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Tiktoker With Split Tongue Leaves The Internet Baffled With How She Eats Food

A Tiktoker with split tongue leaves the internet baffled with how she eats food. Discover the extraordinary world of a TikToker with a split tongue. Explore her astonishing techniques and the viral sensation surrounding her dining experiences.

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In the realm of body modification, there are individuals who push the boundaries of what society considers conventional. One such case that has recently garnered widespread attention is that of a Tiktoker.
ATiktoker with split tongue leaves the internet baffled with how she eats food. This extraordinary phenomenon raises questions not only about the limits of body modification but also about the intricacies of human adaptability and personal choice.

Tongue Splitting As A Form Of Body Modification

Body modification has been a part of human culture for millennia, with individuals seeking unique ways to express themselves, challenge societal norms, or simply enhance their physical appearance. One of the more extreme and visually striking forms of body modification is tongue splitting.
This surgical procedure, which divides the tongue into two separate entities, has garnered attention both for its unique aesthetics and its controversial nature. In this section, we will delve into the world of tongue splitting, examining its history, the procedure itself, its significance within the body modification community, and the associated risks and controversies.

A Brief History Of Tongue Splitting

Tongue splitting, also known as "bifurcation," is not a recent phenomenon. The practice can be traced back to various indigenous cultures that utilized it as a rite of passage, spiritual transformation, or as a means of enhancing sensory perception. These cultures often viewed the split tongue as a symbol of duality, balance, or a connection with nature.
In contemporary Western society, tongue splitting emerged as a form of body modification in the latter half of the 20th century. It gained popularity within subcultures that embraced extreme forms of self-expression, such as the body modification and body art communities. Today, tongue splitting remains a highly niche and unconventional practice, often performed by trained professionals within specialized studios.

The Procedure

Tongue splitting is a surgical procedure that transforms the tongue into a forked or snake-like appearance. Here's a step-by-step overview of how the procedure is typically performed:
  • Consultation -The process begins with a consultation between the individual seeking the modification and a professional body modifier or oral surgeon. During this consultation, the risks, benefits, and desired outcome of the procedure are discussed.
  • Anesthesia -Local anesthesia is administered to numb the tongue and reduce pain during the surgery. In some cases, conscious sedation or general anesthesia may be used for comfort and to prevent movement during the procedure.
  • Incision -The surgeon or body modifier uses a scalpel to make a vertical incision along the center of the tongue. The length of the incision varies depending on the desired level of splitting, typically ranging from a partial split to a full split.
  • Tongue Separation -After the incision is made, specialized clamps or surgical instruments are used to separate the two halves of the tongue. Care is taken to ensure the incision is even and symmetrical.
  • Suturing -To maintain the separation, sutures or dissolvable stitches are placed along the incision site. The number and type of sutures used depend on the individual's healing process and the surgeon's preference.
  • Aftercare -Post-surgery care is crucial to minimize complications and promote proper healing. Individuals are advised to follow specific oral hygiene routines, avoid certain foods, and refrain from activities that could strain the tongue.

Body Modification Community And Split Tongues

Tongue splitting holds a unique place within the body modification community. It represents a form of self-expression that challenges conventional norms of beauty and appearance. For those who undergo the procedure, it can serve as a way to embrace individuality and assert control over their bodies.
Within the body modification subculture, tongue splitting is viewed as an art form, with practitioners specializing in various techniques and aesthetics. Some individuals choose to embellish their split tongues with tattoos, piercings, or other modifications, further personalizing their appearance.

Tongue Splitting Surgery Risks And Complications

As with any form of body modification, tongue splitting is not without risks and controversies. It's essential to understand the potential consequences associated with the procedure:
  • Infection -Infection is a significant concern during the healing process. The mouth is home to many bacteria, and an open wound in this area can lead to complications if proper hygiene is not maintained.
  • Pain and Swelling -Post-surgery pain and swelling are common and can be quite intense. Discomfort can persist for several weeks during the healing process.
  • Speech Impediments -Tongue splitting can potentially alter an individual's speech, causing difficulties with pronunciation or articulation. This is one of the reasons why thorough consultations and aftercare are essential.
  • Nerve Damage -The procedure carries the risk of nerve damage, which can lead to altered sensation in the tongue or even partial loss of sensation.
  • Legal and Ethical Concerns -Legal regulations regarding tongue splitting vary by location. In some places, the procedure is performed only by licensed medical professionals, while in others, it may fall into a legal gray area. The ethical dimension centers on informed consent and the role of medical practitioners in performing such modifications.
A woman showing her split tongue
A woman showing her split tongue

Tiktoker Showing Unique Eating Habits With A Split Tongue In A Video

After releasing a straightforward video, a Tiktoker with split tongue leaves the internet baffled with how she eats food. The moment Vii Duquetteposted a video of herself eating on TikTok, users couldn't believe what they were seeing.
Noodles on a fork may not sound exciting, but Vii has a split tongue and she demonstrated how each side can be used individually. Right now, if you try to move your tongue, it probably just feels like a blob of muscle.
Splitting your tongue in half is a form of oral body modification known as tongue splitting. To give the tongue a "forked" appearance, it is typically done towards the tip or, in rare cases, nearer the middle.
Everyone's motivations for desiring to split their tongues are unique. Some people choose a particular appearance merely for aesthetic reasons, to establish their self-identity, and other reasons.
The tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Florida, has succeeded in perfecting the use of her new tongue, though. One user on TikTok commented, "I wasn't prepared in the SLIGHTEST."
Another added, "That's one of the deepest splits I've seen."A third wrote, "I never realized those split tongues could grasp things like that. That does look fun."
Vii has been candid about the experience of having the operation done on her website. She had to keep reminding herself that the body moderator was only slicing open her tongue, similar to a piercing.
She claimed:
The whole process was a lot simpler than I expected and it only took 15min. The sutures in the very back were the worst of them all. 2/10 pain for the split. I was lucky. I've personally had much worse dental procedures so I guess I was a lot more prepared than I thought.- Vii Duquette
It is NOT for the faint-hearted. She posted some rather gruesome pictures of what her tongue looked like after the treatment.
Vii said:
I do still have my frenulum, it goes to my right side. Shawn said with my length and how deep my split is, there was no reason to remove it. However, I asked about this after it was done. I was so nervous I forgot to bring it up before we started, so that's my bad. Although, I wonder if that's why the pain wasn't as bad as expected. I had my sutures in for 7 days. Even though the pain wasn't bad, it's still an intense healing experience.- Vii Duquette
She claimed that following the procedure, her tongue began to swell and she began to drool profusely. Even though the tongue seemed somewhat bruised after 24 hours, she still felt relatively little pain.
She remarked at the time, "Like it's fine but I'll get random lil stabs or throbbing feeling and that'll make it go up but it's quick. I can also feel my teeth digging into the bottom. I can also feel a bit of the sutures. I can close my mouth, but hardly."
The sutures were removed after a week, and the edema significantly decreased. It didn't take her long to figure out how to move them and begin trying to move them on her own.

The Wider Context And Controversy

While this woman's extraordinary eating abilities may appear as a testament to human adaptability and the wonders of body modification, they also ignite debates about the limits of self-expression and the potential risks involved. Some argue that extreme body modifications like tongue splitting may have long-term health consequences, including speech impediments, nerve damage, or complications during surgical procedures.
Moreover, society's perception of such modifications can vary significantly. While some celebrate them as a form of personal freedom and artistic expression, others view them with skepticism or even aversion. It's essential to acknowledge that individual choices regarding body modification are deeply personal and subjective.
Vii Duquette showing her split tongue
Vii Duquette showing her split tongue

Ethical And Health Considerations

Medical professionals often express concerns about the safety and long-term consequences of such procedures. Infections, scarring, and nerve damage are among the potential risks that individuals must carefully consider.
Surgeons have cautioned that those who intentionally split their tongues put their health at severe danger. To produce a forked, lizard-like effect, the tongue is split in half during the process.
However, according to specialists, there was a chance of considerable blood loss, infection, nerve injury, and difficulties breathing and swallowing. They also mentioned the potential risks associated with tongue and lip piercings, such as tooth fractures and gum damage.
The health organizations also cautioned against getting oral piercings, such as those on the lips and tongue. These include mouth sores, tooth fractures, gum disease, infections, and swelling that can impair breathing.
One in five lip piercings and more than half of tongue piercings carried out on individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 are thought to cause difficulties.
Additionally, the ethical dimension of body modification revolves around informed consent and the role of medical practitioners. Some argue that medical professionals should be cautious about performing body modification procedures and should prioritize the well-being and safety of their patients.


The specific woman mentioned in recent newsarticles about a split tongue is Vii Duquette.

Are There Health Risks Associated With Tongue Splitting?

Yes, tongue splitting carries health risks, including infection, scarring, nerve damage, and complications during surgery, as reported by health experts.

What Are Some Unique Eating Habits Of People With Split Tongues?

People with split tongues may have unique eating habits, including dual tasting, precision grasping, divided consumption, and efficient chewing, allowing them to enjoy food in distinct ways.

How Do People Learn To Eat With A Split Tongue?

Individuals with split tongues often adapt and learn to eat with their modified tongues over time through practice and experimentation.

What Is The Public Opinion On Extreme Body Modifications Like Tongue Splitting?

Public opinion on extreme body modifications varies widely, with some celebrating them as forms of personal freedom and artistic expression, while others express skepticism or aversion.
The legality of tongue splitting surgeries varies by location, and there may be legal regulations or restrictions in some regions.

Do Split Tongues Affect Speech?

Split tongues can potentially affect speech, causing speech impediments or alterations. This is one of the risks associated with the procedure.

What Are Some Other Examples Of Body Modifications?

Body modification includes a wide range of practices, such as tattoos, piercings, scarification, and implants, among others.

Can Split Tongues Be Reversed Or Undone?

Reversing a split tongue is possible through surgical procedures, although it may not always be straightforward, and there can be complications involved. It's essential to consult with a medical professional if considering reversal.


Tiktoker with split tongue leaves the internet baffled with how she eats food. This serves as a striking example of the diverse ways individuals express themselves through body modification. Her extraordinary abilities raise questions about the boundaries of self-expression, the risks associated with extreme modifications, and the role of medical professionals in these procedures.
While the shock and fascination surrounding her eating habits may linger, it's important to approach such topics with empathy and an understanding of the deeply personal choices individuals make to express their identities. In the end, the woman's story serves as a reminder of the human capacity for adaptation and the complex interplay between personal choice, societal norms, and the pursuit of individuality.
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