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What State Is The Same Size As England In 2022?

What state is the same size as England? There is a lot of land in the United States, which is a sizable nation. Many states are as big as whole nations. Both the state of Alabama and the state of Oregon have almost the same amount of land as England and the entirety of the United Kingdom, respectively.

Author:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
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Nov 24, 2022
What state is the same size as England? There is a lot of land in the United States, which is a sizable nation. Many states are as big as whole nations.
Both the state of Alabama and the state of Oregon have almost the same amount of land as Englandand the entirety of the United Kingdom, respectively.
Given their "special relationship," the United States and the United Kingdom make a fun size comparison between their respective states. Each country sees the other as a very close ally, and they work together to reach goals they both care about.

England And Alabama

What state is the same size as England? Alabama and England are around the same size. Alabama has a land area of 50,645 square miles, which is slightly greater than England's 50,337 square miles.
Alabama has a considerably smaller population than England. The population of Alabama was 4,779,736 as of the 2010 U.S. Census, whereas the population of England was 55,977,178 as of 2018.
There are some similarities between England and Alabama. English is the primary language of origin for most people in both regions, and, interestingly, both regions feature a notable city named Birmingham. In the early years of US history, many of the initial settlers in Alabama were also from the British Isles.

Top 10 Largest Cities in ALABAMA 2021

History Of Alabama

Prior to the entrance of European colonization, Alabama was home to several Native American tribes, and for many years it was mostly an agricultural state.
Before it was given its own status as a territory in 1817, the state was formerly a part of both Georgia and the Mississippi Territory. In 1819, Alabama became a state.
Today, manufacturing and technology industries have replaced agriculture in Alabama, making it a more economically diverse state. Alabama includes a mix of densely populated urban regions and expansive rural areas.

Which US States Are Compared With Other Regions Of The United Kingdom?

Other regions of the US are roughly comparable in size to the remaining British territory:
  • Wales has an area of 8,018 square miles, while the closest state, New Jersey, has an area of 7,354 square miles.
  • South Carolina is closest with 30,060 square miles, but Scotland has 30,415 square miles of land.
  • Connecticut, the third-smallest state in America, has a land area of 4,842 square miles, which is closest to Northern Ireland's 5,452 square miles.

People Also Ask

What State Is Closest To The Size Of England?

Alabama is closest to the size of England.

Which State Is Most Like England?

It is Connecticut. Due to its history as a colonial state and its close ties to the UK, Connecticut is frequently likened to England.

Why Is Alabama So Famous?

Alabama is renowned for the Civil Rights Movement's origins, its history of civil rights conflicts, and its warm Southern hospitality. It also helps a lot with space research and makes a lot of two important things for the US.

What State Is Almost The Exact Same Size As England By Land Area?

The Yellowhammer State (Alabama) is almost the exact same size as England by land area.


What state is the same size as England? In terms of square miles, Alabama is the U.S. state that is most comparable in size to England. England's overall land size is just over 50,500 square miles. Only 50,700 square miles separate Alabama from it in size.
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