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Where Is Inventhelp Located? It Is A Leading Inventor Service Firm

If you have heard about InventHelp, you might want to know how does it work and where is InventHelp located? Over the years, many amazing and even life-changing inventions have made their way into the world.

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If you have heard about InventHelp, you might want to know how does it work and where is InventHelp located?
Over the years, many amazing and even life-changing inventions have made their way into the world. In fact, we live in a modern world that is built on the foundations of those inventions. We live in the age of technology.
From every direction, we are surrounded by great digitalization and technological innovations. In the modern world, this is how things work. Because everyone wants to change the world, the field has never been more competitive than it is now.
For people with creative ideas, it can be hard, if not impossible, to know enough about the competition to get their idea to market on their own. Companies like InventHelp can help in this way. So, what is InventHelp and where is InventHelp located?

Take Action On Your Idea Today With InventHelp

What Is InventHelp?

InventHelp is a business that helps creative people get their ideas out into the world. At first glance, this company may seem like it sounds very familiar, but that's not the case.
Robert Susa, the CEO of InventHelp, knows everything there is to know about the art of invention. He started the company with one goal in mind, to do everything he could to help other passionate inventors bring their ideas to the table and get them on the market.
The key to making a great invention is not to think of it in the first place, but to give it a twist that will make it stand out on the market, fill a need, or offer a new way to solve an old problem. So, you've got a great idea. Why should you trust InventHelp with it?

The Benefit Of Helping You Look At Your Invention From A Different Angle

InventHelp takes a hard look at the invention in question with the inventor. Often, this is the time when the inventor is asked hard questions and they start to look at your invention with a new set of eyes.
Not having a good idea is not enough. It must be something that fills a need in some way. There are already too many similar inventions out there, and it makes no sense to make something that has already been done and seen a million times.

The Advantage Of Learning The Business As You Go

It's easy to give a basic idea to someone else and hope to take credit for it later if it works out. But that's not how victories are won or how successful inventions make it to the market.
For an invention to be truly, wildly successful, the person who came up with the idea must be involved from point A (the idea in their head) to point B (the finished product on the market). Instead of taking over the whole process, InventHelp helps them every step of the way.
This way, the inventor can learn how the market and the industry they want to change work and can also get help from professionals when things get hard. InventHelp is there to help, not to take over, and this is a very important thing to know during such an important process.

Why InventHelp Is So Much Better Than The Others?

The best thing about InventHelp, and the thing that sets it apart from its competitors, is that it never guarantees success.
Any business can promise you the world, but what makes InventHelp different is that it promises to help you have the best chance of making your invention a success on the market.

InventHelp Reviews and Client Testimonials

Instead of making empty promises right away, InventHelp can work with the inventor and refer them to a licensed patent attorney who works on their own. This gives them an advantage because they can do a preliminary patent search and get an opinion.
Depending on what the attorney hears, he or she may then help the inventor put together and file a US patent application for the idea.
InventHelp promises dedication and the best chance, but they never promise success. As it should be, the inventor is in charge of that part of the process.

Where Is It Located?

It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and more than 100 people work for InventHelp. These include researchers, illustrators, writers, customer service representatives, and other staff.

Inventhelp Reviews

Daniel says, "Pointing me in the right direction to my current attorney has been a huge blessing. I don't even want to think about where I would have ended up without professional guidance from an established and reputable company such as this. Appreciate their generosity!"
Willie says, "The reps have been fantastic. I also used InventHelp 25 years ago and I’ve been very pleased. I love the way that they were very accommodating when I had changes to add to the product and the video that they sent me shows exactly the way I want the product to be designed. I am totally 100% happy with everything that I’ve gotten so far."

People Also Ask

Can InventHelp Be Trusted?

Yes, InventHelp is a real way for inventors to get their ideas on the market. Since it opened more than 35 years ago, the company has helped more than 10,000 inventors get patents.

Does InventHelp Do Patents?

Yes, it does. InventHelp can put you in touch with a licensed, independent patent attorney who can do a preliminary search and give you an opinion. Based on the opinion, an attorney could then help prepare and file a US patent application for the idea with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

How Can You Benefit From InventHelp?

You can get professional advice from people who have already helped and guided many other new inventors to success through InventHelp.The experts can help you with many parts of the invention process, which can be very helpful.


InventHelp is a company that helps people turn their invention ideas into real products. They help people send their ideas to companies that might be interested in such a device and ask for InventHelp reviews.
Companies look at the possible product and give helpful feedback on whether or not there is a market for it. If the review is good, it means that other companies may want to invest in or buy the device.
How does it work and where is InventHelp located? Answers to these questions are already discussed above.
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