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US Lawmakers Get Access To Donald Trump's Tax Returns

US lawmakers get access to Donald Trump's tax returns. Former President Donald Trump turned over his tax returns to a House committee after losing a lengthy legal battle to keep them sealed.

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US lawmakers get access to Donald Trump's tax returns. Former President Donald Trump turned over his tax returns to a House committee after losing a lengthy legal battle to keep them sealed.
The Treasury Department says it followed a Supreme Court ruling that said the records had to be given to a Democratic-controlled House committee.
In contrast to presidents elected since the 1970s, Trump did not comply with congressional requests to release his tax returns while he was in office and instead turned to the judicial system to do so.
It's unclear whether the returns will be made public or what information they will contain. Although he has previously denied any misconduct, Mr. Trump has yet to reply.
In contrast to a long-standing presidential tradition, he chose not to release the records during his 2016 campaign or afterward.
Trump recently said that he wants to run for president again in 2024, and he has said that the efforts to get his tax returns are motivated by politics.
As he is the subject of many investigations, including ones into his business dealings, there has already been a lot of information about his finances made public. So, it is hard to say if the data from tax returns will lead to any important new discoveries.
His 2015-2020 returns are now available to a congressional committee thanks to the Treasury Department's release on Wednesday (Nov 30). The documents would not have been disclosed if the committee had promptly accessed them.
The committee does not have to share the returns with the public just because it has them.
With only a few weeks left in the current Congress's term, the move was made. After getting a narrow majority in the midterm elections on November 8, Republicans will take control of the House again in January.
The Ways and Means Committee is the committee that is looking at whether presidents are being audited properly and whether new laws are required. It might not have much time to finish its job, though.
The Democratic Party will only hold control of the House for a short time before Mr. Trump's Republicans - who won a narrow victory in last month's midterm elections - take over in January.
2019 saw the committee make its initial request for Mr. Trump's tax returns following the Democrats' takeover of the House.
Mr. Trump tried to stop US lawmakers get access to Donald Trump's tax returns from happening through the legal system, but he failed when, last week, the Supreme Court said the panel could look at his papers.


US lawmakers get access to Donald Trump's tax returns on Tuesday (Nov 29). Trump, 76, has fought for years to keep his tax returns secret and just announced last week that he will run for president again in 2024. But, it looks like his time is UP!
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