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What Did The Ned Hotel In London Previously Operate As?

What did the Ned hotel in London previously operate as? It was once a bank. The Ned is already the center of the City, despite its recent existence of only approximately a year.

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What did the Ned hotel in London previously operate as? It was once a bank. The Ned is already the center of the City, despite its recent existence of only approximately a year.

From Midland Bank Headquarters To The Ned

What did the Ned hotel in London previously operate as? Early in the 1920s, Sir Edwin Lutyens created the landmark estate of the Ned, which was initially constructed to house the Midland Bank's main offices.
The Indian metropolis of New Delhi is frequently referred to as "Lutyens' Delhi" because of Lutyens's significant contribution to its construction.
His landmark New Delhi construction, which merged Indian influences with classical architecture, is a prime example of his architectural style's versatility.
For the Midland Bank, Lutyens created the outside elevations, the banking hall on the ground floor, the safe deposit box in the basement, the flooring of the directors' and boardrooms, and all the staircases.

The Financial District's Beating Center

The Midland Bank was one of the biggest banks in the UK for most of the 20th century, and it was only fitting that it was located in one of the City's most illustrious structures.
The structure, which included a theater and an astonishing walk-in vault that even appeared in the James Bond movie Goldfinger, properly mirrored the bank's illustrious standing.
But after being taken over by HSBC in 1992, the structure remained vacant for close to ten years. Up until 2012, when Nick Jones, the creator of Soho House & Co, visited the structure and fell in love.

The Ned: Take a tour of London's newest members' club and hotel | CNBC International

Jones took on the job of transforming the enormous bank into an opulent (six star!) hotel in cooperation with New York hotel operator Sydell Group. Several of its usual bank elements have been kept, despite the fact that the majority of the building's original interior was destroyed during this process.
For instance, the former banking hall, which now serves as the greeting area, still has art deco elements from the 1930s. The Lutyens granddaughter was asked to recreate the architect's clock and provide appropriate lighting fixtures as a tribute to the building's designer.

The Ned Membership Cost

Existing Soho House members are eligible to apply at a discounted rate of $2,500 per year for a membership at The Ned, which costs $5,000 annually.

People Also Ask

What Was The Ned Hotel Before?

The Ned hotel was once a bank. The Ned is housed in a former bank structure that was created by Sir Edwin "Ned" Lutyens in the 1920s.

When Was The Ned A Bank?

It was constructed as the Midland Bank headquarters between 1924 and 1939, and may have been the grandest bank ever built.

When Was The Ned Founded?

NED was established as a bipartisan, non-profit organization in 1983 thanks to the efforts of the US President at the time and a few other people.


The Ned's general design oozes modernity and coziness in addition to the numerous historically conserved pieces that can be found there. Long nights can be spent at the bar drinking an old-fashioned martini, or in the guestrooms, thanks to the hotel's opulent Parisian vibe.
What did the Ned hotel in London previously operate as? The original Ned was built in 1924 inside the former Midland Bank offices, which were designed by Sir Edwin "Ned" Lutyens.
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