

People Also Ask

How Did Fidel Castro Rise To Power?

Castro performed a significant part in the Cuban Revolution after returning home by commanding the Movement in a guerilla war against Batista's army from the Sierra Maestra. Castro became Cuba's prime minister and seized both military and political authority following Batista's coup in 1959.

What Iconic Game Is Banned In Cuba?

Monopoly was banned in Cuba.
The Chinese board game GO is popular in Cuba.

What Food Is Illegal In Cuba?

Meats that are fresh, frozen, dried, or salted, as well as liquid milk and unpasteurized dairy products, are still not allowed in Cuba.


Which game did Fidel Castro ban upon rising to power in Cuba? The board game "Monopoly" was outlawed by Fidel Castro in 1959, and he ordered that every set be destroyed.
Although the game apparently had a large following in Cuba, he saw it as the epitome of capitalism. Cubans were not even permitted to own computers before 2008.
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