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Ukrainian Soldiers Asking For Upgraded And Modernized Tanks

Ukraine and Russia never let their hands drop down in the war. Since February 24, 2022, the two countries have been at war. Now, the Ukrainian soldiers asking for upgraded and modernized tanks.

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Ukraineand Russia never let their hands drop down in the war. Since February 24, 2022, the two countries have been at war. Now, theUkrainian soldiers asking for upgraded and modernized tanks. However, the United Kingdom and other European nations are preparing to send tanks to Ukraine to help it liberate additional land from Russia.

Current Situation In A War Zone

According to Andrew Harding, who has visited soldiers in a front-line Ukrainian tank regiment near the fiercely fought-over towns of Bakhmut and Soledar, the explosions happen every few seconds. He added that the explosions are sometimes in quick groups of six or more short blasts, and sometimes deep, long, and rib-cage-rattling, thundering across the snow-covered hills that stretch along the front lines close to Bakhmut and Soledar.
Then, we hear booms in the distance, the shorter punch of a mortar round exploding on the side of the road, and every once in a while, the freezing, fizzling whoosh of an incoming artillery round that sends us screaming for shelter on the frozen fields. This is the everyday, persistent, pounding chant of combat in the Donbas.
The Donbas is a historical, cultural, and economic region in eastern Ukraine. As a result of the Russo-Ukrainian War, two Russian separatist organizations control parts of the Donbas: the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic. Donbas is where Ukrainian and Russian artillery, rocket, and tank troops are battling it out, trading blows in a ferocious but largely inconclusive battle to break a months-long standoff.
The Ukrainian soldiers are doing their best to stay alert every second of their lives. While a Ukrainian tank unit commander named Romanwas talking to the soldiers, he said, "We have a target." So, he suddenly took off his gloves, climbed up onto the slippery, snow-covered turret of a dark green T-72 tank, and swung open a heavy steel hatch.
Vlad, a member of the crew, jumped out of a nearby foxhole to help. He had been warming his dirty hands over a new fire. A few seconds later, a US-supplied tank shell ripped out of the gun barrel with a flash of orange, going towards Russian positions on the opposite hillside, causing a massive explosion that could be heard all the way in Bakhmut across the valley.

A Plea For Western Tanks

Bogdan, a 55-year-old Ukrainian volunteer, said as he turned to pat the massive, squat Soviet-era machine behind him:
T-72s are old tanks - this one's the same age as me. I used to drive one of these nearly 40 years ago - I can't believe I'm doing it again. But it works. It does the job.
The T-72 is a Soviet/Russian main combat tank family that went into production in 1969. The T-72 evolved from the T-64, which was plagued by excessive expenses and reliance on immature developmental technologies.
On the other hand, Volodymr, another member of their three-man team, added with a quiet chuckle:
But a Leopard would be better.
The LEOPARD 2 A7's performance capability is due to an optimal combination of protection, mobility, manoeuvrability, and firing power. The LEOPARD 2's maneuverability is based on a unique collaboration between the vehicle crew and cutting-edge German technology.
According to Reuters, Ukraine requires leopard tanks in battle. This tank is claimed to be one of the best in the West. They said:
Some 20 nations operate the Leopard 2. This means several nations could each chip in some of their tanks to support Ukraine. This would also make it easier for Ukraine to manage maintenance and crew training. Nations operating the Leopard include Canada, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.
While Ukrainian forces have been taking heavy casualties in recent weeks around Bakhmut and, more particularly, during the heated battle for the nearby town of Soledar, the newsthat German-made Leopard tanks and British Challengers will be sent to the front lines here in the Donbas has been met with visible excitement.
Danylo, an officer in the 24th Mechanized Brigade who is in charge of fixing tanks, says that there were a lot of deaths. It's very sad and difficult. He said that the current standstill would not be broken until a large number of foreign tanks arrived.
There were very heavy losses. It's very pitiful. It's hard. Yes, we'll be stuck here. We need these [Western tanks] to stop Russia's aggression. With infantry, covered by tanks, we'll win for sure.
Bogdan, a Ukranian soldier mentioned earlier further added:
Leopards, Challengers, Abrams - any foreign tank is good for us! I think we need at least 300. And we need them now!
All of the Ukrainians admitted that Russia had more advanced tanks, but they were critical of their strategies. Bogdad stated:
The Russian tanks are a bit better than ours. They're fully modernised. But mostly the Russians are strong because they push forwards en masse, advancing over the bodies of their own soldiers. Our commanders care more about the lives of their crews, so we try to destroy [the enemy] while losing as few of our own men as possible.

The Strongest War Tanks Ever Constructed

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Final Thoughts

A more senior company commander of the 24th Brigade, codenamed Khan, led us to a back position, via fresh trenches excavated in the fields by specialized machinery, where several tanks were camouflaged beneath camouflage nets in a wooded area. He said:
These T-72s have proved effective in winter conditions. But they're old, and not really suited for modern warfare. These days it's all about drones and the latest technology.
Khan said he considered that it wouldn't take long for his crews to get used to the modern equipment in Europe. He mentioned: "If you're a tank driver you're already someone of above-average intelligence. They'll be able to learn and adapt quickly." Suddenly, a Russian artillery round hit the ground a few hundred meters away.
Seconds later, another one hit closer, and then another one hit even closer. This sent soldiers and reporters running for cover. Sad to say, the war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on. In reality, Ukraine and Russia do not have any diplomatic or bilateral ties with each other. We hope and pray that this war will end.
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