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Time Traveller From 2075 Reveals When World War III Will Take Place And More

A time traveller from 2075 reveals when World War III will take place and more. Time travel has always been a popular topic in science fiction, but many people have wondered if it's actually possible. While there's no clear answer, some have claimed to have had experiences with time travel.

Author:Xander Oddity
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Apr 05, 2023179 Shares2.7K Views
A time traveller from 2075 reveals when World War III will take place and more. Time travelhas always been a popular topic in science fiction, but many people have wondered if it's actually possible. While there's no clear answer, some have claimed to have had experiences with time travel.
Michael Phillips, a self-proclaimed time traveler, claims to have traveled to various dates and witnessed future events. He describes his involvement with a secret department and time-travel technology, as well as some of the future events he's seen, including a limited nuclear exchange and advancements in space exploration.
However, skeptics remain unconvinced and have criticized his claims. Let's explore whether time travel is possibleand examine Michael Phillips' claims in more detail.

Time Traveller From 2075 Reveals When World War III Will Take Place And More

Michael Phillips is a social media influencer who has made headlines after claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2075. His videos have garnered a lot of attention due to his claims of knowledge about the future, including when World WarIII will take place and other significant events.
Phillips first appeared on social media in early 2020, where he shared his story about being recruited into a top-secret army unit called Section 18. He claims that the department had developed a time machine, which he was tasked to test.
The time machine, which resembled an eight-foot spheroid, was powered by two micro C neurologists that created a gravimetric distortion to tear a hole in time-space. This technology allowed Phillips to travel through time to various periods, including the future, where he witnessed many significant events.

Section 18 And Time Travel Technology

Michael Phillips, a former army recruit, once worked with a secret department known as Section 18, which recruited him to participate in an experimental time-travel program. After undergoing a thorough briefing, Michael was introduced to a time machine that looked like an eight-foot spheroid.
The machine utilized two micro C neurologists to create a gravimetric distortion that tore a hole in the time-space, allowing the person inside to travel through time.
Michael had a series of missions that took him through different periods of history. On one mission, he was able to witness future events. He saw how space exploration had advanced towards mining asteroids and moons, and how trillionaires in the future owned their own space stations and were powerful people.
Michael also saw how humans had buildings and cars in the sky, and that the use of limited nuclear weapons in a war was a possible future event in the mid to late 2020s. He also witnessed a devastating earthquake in California followed by changes in political leadership.

Time-traveling UFOs Exist And Earth In 2075 Is Polluted

While on his time-travel missions, Michael saw that UFOs can jump through space and time. He also witnessed how Earth in 2075 was polluted, and there were major changes happening. Michael saw that limited nuclear exchange occurred in March 2019 involving North Korea and the USA. The exchange occurred when North Korea attempted to launch a nuclear missile at Honolulu, USA, and the USA retaliated by launching two cruise missiles at Pyongyang, taking out King John Burton.

Utilizing Dual Positive Singularities Creates A Space-Time Distortion

Michael also saw that the craft that he was traveling in used a white sphere and energy force to create a metric distortion. Graph magic wave outside the sphere quickly transported him to the location in space that he needed to be. Michael had also met friendly people in a futuristic time, but he needed an implant to understand their language. He saw that humans had buildings and cars in the sky.

Time Travel History And Its Consequences

According to Michael's experiences, time travel was invented and perfected in 1935. However, attempts to change historical events through time travel were unsuccessful and made things worse. It is possible that altering the past can create a chain reaction of events that lead to catastrophic results.

Time Traveler From 2075 Reveals WWIII Details

Michael Phillips Clarifies Previous Video And Addresses Criticisms

In his updated video, Michael Phillips addresses criticisms of his previous claims and provides additional information about his experiences as a time traveler.
Phillips begins by acknowledging the widespread media attention his previous video received and thanking his viewers for their support. However, he also acknowledges that his claims were met with skepticism and criticism from some quarters.
Phillips spends some time discussing the specific criticisms that have been leveled against him. One common criticism is that he has provided no concrete evidence to support his claims of time travel.
In response, Phillips suggests that such evidence would be difficult to provide given the nature of his experiences. He argues that the very fact that he is able to provide verifiable information about future events is itself evidence of his claims.
Another criticism that Phillips addresses is the suggestion that he is simply a skilled hoaxer or performance artist. Phillips rejects this interpretation of his work, arguing that he has no motive to deceive people and that his claims are backed up by his personal experiences.
He admits that he does not fully understand the science behind his time travel experiences, but he insists that he is telling the truth.
Despite these criticisms, Phillips remains steadfast in his belief that he has traveled through time and witnessed future events. He describes some of these events in detail, including the election of Michael Macintosh as President of the United States and Elon Musk's efforts to reach Mars.
He also provides some additional information about the future, including the possibility that Kanye West may run for president in 2024.
Overall, Michael Phillips' latest video provides a more detailed account of his experiences as a time traveler and offers some responses to the criticisms that have been leveled against him.
Whether or not his claims are true remains a matter of debate, but his videos continue to attract attention and interest from a wide range of viewers.

Time Traveler From 2075 Reveals WWIII Details (Part 2)

Theoretical Possibilities Of Time Travel

Let's explore the theoretical possibilities and challenges of time travel, and whether it is scientifically possible.

General Relativity

According to Einstein's theory of General Relativity, time travel may be possible. This theory suggests that time is relative and can be influenced by gravity.
It states that if an object is able to travel at the speed of light or near it, time will slow down for that object. Therefore, if a person were to travel in a spacecraft at near-light speed, they would experience time more slowly than someone on Earth. This concept is known as time dilation.


Another theoretical possibility for time travel is the use of wormholes. Wormholes are theoretical tunnels through space-time that could potentially allow for faster-than-light travel and time travel.
Scientists have yet to discoverany evidence of their existence, but many believe they could be a key to unlocking the secrets of the universe.

Black Holes

Black holes are another area of scientific research that could potentially provide a way for time travel. These massive objects have a strong gravitational pull that can distort time and space.
While entering a black hole could prove deadly, it is believed that the intense gravitational pull could potentially warp time and space, creating a time loop that could allow for time travel.

People Also Ask

Is Time Travel Possible?

The concept of time travel has been explored in science fiction for decades. While there are ongoing scientific studies, it is currently not possible to travel through time.

What Are The Consequences Of Altering History Through Time Travel?

Altering history through time travel can create a chain reaction of events that lead to catastrophic results.

Are There Any Known Cases Of Time Travel?

There are no confirmed cases of time travel, but there are many reported cases of people claiming to have traveled through time. Can Time Travel Be Used To Prevent Catastrophic Events?
While it is possible in theory, altering history through time travel can have unforeseen consequences, making it a risky endeavor.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Time Travel?

Time travel could be used to better understand history, explore new scientific discoveries, and potentially prevent catastrophic events. However, it is important to consider the potential consequences before pursuing this technology further.


Michael Phillips, the time traveller from 2075 reveals when World War III will take place and more. His experiences shed light on the potential of time travel and the impact it could have on the future.
While his experiences may seem like science fiction, there is ongoing research into the possibilities of time travel. However, it is essential to consider the consequences of altering history before pursuing this technology further.
Time travel remains a fascinating and intriguing topic that has captured the imagination of people for centuries.
While there are theoretical possibilities for time travel, there are also significant challenges that make it unlikely to become a reality anytime soon. However, as our understanding of the universe continues to evolve, who knows what discoveries the future may hold?
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