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What Does Ravioli Mean In Italian? A Famous Italian Dish

What does ravioli mean in Italian? Italian dumplings known as ravioli are frequently filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables. The filling is usually served with a tomato-or cream-based sauce, sandwiched between two sheets of egg pasta dough.

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What does ravioli mean in Italian? Italian dumplings known as ravioli are frequently filled with meat, cheese, or vegetables. The filling is usually served with a tomato-or cream-based sauce, sandwiched between two sheets of egg pasta dough.
Have you ever experienced the mouthwatering and creamy flavor of ravioli? So, what does ravioli mean in Italian?
Ravioli literally translates to "small turnips" because the name is derived from the Italian word "rapa," which means "turnip." This well-known and flavorful Italian staple meal has its roots in the 14th century.
Although ravioli can be made in a variety of shapes, such as circular or even triangular ones, the classic ravioli shape is square.
Let's see what happens if the condiment is mixed into the pasta. Italian cuisine is renowned around the world for its various main meals.

Pasta Ravioli 2.0

Depending on the numerous regional varieties, ravioli are a family of characteristic Italian foods made from squares or rounds of fresh egg pasta that have been folded to hold a cheese, meat, fish, or vegetable filling. They can be included in soup or served with sauces as a main meal. The option is influenced by the filling type as well.

Ravioli History And Tradition

Giovanni Boccaccio mentions ravioli in the Decameron ("They did nothing else but prepare macaroni and boil them. "), demonstrating how common they were in medieval culture at the time. The best guess is that they first appeared around 1100 A.D.
In the entire Italian peninsula, ravioli is known by a wide variety of names in addition to its many preparations:
  • Torelliare found in Emilia and Lombardy.
  • PansotiorPansottiare found in Liguria.
  • Tordellior Turdeliare found in north-western Tuscany and in the extreme Levant of Liguria.
  • Agnolottior Agnellotti (small in shape) in Piedmont and the Pavia area.
  • Anolinibetween Piacenza and Parma.
  • Marubininear Cremona, and in the lower Piacenza and Parma area. They have a ricotta and parsley mixture inside a white dough that is eggless.
  • Large, ricotta-filled ravioli has historically been a staple meal in Ragusa, Sicily. They are virtually always seasoned with pork sauce (sometimes also with oil and caciocavallo).

People Also Ask

How Did Ravioli Get Its Name?

The Italian word "Rapa," which means "turnip," is the source of the word "ravioli."

What Does Ravioli Mean?

Pasta in the form of tiny dough cases with a flavorful filling.

Why Is Italian Ravioli Important?

It is frequently prepared with family and friends for a family gathering or for the Christmas feast table.

Where Was Ravioli Invented?

Italian merchant Francesco di Marco Datini's letters from the fourteenth century contain the earliest written mention of ravioli. A Venice cookbook from the fourteenth century contained a ravioli recipe as well. The recipe instructed mixing fresh cheese, beaten eggs, and herbs before cooking them in broth.


A genuine Italian dish known for its distinctive form and flavorful filling is ravioli. In reality, the delectable recipes for traditional Italian ravioli have gained a lot of popularity throughout the world, particularly in the United States. What does ravioli mean in Italian? It means "little turnips".
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