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TaskbarX - It Gives You An Original Windows Dock Like Feel

With the help of the program TaskbarX, you may move and position the Windows taskbar icons however you wish. It won't take you very long to move the various programs to the desired edge or the middle of the screen by employing a fairly simple technique.

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With the help of the program TaskbarX, you may move and position the Windows taskbar icons however you wish.
It won't take you very long to move the various programs to the desired edge or the middle of the screen by employing a fairly simple technique.
There are various options in TaskbarX that make moving the taskbar simple. In fact, you may use the program's many animations to give your taskbar background and icon icons a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
However, you can easily disable these movements if you don't want to continue using up PC resources.
TaskbarX features a number of built-in styles that you can use to personalize the taskbar, such as adjusting the opaqueness, changing the background gradient, or making it transparent. This is a crucial feature to keep in mind.
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TaskbarX is a Windows utility that will help you organize your desktop quickly and easily. It has many options for customization and a taskbar that you can move anywhere on the screen.
The free TaskbarX download's lack of installation or configuration requirements is one of its strongest features. You can use the app right away after completing the download. It scarcely uses any system resources and leaves the RAM on your computer untouched.

What Are The Features Of TaskbarXr?

Although the Windows taskbar by default is straightforward and recognizable, you might wish to alter how your desktop looks and feels. Because of this, there is a program called TaskbarX.
It is a straightforward customization tool that allows you to alter the taskbar's design and its icons
To create a more personalized experience, you can also utilize the application to reposition the icons or apply other animations.
You may access a number of taskbar options and menus after completing the TaskbarX download. Without such an application, it would not be able to change the taskbar in the ways that each of these settings allows you to.

Position Menu

Users can first access the Position Menu of the program. This menu offers a number of options for relocating the taskbar, as the name would imply.
The icons that are present on the taskbar can also be moved using this option. The icons can be shifted to the left or the center. Additionally, you can click a button to put them back in their original place.

Style Menu

TaskbarX offers customers a Style Menu that is comparable to the Position Menu. You can alter the taskbar's color and even make it transparent using this feature.
Your taskbar has five various style options that you can use: you can modify its color, make it opaque, soften the appearance, or choose a transparent gradient.

Change The Color Of The Taskbar

You can choose a color from the available color picker if you want to alter the taskbar's color. When you select Apply, the modifications will become active right away.
The customized option is really helpful, especially if you frequently change the wallpaper on your screen and want the taskbar to do the same.
The application doesn't start automatically and needs user input after startup, which is the only negative.

Animating The Elements

You may animate the taskbar's elements in addition to adjusting their appearance and location. You can experiment with and choose from more than 40 animation styles with the TaskbarX download for Windows.
Prior to implementing the animation that best suits you, you can preview a variety of them. You might need to adjust the taskbar settings in some circumstances in order to see the animation. The animation's pace can be altered, and the icons can be shifted from left to right.

Customize your Windows 10 Taskbar with TaskbarX

Extra Menu

In addition to this, TaskbarX now has an Extra Menu with additional settings you can use. For instance, you can add several taskbars to a single desktop using this option.
The other accessible menus can then be used to make specific adjustments to each taskbar. This menu can also modify the icons further or conceal the taskbar.


Does TaskbarX Alter My Settings Or Registry?

No, TaskbarX doesn't alter your settings or registry. Since the application is portable, if you close it, everything goes back to how it was before you opened it.

What Variations Of Windows Is TaskbarX Compatible With?

Only Windows 10 is supported by Taskbar X. The "taskbar style" option will not function properly in versions 1709 and below, but centering will.
Windows 7 is unsupported and does not function. Although it has not been officially tested and is not supported, it might function on Windows 8.

What Distinguishes The Shop Version From The Standard Version?

The normal/free version and the shop version are identical. It's a system of donations. You do get the advantages of automatic updates and simple installation with the shop version.

How Can TaskbarX Be Used With Windows 11?

Do you want to install Windows 11 but like Windows 10's taskbar? You may then actually patch Windows 11 Explorer to restore the original taskbar. By doing this, TaskbarX will work properly in Windows 11 once more.

How Can I Remove TaskbarX?

Hit the "Stop TaskbarX" button in the "TaskbarX Configurator" after opening it. Your icons will move back to the left and the TaskbarX procedure will terminate. After that, you may easily delete the files where TaskbarX was installed.

People Also Ask

Is TaskbarX Free Download?

Yes, TaskbarX is free software. Although all of its features are free, the developers gladly welcome donations if you want to help them out.

How Do I Install TaskbarX?

  • Go to the TaskbarX homepage and download the most recent version first. Unpack the archive by selecting it with the right-click menu. Take 7Zip > Extract to "Taskbar X" as an example.
  • Run the exe file by navigating to the TaskbarX folder. Your taskbar icons will travel to the center of the taskbar on their own will!

Does TaskbarX Slow Computer?

No, it does not. TaskBarX utilizes extremely minimal CPU resources; it has no impact at all on the i3. Uses just when the icons need to be animated and moved, but once more, that only causes a very minor percentage bump. No need to be concerned.


You'll feel like you're using the original Windows dock with TaskbarX. When an icon is added to the taskbar or removed, the icons will shift to the center or a place specified by the user.
You will have the choice of several distinct animations and the ability to alter their speeds. If you don't like animations and would rather that they move instantly, you can disable the animations.
Depending on the center position, the center position can also be modified to move your icons further to the left or right. All taskbar configurations, including the vertical taskbar, are currently supported. Also, infinite taskbars!
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