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Thailand Warship Capsizes Leaving 31 Sailors Missing, Rescue Operation Continues

Thailand warship capsizes leaving 31 sailors missing. The Thai navy says that during a storm, a warship with more than 100 crew members broke apart and sank in the Gulf of Thailand, leaving 31 service members missing.

Author:Morgan Maverick
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Dec 19, 2022
Thailand warship capsizes leaving 31 sailors missing. The Thai navy says that during a storm, a warship with more than 100 crew members broke apart and sank in the Gulf of Thailand, leaving 31 service members missing.
The HTMS Sukhothai sank after water filled its electrical controls. The navy posted pictures of some of the sailors who made it out alive in a life raft. Thailand warship capsizes leaving 31 sailors missing.
Authorities said that they had saved 75 sailors, but 31 remained missing in choppy waters. According to a military spokeswoman, "We will keep looking," The search for survivors continued on Monday with air force support after search teams worked all night.
The navy also revealed that it would look into what caused the accident. Admiral Pogkrong Monthardpalin, a spokesman for the force:
This has almost never happened in our force's history, especially to a ship that is still in active use.- Admiral Pogkrong Monthardpalin
The navy tweeted a video of the crew members being treated after being rescued and being wrapped in blankets. Some patients were being evacuated to hospitals.
Other pictures showed Sukhothai crew members in a life raft after they jumped from the sinking ship. An unnamed crew member claimed he spent several hours in the sea before being rescued.
In a video clip that was broadcast on regional media, he claimed, "The waves were quite high, about three metres when the ship sank,"he said in a clip shared on local media. "I put on the life jacket and jumped. I swam for three hours."
According to officials, the ship sank after absorbing water, which swamped its hull and shut down its power room. The crew struggled to maintain control of the ship after the power went out, and it leaned to one side before sinking at 23:30 local time on Sunday (16:30 GMT).
The ship was trapped in the storm as it was on a patrol 32 kilometers (20 miles) east of Bang Saphan in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. On the Thai Navy's Twitter account, dramatic pictures of the ship going over on its side and rescue ships searching for survivors in rough water were posted.
Only the HTMS Kraburi managed to reach the ship before it sank, despite the fact that three naval ships and helicopters were dispatched to help.


Thailand warship capsizes leaving 31 sailors missing. After one of its warships sank in rough seas while on patrol in the Gulf of Thailand, the Thai navy started a major search and rescue operation on Monday to find and save dozens of missing servicemen.
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