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Tom Cruise Split From Wives At Age 33 - Scientology Or A Mere Coincidence

Tom Cruise split from wives at age of 33; strange, but true. There have always been rumors about Tom Cruise's marriages. He has been married three times thus far, but each of those marriages ended in divorce.

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Tom Cruise split from wives at age of 33; strange, but true. There have always been rumors about Tom Cruise's marriages. He has been married three times thus far, but each of those marriages ended in divorce.
One of Hollywood's top actors, Tom Cruise, has appeared in some of the biggest blockbusters in the business. Cruise is a living icon with the honors to back him up, having appeared in movies like Risky Business, Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, and Mission Impossible.

Tom Cruise Age

Tom Cruise is a stage name for Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, an American actor, personality, and producer. Tom Cruise has a net worth of $600 million as of 2022. Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962, making him 60 years old as of 2022.

Tom Cruise Life Story

He was raised in a stable Syracuse, New York, family. He is presently a resident of Los Angeles, California, in the USA. He belongs to the American nationality and practices both Scientologyand Catholicism.
The Academy Award-winning actor was brought up Catholic and briefly enrolled in a seminary with the intention of pursuing a career as a priest. But his ambitions soon changed, and Cruise, then 18 years old, moved to New York City with the intention of becoming an actor.
While waiting for a ride, he bussed tables at a restaurant. After getting the part in the career-launching movies Risky Business and All the Right Moves, he changed his life.

Tom Cruise And Number 33

The actor's private life hasn't always been as successful, though. With significant tabloid drama surrounding each divorce, Cruise was married three times and Tom Cruise split from wives at age 33. And it's all related to his affiliation with Scientology, a way of life he firmly believes in.
Since all of Cruise's divorces had the same thing in common, some people say that his obsession with Scientology was the reason for them.
People know that Cruise has a tense relationship with the Church of Scientology, and some think that this may have something to do with the fact that the number 33 is bad luck for anyone who marries the actor.
33 is a significant number in Scientology and is known as the "Master Teacher," according to the New York Daily News, and it represents generosity.
A former Scientologist who was speaking with HuffPost claimed, "33 is referred to as the "Master Teacher" number. It stands for generosity and boosts your pleasant vibes. It is related to the ability of love to heal.
Tom Cruise wearing a suit with red background of scientology
Tom Cruise wearing a suit with red background of scientology

Tom Cruise First Wife Mimi

After a number of relationships, including an encounter with Cher in the 1980s, Cruise wed Mimi Rogers, his first wife, in 1987. Even though their relationship was short-lived, Cruise would feel the effects for the rest of his life.
He was entrapped by the influence of Mimi Rogers, a Scientologist. The actor was introduced to Scientology by Rogers. When Rogers was 33, the couple announced their separation, which on the surface doesn't seem all that unusual. But unexpected coincidences in the future began to line up.
Actress Mimi Rogers, who became Cruise's first wife in 1987, was 30 years old at the time. When Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers, the ex-wife of Scientologist Jim Rogers, got married, he was 24 years old.
It is thought that only Rogers, who was six years senior to Cruise and was a Top Gun actor, was able to get Cruise interested in Scientology. The couple announced their divorce on January 16, 1990, when Rogers was 33 years old, only a few days before his 28birthday on the 27th of the same month.

Tom Cruise Second Wife, Nicole Kidman

Actress Nicole Kidman, who was 23 at the time she wed her co-star on the eve of Christmas in 1990, was second in line to marry Tom Cruise. In addition to adopting Isabella and Connor, they had two more children during their ten years of marriage.
Just a few months after they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, their agent made the announcement of their separation in February 2001.
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman holding their adopted children
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman holding their adopted children
Nicole Kidman didn't join the Scientology religion. She came from a strong RomanCatholic home and was already a practicing Christian. She was labeled a "suppressive person" by the Scientologists, and she undoubtedly experienced a great deal of anxiety because David Miscavige's wife, their leader, had been "lost" for years. She has not been found.
Nicole was saddened to learn that Tom had abandoned her. She had a sincere marriage and was deeply in love with Tom. She took fetal tissue with her when she left to show that her miscarriage was not caused by an extramarital relationship. It was Tom's DNA in the fetus.
Tom still won't publicly reveal the reason he split from Nicole, only that "she understands why." It is generally accepted that she is aware of the past as a suppressive person. There aren't many individuals who think she was unfaithful. It doesn't fit with the Australian rural Catholic girl, so that can't be believed. Her age didn't seem to matter.
Nicole said,
I got married very young. I married an extremely powerful man to keep me from being sexually harassed.
In essence, she got married to Tom Cruise and stayed with him for 11 years in order to avoid sexual harassment in Hollywood when she was younger. Hollywood's Tom Cruise was the consolation prize for halting the Hollywood Harvey Weinsteins.

Tom Cruise Third Wife, Katie Holmes

Who can ever forget Cruise screaming his love for Katie Holmes while jumping on Oprah's couch? In 2006, this odd couple tied the knot and gave birth to a daughter. But just like his first two marriages, this one also ended in divorce. When the pair parted ways, Holmes was 33 years old.
When Katie Holmes was a teenager, she fell in love with Tom. On the wall of her bedroom was a poster of him. Suri, his first biological child, was carried to term by her. He publicly declared his love for her.
After nearly six years of marriage, Holmes ultimately filed for divorce in 2012. She allegedly made calls about the divorce on a throwaway phone and hired three law firms in three different states to hide her plans from Cruise and his staff.
Her father was only aware of her preparations, which she made in order to leave Tom in secrecy. Because she believed that her phone was being tapped, she used disposable phones that she bought from the post office. She was constantly followed and lived with members of the Scientology staff. She had no time to herself.
Katie's father was and is a lawyer, which is fortunate for her. He controlled the whole escape. She took the child, and Tom didn't say anything about custody no matter how many threats she made.
Katie surprised the Church of Scientology by managing everything outside of their purview, despite their insistence that divorces be handled internally. Holmes' close friends revealed that she was worried that Cruise may kidnap Suri and that the Church of Scientology would intimidate her when she announced her divorce.
Tom Cruise with his biological daughter Suri Cruise
Tom Cruise with his biological daughter Suri Cruise
The rumors suggested that Cruise "was intending to ship their daughter Suri off to Sea Org," despite the fact that nothing has been established. In the end, Holmes was given primary custody of her daughter Suri, who was then 6 years old, and Cruise was given visitation privileges.
Oddly, though, she made a vow to Cruise in their divorce deal that she would not date anybody else publicly for five years. This may be why she kept her relationship with actor Jamie Foxx under wraps for such a long time.
After her divorce, Katie re-established herself in a new apartment in New York, made her daughter her top priority, and started the incredibly satisfying process of remaking herself. She didn't want to recreate such a scenario ever again because being married to Tom Cruise had nearly completely taken over her life.
It was believed that fear, not age, was what the final two wives had in common. Scientology was the root of their fear.

People Also Ask

How Many Ex-wives Does Tom Cruise Have?

Tom Cruise has three ex-wives. Although his three marriages to Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes were all extremely different from one another and all ended in divorce, there is a peculiar similarity between the three.

Why Did Nicole And Tom Separate?

It has been widely stated that Kidman's refusal to join the Church of Scientology as devotedly as her husband did contributed to Cruise and Kidman's acrimonious divorce in 2001.

What Does Tom Cruise Say About Suri?

Suri is now 16 years old, and in April 2019, it was reported that Tom still fervently desires to be involved in his daughter's life. According to a source close to him, he still adores his child, despite how difficult things have become for them. He is constantly thinking of her.


The fact that the Hollywood A-lister actor, Tom Cruise split from wives at age 33 and divorced each of his spouses at the same age could have been a complete coincidence.
However, given Cruise's long-standing adherence to his religious convictions, which are said to have played a significant role in the breakups, there may have been some intentionality in having his relationships end exactly at that point.
Cruise never had another marriage. The 58-year-old actor was romantically associated with his 38-year-old Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell, as of December 2020.
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