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Tanning Bath Bomb - How Do They Work?

Imagine relaxing in the bath with nourishing oils and luxurious fragrances while gradually tanning your skin with this tanning bath bomb. Yes! The best feeling ever.

Author:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Reviewer:Xander Oddity
Jun 05, 202224 Shares1.1K Views
Imagine relaxing in the bath with nourishing oils and luxurious fragrances while gradually tanning your skin with this tanning bath bomb. Yes! The best feeling ever.
On the internet, self-tanning bath bombs are somewhat of a mythological creature. They've never been made effectively, but there's a strong desire for them to be made.
Despite the efforts of a few companies, no one has succeeded in producing and marketing one, owing to the difficulty of generating an even, safe tan.
While someone is working on an award-winning formula that will hopefully be successful someday, here are the details on why we need self-tanning bath bombs and how they work in the meantime.
Bath bombs stacked on each other; A lady's face half face with tan and half face without tan
Bath bombs stacked on each other; A lady's face half face with tan and half face without tan

How Do Regular Bath Bombs Work?

They can contain almost anything you can imagine. Some bath bombs use dyes that add a colorful shade to the bath, while others are plain with only a scent and oil.
The bath bomb melts and foams in the bath, releasing essential oils, nutritious butter, and other additives such as glitter and petals.
Made of baking soda and citric acid. Although they are inactive as dry ingredients, they cause a chemical reaction when mixed with water in the bath, and citric acid reacts with sodium bicarbonate to produce sodium citrate and carbon dioxide.
This carbon dioxide foams and ventilates the bath. Oil and fragrance are released into the bath water.
Foaming does not last long, but it is a lovely experience for many who want to spend a relaxing time with a long-lasting scent.

How Does The Self-Tanning Water Bath Bomb Work?

The theory behind the self-tanning bath soak bomb is that self-tanner is added along with baking soda and citric acid.
DHA is used in self-tanning products. This ingredient reacts with old dead skin cells to form a sunburn.
Ideally, DHA is added to the bath bomb, and when the bath bomb foams and dissolves in the bath, DHA evenly coats the body with bath water and tans.
However, DHA is diluted in water and has little effect on the body. In addition to DHA, which tans the skin, another ingredient needs to be added.
The market has no other choice, so a self-tanning bath bomb hit the wall here.
Finding ingredients that tan the skin insoluble in water has been a challenge in creating these self-tanning bath bombs.
You can add pigments, but brown pigments look very strange, and with orange pigments, they look like oranges.
To date, there has been no progress on what the additional ingredients are, but there are many who are looking for a solution.
Pink, purple, blue and green bath bombs placed on sand
Pink, purple, blue and green bath bombs placed on sand

How Effective Is Tan Bomb?

At first glance, a self-tanning bath bomb may seem like a great idea. Tanners also cover your body evenly while you take a bath and are also a very easy and relaxing way to get a tan.
You don't have to sit in the hot sun, you don't have to worry about the self-tanning lotion or mousse being applied evenly and usually looking like spots or streaks.
How convenient is it to absorb all your worries and get a tan at the same time?
Meanwhile, think about how you lie (submerge) in the bathtub.
When you take a bath, your face is not submerged in water, and your feet and shoulders may also stick out.
This then effectively tans the only submerged parts while the rest of the body that is not submerged, does not tan.
This thing goes against the whole idea that bath bombs give a uniform tan to the whole body.
Who wants only a tanned belly, thighs, and arms, but not face, neck, shoulders, and legs?
So, there is not a big market for tanning bath bombs.
A girl's half face outside the bath tub
A girl's half face outside the bath tub

Why Should You Use A Tan Bath Bomb?

However, convenience is key to most people. Finding a way to get something done with minimal effort and time is a goal everyone is working on nowadays, which we call laziness or time management.
Cleaning yourself, taking a little bath in the bathtub, and getting a tan is like a dream come true. I don't care about the technical side, and the basic idea seems to be wonderful.
Bath bombs also contain ingredients and additives that help moisturize and soothe the skin. When combined with Self Tanner, it helps to nourish the skin but saves extra effort to moisturize the skin after applying Self Tanner.

People Also Ask

What Can I Put In The Bath To Make My Tan?

Add olive oil or baby oil to the hot water in the tub. The oil tends to loosen old dead skin cells that have been stained brown with tanning liquid. Bathing with baking soda mixed with warm water is commonly used to remove fake sunburn.

Can You Put Self-Tanner In Your Bath?

All you have to do is cleanse yourself under a warm shower, then stop the water and rub a creamy self-tanner all over your body while your skin is still moist. That is.

What Is Tan Bomb?

The Tan bomb also acts as a fake tan primer and is packed with nourishing oils to keep your skin smooth and moisturized. About Tan bomb - Tambom is an Australian-owned and operated company based on the Gold Coast, QLD.


Have you ever tried tanning bath bombs? Were they really effective and worth the hype?
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