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Testicle Bath Birth Control - The Best Way Of Having Sex Without Worries

How far would you go to remove the burden of contraception for the lady in your life? COSO, a new device, is being developed to achieve just that. The goal of this creation, according to its designer, is to empower males to make decisions about contraception. Testicle bath birth control as it is comonly known is a reality right now and we will offer all the details.

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How far would you go to remove the burden of contraception for the lady in your life?
COSO, a new device, is being developed to achieve just that. The goal of this creation, according to its designer, is to empower males to make decisions about contraception.
Testicle bath birth controlas it is comonly known is a reality right now and we will offer all the details.
According to the creator, Rebecca Weiss, this approach is a "ultrasound-based, reversible, and hormone-free male contraceptive device for home use that temporarily changes spermatogenesis."
Some women's conventional contraceptives rely on hormones to work, which can have negative side effects. Oestrogen and progestogen hormones are found in several pills, such as the combined oral contraceptive pill.
"Oestrogen inhibits the release of an egg by the ovaries. "The progestogen thickens the cervical mucus, preventing sperm from passing into the uterus," Contraception explains.
Headaches, breast discomfort, nausea, and spotting between periods are all side effects of the pill.
Even more alarming According to the Sydney Morning Herald, "a Danish research of a million women has identified a correlation between the use of hormonal contraception like the pill and an increased risk of depression."

How It Works

A Banana, Grapefruit And A Condom
A Banana, Grapefruit And A Condom
The user fills the device with water up to the recommended mark, which is determined by a doctor based on the size of the user's testicles.
After that, the water is brought to operational temperature. COSO is ready to be treated with ultrasonography.
To placing the testicles in the gadget, the user spreads his legs and sits down. For a few minutes, the ultrasound procedure continues.
The COSO app can show you how much time is left in real time. The device automatically turns off after the treatment.
The COSO's technology is based on a Parsemus Foundation study from 2012, in which successful ultrasonic contraceptive research was undertaken.
The treatment has only been used on animals so far. As a result, the technical parameters are assumed to be transmitted to humans.

Design Process

A Testicle Bath Birth Control Device
A Testicle Bath Birth Control Device
New technologies can only succeed if users and society accept them. As a result, my design process focused on user approval.
A survey on male contraception was undertaken with 422 participants to assess user needs.
Male users between the ages of 20 and 30 who were in stable relationships were recruited for 25 Co-Design sessions based on this.
During the workshops, user criteria were defined as a foundation for creating the device.
In addition, individuals were invited to sketch an ultrasonic equipment based on their own imaginations. After that, the sketches were grouped together and turned into conceptions.
Following that, professionals in urology, andrology, sexual therapy, psychology, and research examined the approaches from a professional standpoint.
After sketching out the form, ergonomic prototypes were created out of paper and cardboard to evaluate the proportions on various test subjects.
The prototype was then evaluated by a urologist for the largest common testicular size and the shape was tailored to the testicular structure.
A comprehensive CAD model was created for the final design. Colors and materials were defined and assessed with users as a last phase.
In order to communicate the project uniformly, brand values, COSO-App, and Website were built.

How It Is Different

A Depiction Of Testicle Bath Birth Control Device
A Depiction Of Testicle Bath Birth Control Device
The condom and the permanent vasectomy are the only two proven means of contraception for males.
For a variety of reasons, research-based contraceptive methods for males have failed to catch on. Due to its significant adverse effects, the male contraceptive pill trial failed.
Other methods, such as Vasalgel, which uses injections to block the vas deferens, the surgical Sperm-switch-valve as an implant, and contraceptive pants, in which the testicles are slid into the abdomen, have failed.
They all failed, according to my investigation, due to a lack of user-friendliness. COSO, on the other hand, is a user-friendly contraceptive method that requires no physical intervention, pain, or previously recognized negative effects.
By incorporating the user's perspective, a high level of user approval can be obtained, as evidenced by favorable feedback and strong interest.

Future Plans

A Depiction Of Testicle Bath Birth Control Method
A Depiction Of Testicle Bath Birth Control Method
The short-term development steps of COSO include a functional prototype to test the technical feasibility with the required components.
In addition, the creation of a high-fidelity full-scale prototype is targeted. In order to launch COSO as a contraceptive, it needs financial support for clinical trials. This requires contacts in research or to industrial partners.
Without valid data, the project cannot be realised. It is therefore important to give the project attention and space.
Here comes a user-centered solution to make a difference in the current contraception situation. COSO has the potential to offer socially relevant added value


A Man Thinking About Testicle Bath Birth Control
A Man Thinking About Testicle Bath Birth Control
Nomination for the Franz-Berberich Prize at the Technical University of Munich; pending interview with Better Birth Control, a political organization that fights for more contraception for males;
An interview for a contraception magazine is in the works, as well as a segment in a documentary about novel contraceptive methods.

Why Male Birth Control Is So Hard To Make

People Also Ask

Does Testicle Bath Work?

The COSO is definitely transient, despite the fact that its efficacy was not addressed in the research.
Because the effects of the genital jacuzzi only last six months, it will not prohibit men from becoming fathers permanently.

How Does Male Birth Control Gel Work?

The gel contains segesterone acetate, a synthetic progestin that lowers sperm production by blocking natural testosterone production in the testes.
Replacement testosterone is also included in the gel to help maintain normal sexdesire and other hormone-dependent processes.

Is A Hot Tub Birth Control?

Although the increased warmth induced by sitting in a hot tub can interfere with normal sperm production, it is not enough to be called an effective birth control method.

What Happens If You Heat Your Balls?

The scrotum and testicles retreat up toward the body as it gets cold. Your testicles will hang lower as a result of a hot shower or high temperatures that cause your body temperature to rise. When the temperature rises too high, though, sperm quality can suffer.


A Depiction Of Sperm
A Depiction Of Sperm
This ultrasound contraceptive device offers a simple, easy-to-use method of contraception that requires no physical intervention, pain, or previously known negative effects.
It's worth noting that using a condom in conjunction with this device is usually preferable because it only protects against undesired pregnancies, not STIs.
Coso has earned a James Dyson Award for innovation so far, but it is still a concept design that is a long way from being launched because of the extensive clinical trials that would be required to evaluate it.
The results of these clinical studies will determine if it is released. Regardless, Coso should work and become a reality, as a male birth control method has been long overdue.
If the trials are effective, it may be possible to address gender disparities in contraception.
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