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TV Shows Set In The World Of Politics - Navigating The Political Arena

TV shows set in the world of politics have long been a captivating genre, offering viewers a thrilling and insightful look into the complex and dynamic realm of political power and decision-making.

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TV shows set in the world of politicshave long been a captivating genre, offering viewers a thrilling and insightful look into the complex and dynamic realm of political power and decision-making.
From political dramas to satirical comedies, these shows explore the inner workings of governments, political campaigns, and the lives of politicians and their advisors.
With their compelling storylines, intricate character dynamics, and exploration of timely political issues, these TV showsprovide a thought-provoking and often entertaining portrayal of the challenges, ambitions, and moral dilemmas faced by those navigating the political landscape.
Whether delving into the corridors of power, the pursuit of public service, or the darker underbelly of politics, TV showsset in the world of politics offer a captivating viewing experience that shines a spotlight on the complexities of governance and the human side of political leadership.

The Crown

The Crown Season 4 | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

The Netflixseries The Crown is ostensibly a dramatization of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, but it also serves as a historical survey of contemporary British prime ministers.
Several episodes of The Crown may trace their origins back to Peter Morgan's award-winning stage drama The Audience, which follows the Queen as she meets regularly with her various prime ministers.
Some of the show's most interesting moments have been the insights it has brought into our political leaders, from John Lithgow's Winston Churchill through Gillian Anderson's Margaret Thatcher to Jason Watkins' Harold Wilson.
Some of the most significant political scandalsand revolutions in contemporary British history are discussed in the program, which examines the shifting balance of power between prime ministers and the queen.

Mr. Mayor

MR. MAYOR | Official Trailer

In the movie Mr. Mayor, played by Ted Danson, a retired Los Angeles businessman wins the job of mayor and works hard to make the city and community better. But when he gets to City Hall, he quickly learns that local politics is nothing like the business he was in before, and he isn't quite ready for it.
He is able to reach for the stars and stay on track with the help of his unusual staff, deputy Arpi, and teenage daughter. Peacock has a live stream of Mr. Mayor.


Veep | Best of Selina Meyer | HBO Max

Because politicians in the United Kingdom are fond of referring to their country's "special relationship" with the United States, it is only fitting that one of the most powerful critiques of the political culture of the United States was the result of a transatlantic partnership.
Armando Iannucci, a Scottish writer and producer, came up with the idea for the show Veep, which is an abbreviation of the position of the Vice President. Iannucci came up with the idea after an effort to adapt his Westminster satire The Thick of It did not make it beyond the pilot stage.
Iannucci and his all-British writing team for The Thick of It, which included Jesse Armstrong (who later created Succession), penned the first four seasons of the show until Iannucci turned over production to David Mandel, a veteran producer who had worked on Seinfeld.
A comedic masterclass was given by Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the role of Vice President Selina Meyer, who proceeded to fail horribly over the course of seven seasons despite the fact that her advisers, staff, and crew were plotting against her and vying for power around her.

Murphy Brown

Murphy Brown Season 11 First Look | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Candice Bergen portrayed a prominent journalist who worked as an investigator for a fake newsmagazine produced by CBS called "Murphy Brown." The program parodied current events, combined fiction and reality, and even drew a condemnation from a contender for the presidency in 1992 named Dan Quayle, who condemned Bergen's character for having a kid outside of a marriage relationship.
The remark sparked a big issue during the campaign and prompted a public reaction from the show's characters. Additionally, observers have suggested that this story point prepared the way for future single mother storyline lines on "Ally McBeal," "Desperate Housewives," and "The Good Wife."
At this point, we feel obligated to bring up the comeback of the show in 2018. The program increased its focus on political topics under the Trump administration, although viewers were less interested in it than they had been in the past. Regarding the inconsequential comeback, that is all we have to say about it.

House Of Cards

House of Cards | Series Trailer [HD] | Netflix

The political thriller that first aired on the BBC in 1990 may not be as widely known as the version that Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright starred in for Netflix, but both the British original and its two sequels continue to be outstanding TV masterpieces.
An iconic anti-hero, Francis Urquhart is played by Ian Richardson, who also wrote and directed the film. Urquhart is a deceitful and Machiavellian Chief Whip who executes a huge conspiracy to become Prime Minister.
The four-part adaptation of Michael Dobbs' book that was directed by Andrew Davies features a standout performance by Richardson in the title role of the Shakespearean character who is tainted by power.
The nefarious Urquhart routinely breaches the fourth wall in the sequences that are most likely to be remembered, in order to communicate to the audience and let them in on his plans.
Unmissable political drama? You are quite capable of having that assumption; I am unable to provide any commentary on the matter.

The Thick Of It

Ben is Grilled by Jeremy Paxman | The Thick of It | BBC Studios

The gloriously foul-mouthed and skewering political comedy created by Armando Iannucci provided four seasons of laughter as it examined the world of contemporary political propagandaand increasingly stupid politicians.
Peter Capaldi's one-man quotation machine The man who broke out as the show's breakthrough star was Malcolm Tucker, who came up with increasingly absurd methods to tell other people that they are stupid on a regular basis. The omnishambles is one of his words that was even included in the 2013 edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.
But the series was about a lot more than just Tucker's creative use of cuss words; it had a lot more to offer. The unsettling realities about the egos and buffoons ruling the nation were at the core of the program, just as they were in Yes Minister. This gave the show an air of timelessness, regardless of whose political party was in power at the time.

Tanner ’88

Tanner '88 (1988) HBO promo

HBO found a way to make it happen on the eve of the 1988 Presidential election, despite the fact that it seems like something that couldn't possibly be real: a political mockumentary miniseries consisting of 11 episodes and scripted by Doonesbury's Garry Trudeau and directed by Robert Altman.
Michael Murphy gives a sublimely flawless performance as the presidential candidate Jack Tanner, and the show's concern with the absurdity of everyday campaign minutiae would have a significant impact on the development of comedy. (Veep, I'm looking at you.) Altman would go on to characterize the filming of Tanner '88 as "pure joy," stating that the film was "two-thirds scripted, and one-third found art."
Tanner '88 is one of the most mind-blowing and prophetic pieces of political television that we have ever seen, and it has now been published by the Criterion Collection. Tanner on Tanner, the subsequent installment in the Tanner film series, was directed by Robert Altman and released in 2004.

Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister

Yes, Prime Minister Best of Series 1 | BBC Comedy Greats

This cherished BBC sitcom, which was the forerunner to both The Thick of It and, by extension, Veep, mines comedy from the unlikeliest of sources. It turns out that series topics like as the sale of armaments to other nations, support for the arts, and counter spying may really provide an unexpectedly large quantity of comedic material.
The primary factor is the enormous egos that almost all politicians have, as well as the fact that these egos are often the cause of their downfall.
This concept is carried over into each and every episode of these series — one naturally following the other as cabinet minister Jim Hacker is elected as Prime Minister in the final two series of the show's run — and is brought to life in a stunning manner by veteran actors Paul Eddington (in the role of Hacker), Nigel Hawthorne (in the role of Hacker's Permanent Secretary Humphrey Appleby), and Derek Fowlds (in the role of Principal Private Secretary Bernard Woolley).


Scandal | Trailer

Binging a whole season of a show like Scandal may be quite fulfilling when the storyline relies so heavily on frustratingly dramatic cliffhangers. There's no time like the present to join the crowd that doesn't know what a Gladiator in a suit is or who is on Team Jake or Team Fitz. Lawyer and crisis management specialist Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, represents high-profile politicians and other clients in Washington, D.C., who inevitably get embroiled in controversy.
Pope is a strong figure, frequently as much of a sensational megalomaniac as her clients, and is based on real-life D.C. fixer Judy Smith (the former Bush Administration assistant who has represented people like Monica Lewinsky, Kobe Bryant, and former Senator Larry Craig). Sure, Rhimes (also the Creator of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice) uses numerous cliches in this show, such as never-ending love triangles and sudden character deaths.
In contrast, Scandal is both a breath of fresh air and a step forward in television history, featuring one of the first openly gay villains on the small screen and a black woman at the helm of a very bizarre Scooby gang (brought to us by Weeds actor Guillermo Daz, along with Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes, and Columbus Short). Scandal has everything a binge-watching show should have: comedy, sex, horror, and a killer '70s musicfor every episode.

The West Wing

A WEST WING SPECIAL Trailer (2020) HBO Max

This one established a new standard for all subsequent political talk programs on television. The famously idealistic television series created by Aaron Sorkin about the inner workings of the White House exposed the American public to "the guy the guy counts on," as the program once remarked.
Martin Sheen portrayed President Josiah "Jed" Bartlet on the program, which was written in the trademark rapid-fire language of Aaron Sorkin and starring Allison Janney, Rob Lowe, Richard Schiff, Dule Hill, Bradley Whitford, Janel Moloney, and the late John Spencer as top White House aides.
"The West Wing" received two Peabody Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and 26 Primetime Emmy Awards; it is widely regarded as one of the best and most influential television programs of all time.

People Also Ask

Popular TV shows set in the world of politics include "House of Cards," "The West Wing," "Scandal," "Veep," and "The Crown."

Are There Any TV Shows That Focus On Fictional Political Campaigns?

Yes, shows like "The Politician," "Designated Survivor," "Parks and Recreation," "Boss," and "Spin City" explore fictional political campaigns and the intricacies of running for office.

Can You Recommend TV Shows That Provide A Satirical Take On Politics?

Certainly! TV shows like "Veep," "The Thick of It," "Yes, Minister," "The Office" (UK), and "Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive" offer satirical and comedic portrayals of the world of politics.

Are There Any TV Shows That Focus On International Politics And Diplomacy?

Yes, shows like "Homeland," "Madam Secretary," "Borgen," "The Americans," and "Occupied" delve into the realm of international politics, diplomacy, and the complexities of globalrelations.

Can You Recommend TV Shows That Explore Political Scandals And Corruption?

Certainly! TV shows like "Scandal," "The Good Wife," "Billions," "The Wire," and "The Newsroom" delve into political scandals, corruption, and the ethical challenges faced by those in power.

Final Thoughts

TV shows set in the world of politics provide a captivating and illuminating glimpse into the intricate and fascinating realm of political power.
Whether through gripping dramas or satirical comedies, these shows offer a nuanced exploration of the dynamics, challenges, and ethical dilemmas faced by politicians and their advisors.
With their compelling storylines and thought-provoking narratives, they shed light on the complexities of governance, the pursuit of power, and the impact of political decisions on society.
Whether you're intrigued by the inner workings of government, interested in political campaigns, or simply fascinated by the human drama that unfolds in the political arena, TV shows set in the world of politics offer an engaging and insightful viewing experience that keeps audiences hooked from start to finish.
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