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Dick Run Claire - The Female Artist Who Draws Dicks Using Running Applications

Who is the female artist who draws dicks using running applications? Introducing Claire, the woman behind the worldwide phenomenon of "dick running." For over three years, Claire has been using running apps to sketch out phallic shapes through the streets of various cities in the US.

Author:Xander Oddity
Reviewer:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Mar 20, 2023
Who isthe female artist who draws dicks using running applications? Introducing Claire, the woman behind the worldwide phenomenon of "dick running." For over three years, Claire has been using running apps to sketch out phallic shapes through the streets of various cities in the US.
What started as an accident on Thanksgiving 2015, has now turned into a creative hobby that has gained attention from around the globe. Claire talks about how she got started with this unique hobby, the challenges she faces, and her vision for the future.

Dick Run Claire - The Female Artist Who Draws Dicks Using Running Applications

Dick Run Claire, whose real name is Claire Wyckoff, is a runner and artist who creates phallic-shaped routes using GPS-tracking apps like Nike+ and Strava.
Claire, who goes by the username @dick_run_claire on Instagram, is a 33-year-old womanfrom New Jersey who has gained internet fame for drawing phallic shapes through her running routes.
She has gained a following on social media platforms like Instagram, where she shares her maps with 53,000 followers.
Claire has also expanded her creative horizons to include "twat trots" and has been trying to map out the perfect vagina-shaped route.

The Accidental Start To "Dick Running"

Claire had no intention of becoming the mastermind behind "dick running." It all started with a mistake on Thanksgiving 2015 when she got lost while running in Kansas City. After tracing her route back, she realized it resembled the outline of an erect phallus on her GPS tracker.
This was the birth of her Instagram handle, @dick_run_claire, where she posts her creatively-drawn running routes.
“I love looking for dick run routes,” Claire says, “I just love running: it’s my favorite way to get a workout in—and drawing a giant dick across a town is really just a bonus.”

From Dicks To "Twat Trots"

Claire's Instagram page is filled with a variety of phallic shapes that have been drawn through her carefully-plotted running circuits.
She has become a self-proclaimed "master" at spotting penises on a map, but she is now expanding her creative horizons to include "twat trots."
This transition hasn't been easy, as she points out that it's challenging to map out a vagina shape due to the lack of converging roads. Despite this, Claire has managed to create several twat trots and has even received requests to create boobs.
Gps running record path shaped like a vagina
Gps running record path shaped like a vagina

Claire's Creative Process And Challenges

Creating these phallic shapes requires a lot of planning and attention to detail. She uses running apps to plot out her routes and follows them diligently to avoid ruining the drawing.
Claire has become a master at spotting penises on a map, but creating detailed routes can be challenging. She has to carefully plan out each turn and make sure she doesn't miss a step or risk ruining the drawing.
"It's actually kind of tough—especially the more detailed routes, like the ones with hands—and the worst is when I get caught up in a run, miss a turn, and ruin the drawing. Then I have to go back and do it again later," she says.
However, there are times when she gets caught up in the run and misses a turn, forcing her to redo the drawing later. This creative process can be demanding, but it has also helped her discovernew running routes and kept her motivated to continue running.
Another challenge Claire faces is finding locations that lend themselves to phallic shapes. "Obviously city grid systems are easy to come up with a drawing, but the best are the smaller towns and neighborhoods.
Not a lot of roads converge to a vagina shape," she notes. But this hasn't stopped her from expanding her creative horizons to include "twat trots" and other creative shapes.
Despite the challenges, Claire finds creating these routes to be a fun and rewarding hobby. "It’s fun planning them and it gets me out there on days that I would otherwise skip a run," she says. "
And you can do it literally anywhere. All you need is a keen eye!” And with a growing following on social media, it seems that many people agree with her.

Expanding The Dick Running Phenomenon

Claire's dick-running hobby has not only gained her a large following on Instagram, but it has also inspired others to give it a try. As she continues to share her phallic routes with the world, more and more people are joining in on the fun and creating their own dick runs.
In fact, Claire has even inspired a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to the art of dick running. They share their own routes and experiences with each other, creating a supportive and fun environment for anyone interested in trying out this unique hobby.
However, it's not always easy for Claire to create her elaborate dick runs. She spends a significant amount of time planning out her routes, often using online mapping tools to plot out the perfect phallic shape.
She also has to carefully time her runs to ensure that she stays on track and doesn't accidentally ruin her design by missing a turn or running off course.
Despite these challenges, Claire remains passionate about her hobby and is always looking for new and creative ways to expand the dick-running phenomenon.
She has already started experimenting with new designs, including twat trots and even requests for boobs, and has set her sights on creating phallic shapes in all 50 US states.
This has led her to wonder how many road dicks exist in this world. Claire's biggest dick run was 14 miles long and was completed while she was training for a marathon in Vermont
Through her dedication and creativity, Claire has turned a simple accident into a worldwide phenomenon that has captured the imaginations of people around the globe.
"I encourage anyone and everyone to give the sport a go," she says. "Obviously city grid systems are easy to come up with a drawing, but the best are the smaller towns and neighborhoods. All you need is a keen eye!"

People Also Ask

How Has Claire's Hobby Impacted Her Life Outside Of Running?

In addition to providing a fun and creative way to stay in shape, Claire's dick-running hobby has also brought her a significant following on social media and has allowed her to connect with others who share her sense of humor and love for fitness. It has also inspired her to set new goals, such as completing a phallic shape in each of the 50 US states.

Has Claire Received Any Negative Feedback Or Criticism For Her Dick-running Hobby?

While some people may find Claire's hobby to be vulgar or offensive, she has not reported receiving much negative feedback or criticism. In fact, she has gained a significant following on Instagram and has inspired others to try their hand at creating their own phallic routes.

Is Dick Run Claire A Charity Event?

No, Dick Run Claire is not a charity event. It is a personal hobby of Claire's that has gained popularity on social media.

Are There Any Other Artists Or Athletes Who Use GPS Technology To Create Art Or Unique Routes?

Yes, there are other athletes and artists who use GPS technology to create unique running or cycling routes. Some even create large-scale designs visible from space! Examples include the "Ride for Pride" cycling event in Australia and the "You Are Not Alone" running route in the UK.


Claire,the female artist who draws dicks using running applications,has taken the world by storm. From an accidental start to a worldwide phenomenon, she has managed to turn running into an art form.
Her creativity, attention to detail, and determination to continue running have inspired many to give it a try. Her vision for the future is to create phallic shapes in all 50 US states, and who knows, maybe even expand her creative horizons to include more "twat trots" and "boobs."
The possibilities are endless, and with Claire's keen eye and passion for running, we're sure to see more creative routes in the future.
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