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4 Teams To Watch In NFL 2023

The National Football League pre-season is almost over, and there's excitement in the air as we approach the big kick-off. Fans have spent many months twiddling their thumbs, waiting patiently on football's return.

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The National Football League pre-season is almost over, and there's excitement in the air as we approach the big kick-off. Fans have spent many months twiddling their thumbs, waiting patiently on football's return. They've watched pre-season games, tracked the trades, and checked on the influence of new coaches. The 2023 NFL regular season promises to be a thriller, and we're ready to get involved.
How have you spent your summer? Did you immerse yourself in football-related things in the pre-season, or do you enjoy taking a break? There are two approaches during the summer months, getting ahead of the curve by studying the trades, odds, predictions, and results or watching other popular sports, like soccer and tennis. Many respected football pundits believe research done in the summer leads to good results later in the year.
Many NFL fanatics enjoy using their knowledge and research to predict teams to make the playoffs or win the Super Bowl. The leading gambling apps offer odds, andit's worth learning how to bet on football. Some fans make predictions to impress fellow supporters and rivals; others post their picks on social media early in the season. At the same time, millions of football followers use their research to bet on the season.

Prepare For Battle

The 2023 NFL season could be the most competitive we've ever seen. The best teams have been active in the summer, strengthening their squads and making the adjustments needed to challenge. A strong case could be made for up to four teams this season, and we have at least three dark horses to consider.
Underdogs with the ability to shock the sport and win the Super Bowl. Not every year, we have such a tightly packed group of contenders. In addition to the Super Bowl winner, you can predict the winning conference or division, AFC and NFC winners, the Super Bowl match-up, and more. Then we have the fixture list, with every game offering dozens of opportunities pre-match and in-play.
The action begins on Friday, 8th September, when the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs meet in the season-opener. Follow that game live on TV and enjoy the show as the Lions and Chiefsaim to get off to the perfect start. Will the eventual winner of the title come from the opening game? Keep reading as we discuss our teams to watch this season.

Kansas City Chiefs

Traders working at the leading sportsbooks in Las Vegas pick the Kansas City Chiefs as their team to beat. They are the favorites to win the Super Bowl and begin their quest with a winning start against Detroit. Does Kansas have what it takes?
They've won three Super Bowl titles, including in 2022 when beating the Philadelphia Eagles. That was a thrilling match and an impressive run by Kansas, but they failed to defend last season. Was their success just freak luck, or will Kansas grab a fourth Super Bowl in February?
They're certainly good enough, but Kansas must fend off intense competition to regain the prize. A team worth following as the traders are usually close to the mark. They open against Detroit, and most football lovers predict a win for the Lions.

Philadelphia Eagles

Can Philadelphia bounce back from that near-miss? Fans of the Eagles were overjoyed to see their side in the Super Bowl and had high hopes of seeing them lift the trophy. Supporters believed 2022 would join 2017 for a second Super Bowl championship. But it was an agonizing close call.
Philly did win Super Bowl LII in 2017 by beating the New EnglandPatriots in the final. The Pats were at full strength that day and more competitive than we've seen from them in recent times. The Eagles' win was a shock result for many, but could lightning strike twice?
Eagles fly the nest on Sunday when playing the New England Patriots, and we expect them to claim the win. A strong opener could make all the difference for team morale.

Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills is a real fans' favorite and are always popular in predictions this time of year. Last year wasn't an excellent campaign for Buffalo as they had a squad good enough to challenge but fell short, disappointing fans and experts who picked them to win. Buffalo dropped off the pace in the later rounds and must learn from that failure.
They have improved over the summer, and the previous campaign's disappointment could be the drivingforce for this season. Bills' players know fans' expectations and understand the importance of consistency. They must focus until the finish line, keeping grounded when praised by respected football pundits.
Buffalo begins their challenge on Tuesday, 12th September, when facing the New York Jets. That's an exciting game, but Buffalo can win if they're at their best. A strong start could set the pace for the Bills this term, allowing them to build momentum.

San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco has already won five Super Bowl titles, but their most recent success was in 1994. Fans have patiently waited for this sleeping giant to stir from its slumber without much joy. There have been one or two false dawns and near misses, but the 49ers know they must improve. Fans' patience will only last for a while longer.
A huge campaign is needed, but many pundits believe the 49ers are poised to strike and relive the glory days. According to traders, they are the second most likely team to lift the prize, clipping away at the heels of the top three. They'll require a share of luck this term, but we should see San Fran in the playoffs, and it's up to them from there.
The San Francisco 49ers start their season against the Pittsburgh Steelers on the week's busiest day. The Steelers are no pushovers, and the fixture list has been harsh on San Fran, but they must beat the top teams to stand a chance of going all the way.
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