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Terrifying Giant Trapdoor Spider Newly Found In Australia

Terrifying giant trapdoor spider newly found in Australia. Queensland Museum has discovered a new species of trapdoor spider, which is being hailed as 'rare and giant'.

Author:Xander Oddity
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Mar 22, 2023
Terrifying giant trapdoor spider newly found in Australia.Queensland Museum has discovered a new species of trapdoor spider, which is being hailed as 'rare and giant'.

Rare And Giant Trapdoor Spider Discovered In Central Queensland

The spider, which is around the size of a 50-cent coin, has been named Euoplos Dignitas, which translates to "dignity" or "greatness" in Latin.
This new species builds its burrows in the black soil around Eidsvold and Monto, west of Bundaberg, and lives in woodland habitats in the central Queensland region.
According to Michael Rix, the museum's primary arachnologist, the female spiders are the larger of the two sexes, with a body length of almost five centimeters.
He further explained that these spiders have cryptic trapdoors in the woodland habitats on the ground and most people wouldn't even realize they're there. "They're big beautiful creatures," said Rix.
Dr. Rix also stated that these spiders usually spend six to seven years in the burrows until the males venture out in search of a female mate. However, due to land clearing, the species is likely to be endangered. "There aren't too many of these babies lurking around," he said.

New species of giant trapdoor spider | Project DIG

Dr. Jeremy Wilson, research assistant of arachnology at Queensland Museum, added, "When you then get to see that through to the end, which is giving a name to that species and knowing that species is now known to everyone and can be protected."
Trapdoor spiders are not harmful to humans, and while a bite may cause a little sting, their fangs don’t contain dangerous venom. So, there's no need to worry about these new spiders discovered by the museum.


In conclusion, the discovery of this rare and giant trapdoor spider is a significant milestone in the field of arachnology. The new species' name, Euoplos Dignitas, represents the spider's size and magnificence, and Queensland Museum's Project DIG played a critical role in the research project's success.
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