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Traveler Toilet - Perfect For Your Camping

Buses, RVs, motorhomes, and even boats can all benefit from using portable restrooms. Some even have their own tanks, enabling the toilets to operate as entirely independent sanitary systems. Why stop in every town on your upcoming road trip when you can use a comfortable, fully-functional traveler toilet just inside your recreational vehicle?

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Buses, RVs, motorhomes, and even boats can all benefit from using portable restrooms. Some even have their own tanks, enabling the toilets to operate as entirely independent sanitary systems. Why stop in every town on your upcoming road trip when you can use a comfortable, fully-functional traveler toiletjust inside your recreational vehicle?

How to Replace the Seal on Your Dometic Toilet

How To Use?

Make sure the water supply to the toilet is connected before using the traveler toilet. Turn on the water supply and look for leaks in the system. toilet flush, then look for leaks.
Follow these straightforward directions to use the traveler toilet correctly:
  • To add water to the toilet, lift or raise the flush lever until the required water level is reached. Generally speaking, flushing solids just necessitates additional water.
  • To flush the toilet, fully depress the flush lever until the toilet bowl is empty. Because different sites have varied water flow pressures, it could be necessary to hold down the flush lever for 4-8 seconds. For proper rim and bowl washing, the toilet needs to have a minimum flow of two gpm (7.6 lpm).
  • To release the flush lever, let it snap back into place so that the flush ball is positively sealed.
  • Just a little water ought to be left in the dish.
Note: Excessive water use occurs when the flush lever is held down longer than necessary.


  • Use of caustic or chlorine-containing chemicals, such as drain opener chemicals or laundry bleach, is not advised. The seals on toilets and dump valves are harmed by these compounds.
  • Forbid the flushing of foreign things such as paper towels, paper cups, diapers, sanitary napkins, etc.
  • Direct discharge into a holding tank is the only intended use for mechanical seal toilets. It is not possible to handle horizontal pipe runs like those in typical home or commercial plumbing systems.
  • The toilet bowl and flush seals need to be cleaned and winterized on a regular basis.

Traveler Toilet Parts And Traveler Toilet Seat

You can buy traveler's toilet parts and seats from Ardemco.
Here are some of the most popular traveler toilets to think about when purchasing.

Dometic Traveler Toilet 301 Short White Plastic

  • The Dometic 300 series gravity-flush toilets have a powerful triple jet action that gets rid of all waste.
  • This full-size toilet has a foot pedal that works well and is made for home use.
  • Contemporary styling that is light.
  • Residential seat size.
  • Free-standing foot pedal.
  • Price: 226 Euros
  • Buy At: Midland Chandlers

Dometic 500 Traveler Toilet Series

The 500 Series of gravity flush toilets offers home amenities including an expanded seat, an anti-splash rim, and a deep bowl. They are available in shining white or bone-colored finishes. There is a great line of toilets for boats and RVs that mount right on top of a holding tank.
Toilets from Dometic are made of extremely durable plastic and china. Since Dometic is based in the United States, you can be sure you're getting a high-quality item when you purchase a new Dometic RV toilet.
Dometic 511 series white toilet
Dometic 511 series white toilet

People Also Ask

Who Makes Traveler Toilet?

Dometic/Sealand Gravity Traveler creates toilets for travelers.

Who Makes Traveler RV Toilets?

Dometic makes traveler RV toilets.

Where Is The Model Number On A Traveler Toilet?

On the model identification label on the toilet base, the model number and serial number are written down.


For best sanitation and functional effectiveness, the traveler toilet should be cleaned frequently. It may be cleaned in the same way as a regular toilet. Caustic chemicals, like those used to open drains, should not be used because they damage the seals.
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