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Top Things That Turn People On And Weird Things People Have Stuck Up Their Butt And Which Must Be Avoided

Orgasms are enjoyed by everybody, right? If we didn't want them, we wouldn't go to absurd lengths to have them, like pirating porn alone or spending hours romancing a particular someone only to have one with someone else. Sticking a finger in your butthole is the easiest technique to locate your prostate. Clean hands, short fingernails, and some lubrication are necessities.

Author:Al Dente & Tony Soprano
Reviewer:Caden Steelheart
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Orgasms are enjoyed by everybody, right? If we didn't want them, we wouldn't go to absurd lengths to have them, like pirating porn alone or spending hours romancing a particular someone only to have one with someone else.
Sticking a finger in your butthole is the easiest technique to locate your prostate. Clean hands, short fingernails, and some lubrication are necessities.
Once you're inside, attempt to touch your belly button's underside; you should feel something that resembles a golf ball there.
You'll really start to feel something great, and you'll want to diddle that P-spot like you would a beautiful moist clit.
The prostate orgasm may not fully develop if you're playing with yourself at the same moment, but it will likely be better than normal.
Try giving your shaft a day break and seeing what you can do without it if you want the complete experience. Here are some weird things people have stuck up their butt.

Thoughts Of Gay And Shit Excluded

I am aware that your current top two concerns are feces and homosexual matters. As long as you eat a balanced diet and don't have a large loaf of ass ham baking in the oven, poop shouldn't be an issue.
If sticking your fingers up there truly makes you uncomfortable, you can wear a condom or rubber gloves, but as long as you don't live off Taco Bell and Fritos, you should be OK.
Give yourself a Fleet enema and wash it out there if you're very disgusted. Otherwise, just scrubbing the shower's surface should be sufficient.
Regarding homosexual things, doing them up the butt doesn't make you gay. Like boxer briefs and brunch, prostate stimulation is one great invention that gay men discovered long before heterosexual folks.
I assume you're ok with both of them. Any of the toys mentioned above don't resemble dicks, so if someone finds one next to your bed, they won't even realize it was in your butt. Why is entering via the back door such a big deal when you play with yourself anyway?

Start With Fingers And Toys

A naked man
A naked man
Do not, I repeat, do not, thrust a huge object, such as a penis or dildo, into the anal cavity.
That task is too difficult for your butt. The muscle encircling the anus, known as the anal sphincter, maintains it well taught to stop excrement from escaping at inconvenient times.
You must gradually move up to large items since it does not naturally expand the way the vagina does.
Instead, begin your exploration with your fingers and smaller anal gadgets when you're as calm and turned on as you can be.
(Be sure that any toy you place in your anus has a flared base so that you don't immediately swallow it.)
Inhale the new feeling, which may first seem weird. Finding out whether you like the sensation and becoming used to it, even if you do, might take anything from a few minutes to a few weeks of experimentation.
When you're ready, advance to larger things while paying attention to your body. I often advise novices to start by laying on their sides (you can use a cushion to raise up your hips for additional lift) or their backs after they're feeling comfortable to test penetration with anything like a penis or dildo.
These positions may make your anal entry a bit more comfortable, but they don't necessarily allow for the type of deeper, fuller penetration that being on all fours or on top allows.
Also, remember that just because you've been penetrated doesn't mean you can't dictate the pace.
Ask your spouse to remain steady and enable you to back up into their penis or the sextoy so you can truly get a feel for the entire thing while maintaining control.

Top Of The Weirdest Things You Should Never Put In Your Ass

A strawberry resembling a butt
A strawberry resembling a butt
Can you believe that certain items get caught up in some butts? There are many strange occurrences in our planet.
You read it correctly; When patients bring in an item, the medical team uses a "secret code" to stick strange objects there.
It is referred to as "Social Injury of the Rectum," and in most cases surgery is necessary to remove the item since it has risen so far up the rectum that it is now irremovable.
  • A barbie doll
  • A pint glass
  • An egg
  • A cassette tape
  • A wine bottle
  • A billiard ball
  • An eggplant
  • A fork

Top Sexiest Things To Put In The Back Door That Will Turn You On

A woman wearing yellow swimsuit that's showing her butt
A woman wearing yellow swimsuit that's showing her butt
Lube is essentially the only thing you truly need in order to engage in anal play. The rim of your anus may be massaged and enjoyed with your fingertips, and you can even experiment with some shallow penetration.
To assist avoid infection, be sure to properly wash your hands before contacting your vulva if you have one and are using your fingers.
In the same way, wash your hands before contacting the head of your penis if you have one.
As an alternative, you may wear finger cots, latex, or nitrile gloves that you can remove and throw away after usage.
  • Butt plugs
  • Anal beads
  • Rimming toys
  • Dildos
  • Cucumber
  • Banana
  • Toothbrush

The Benefits Of Introducing Things That Turn You On Through The Back Door

Similar to any other kind of masturbation, there are advantages:
  • less stress
  • improved sleep
  • enhanced mood
  • pain relief
  • self-exploration
Most importantly, enjoy yourself!

If You Want Additional Stimulation

Woman with Shiny lips biting her lower lip
Woman with Shiny lips biting her lower lip
Touch those erogenous zonesand, for maximum enjoyment, simultaneously show love to the other erogenous zones.
This may be fingering the V, providing a hand job, massaging the clit, or just kissing and caringssing whatever flesh that is within reach.
Use your tongue: You may lick their anus to begin an anal fingering session or taint tease them with it while fingering their anus.
Unprepared for rimming yet? Finger their hole and lick, kiss, or softly bite their butt cheeks.

People Also Ask

What To Do If There’s Discomfort?

If your anus isn't accustomed to being invaded, some pain is typical. Try increasing the lubrication or altering your technique or posture in this case.

What Are The Positions To Consider?

These anal fingering postures may be adjusted to work with one person or two.
  • Bottom on back
  • Facedown
  • Doggy style

Is Anal Sex Dirty?

Anal intercourse is not always more filthy than other forms of sex. Johnson claims that with a little planning, you may really anticipate "the most enjoyable, clean, and worry-free experience ever."


Anal intercourse is very demanding and low-key. Theoretically, all you have to do is insert anything into someone's anus, but both literally and metaphorically speaking, that doesn't always work out well.
When having anal sex, foreplay is very crucial, if not required, since you must prepare the anus for penetration.
While the phrase "preparing the anus" may seem depressing, there are techniques to make anal foreplay exciting so that the remainder of the encounter is more carefree and joyful.
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