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Teacher Fired After 20 Years Of Dodging Work Results In Long Overdue Termination

How long can one manage to skive off work without facing any repercussions? A week? Maybe two? But what about a staggering two decades? It may sound far-fetched, but apparently, it's possible. Just ask Cinzia Paolina De Lio, the teacher fired after 20 years of dodging work.

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Reviewer:Raven Noir
Jun 28, 202312.6K Shares229.6K Views
How long can one manage to skive off work without facing any repercussions? A week? Maybe two? But what about a staggering two decades? It may sound far-fetched, but apparently, it's possible. Just ask Cinzia Paolina De Lio, the teacher fired after 20 years of dodging work.
After successfully evading work for twenty years, De Lio's tenure finally came to an end when she was sacked from her teaching position at a secondary school near Venice earlier this year.

Italy's Worst Employee Finally Sacked After Two Decades Of Avoiding Work

Originally hired to impart knowledge about literature and philosophy to her students, De Lio took a drastically different path, finding ingenious methods to avoid fulfilling her professional responsibilities. Utilizing sick leave, holiday time, and permits to attend conferences, she skillfully managed to sidestep teaching duties throughout the majority of her career.
And when she did grace the classroom with her presence, her performance left much to be desired. School inspectors described her lessons as bewilderingly 'confused,' accusing her of delivering improvised teachings. Students even took matters into their own hands, staging a strike to protest against De Lio's negligent behavior, which included texting on her phone during oral exams and assigning arbitrary grades unrelated to their work.
To add insult to injury, she often had to rely on borrowing textbooks from her own students due to her lack of preparedness.
The school administration eventually took action and terminated De Lio's employment due to her consistent misconduct. However, she refused to accept this decision and contested it in court, managing to temporarily reclaim her position.
Cinzia Paolina De Lio, Italy's Worst Employee
Cinzia Paolina De Lio, Italy's Worst Employee
Unfortunately for her, the court later uncovered the astonishing truth: De Lio had only been physically present in the classroom for a mere four out of the twenty-four years she was employed. Consequently, the court swiftly reversed its decision, and this outcome was later supported by the supreme court.
In the aftermath of her dismissal, journalists sought to obtain De Lio's perspective on the matter. However, they were met with a surprising revelation—she was unavailable for comment, as she was busy enjoying her time at the beach. In a brief response to Repubblica, her remarks were shocking.
Sorry, but now I'm at the beach. I will reconstruct the truth of the facts of this absolutely unique and surreal story.- Cinzia Paolina De Lio
De Lio's case serves as a striking example of an employee who not only evaded work for an astonishingly long period but also displayed a complete disregard for her professional responsibilities. It highlights the importance of accountability and commitment in the workplace. While most individuals understand the occasional need for a break, De Lio's prolonged absenteeism and lackluster teaching ultimately led to her downfall.

Lessons From 'Italy's Worst Employee'

As this unusual saga comes to an end, it serves as a reminder to employers and employees alike that a dedicated and responsible approach to work is crucial for both personal growth and the success of an organization. The tale of 'Italy's worst employee' shall forever be etched in the annals of workplace lore, cautioning against the perils of neglecting one's professional obligations.
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