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Experts On Best Tactics To Survive Dog Attack

Discover expert advice on tactics to survive dog attack, understand alarming incidents, and learn about the UK's proposed breed-specific bans.

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As concerns over public safety mount due to a spate of recent dog attacks, the UK government is considering taking drastic measures, such as implementing a breed-specific ban on American XL Bullies. This controversial breed has been at the center of multiple incidents, leaving individuals—including an 11-year-old girl—severely injured. While the government's role in mitigating such risks is crucial, it's equally vital for the public to be informed and prepared.
This article dives deep into the alarming incidents, government actions, and offers expert advice on the best tactics to survive dog attack. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge you need to prevent and handle potentially life-threatening encounters with aggressive dogs.

Recent Incidents And Public Concerns

Over the past few months, the UK has witnessed an unsettling increase in incidents involving dangerous dogs, particularly the American XL Bully breed. The most horrifying event occurred on September 9th in Bordesley Green, Birmingham. An 11-year-old girl and two men were severely injured after being bitten by an out-of-control XL Bully.
"We’re investigating after three people were bitten by a dog in Birmingham...(9 September)," West Midlands Police said in a statement.
"An 11-year-old girl ran past the dog as it was being walked by its owner in Bordesley Green, when she was bitten. Two men intervened but were bitten and left with injuries to their shoulders and arms."
All three victims were taken to the hospital for immediate medical attention. The attack has shaken the community and has contributed to the growing concern about the safety of certain dog breeds.

Government Actions - The Path Toward Banning Dangerous Dog Breeds

These harrowing incidents have prompted the government to consider implementing new laws and regulations surrounding dangerous dogs. Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been particularly vocal about her stance on the issue.
"This is appalling. The American XL Bully is a clear and lethal danger to our communities, particularly to children," she wrote on Twitter.
"We can’t go on like this. I have commissioned urgent advice on banning them."
Government authorities are not the only ones calling for change. Various organizations and public figures, including martial arts and self-defense expert Matt Fiddes, are calling for stronger measures.
"The American XL bully is not fit to be a family pet - they were bred to defend and attack, effectively replacing the pit bull following their ban," Fiddes said. "I am calling on the government to introduce a licensing system for all dogs, classifying dogs by dangerousness."
The ongoing discussion suggests a future where stringent dog control laws could become a reality, targeting not just the American XL Bully but potentially other breeds as well.
Brown American Bully
Brown American Bully

Expert Advice From Matt Fiddes And Bear Grylls

When it comes to dealing with aggressive dogs, your best defense is preparation and awareness. Both Matt Fiddes and Bear Grylls, two experts in their respective fields, have weighed in on how to handle such perilous situations.
Matt Fiddes emphasizes the extreme risks involved in confrontations with breeds like the American XL Bully.
"The trouble with a breed like that is that honestly, even if you're Bruce Lee, you're screwed," Fiddes said. "Your only option is to run or to call for help. It's not worth the risk going anywhere near them."
Bear Grylls, meanwhile, offers a comprehensive approach to identifying and reacting to dog aggression. His advice is a synthesis of his expertise in survival under extreme conditions.
"If a number of aggressive dogs are attacking you, your best chance of getting out alive is to run and get up high as dogs can't climb," says Bear Grylls.
Grylls elaborates that reading a dog's body language can be a significant clue to its intentions. He advises not to maintain eye contact with a dog showing signs of aggression as the dog might consider it a challenge. One should also stand sideways and slowly back away out of the dog's line of sight.

Tactics To Survive Dog Attack

Dog attacks can happen in an instant and can have life-altering consequences. It's crucial to understand the do's and don'ts when encountering a potentially aggressive dog. The guidelines that follow draw upon expert opinions, including those of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Recognizing Dog Body Language

Knowing a dog's body language can give you valuable seconds, possibly even minutes, to avoid an attack. Both the ASPCA and other experts suggest that:
  • Aggressive Behavior - Dogs displaying aggression will attempt to make themselves look larger. Their ears stand up, their fur puffs out, and their tail points upward. They may also growl, bark, lunge, or bare their teeth.
  • Anxious Behavior -On the other hand, anxious dogs could also bite out of fear. These dogs may display behavior such as cowering, tucking their tail between their legs, flattening their ears, or yawning.
By staying alert to these signs, you can avoid approaching a dog that's ready to attack.

Know When NOT To Approach

Some situations are inherently risky and best avoided, as noted by the ASPCA:
  • Mealtime and Sleep -Never approach a dog while it's eating, sleeping, or chewing a toy.
  • Sick or Injured -The same rule applies to a dog that appears sick or injured.
  • Mothering -Dogs that are caring for puppies should also be avoided.
Remember, unless the owner says it's okay, it's wise to never approach an unfamiliar dog—especially those behind fences or in cars, as they might be protective of their space.

Maintain Your Calm

According to experts, maintaining your calm is crucial. The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants mentions that:
  • Avoid Quick Movements -Quick movements or loud noises could escalate the situation.
  • No Eye Contact -Dogs could view extended eye contact as a challenge.
If you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, remain calm and try to back away slowly. Turning sideways can be less threatening to a dog and increase your chance of leaving the situation without an attack.
Gray American Bulldog with a scarf on his neck.
Gray American Bulldog with a scarf on his neck.

What To Do If A Bite Seems Inevitable

Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself in a situation where a bite seems inevitable. According to veterinarian Dr. Sophia Lin and others:
  • Use a Shield -Place an object between you and the dog—like a purse or umbrella.
  • Keep Limbs Away -Try to keep your limbs away from the dog's mouth. If it does bite, push your limb towards the dog instead of pulling away to avoid tear injuries.
The key is to protect your vital areas: face, chest, and throat. Make a fist to protect your fingers, and if possible, give the dog an object like a shoe to bite on as a distraction.

After The Attack

Once the situation is over, your primary focus should be on medical care. Whether the injuries are minor or severe, medical evaluation is a must, as even small bites can lead to dangerous infections. Don't worry about the dog or the scene at the moment; your immediate safety is the priority.
Dealing with the issue of dangerous dogs in the UK is a complex matter that involves everyone from government officials to pet owners to concerned parents. The government's contemplation of breed-specific bans is a step towards increased public safety, but individual awareness and caution are equally critical.
As Matt Fiddes and Bear Grylls suggest, the key to survival may lie in vigilance and quick thinking. With proper awareness, stricter laws, and expert advice, we can hopefully look forward to a safer environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions On Tactics To Survive A Dog Attack

How Can I Identify Signs Of Canine Aggression?

Aggressive dogs often try to appear larger, with erect ears and raised tails. They may also display growling, lunging, or barking behaviors. These are cues recommended by dog behavior experts like the ASPCA to maintain distance.

What Are The Precautionary Steps When Encountering An Unfamiliar Dog?

Avoid approaching a dog that is engaged in activities such as eating, sleeping, or caring for puppies. Always seek the owner's explicit permission before interacting with any dog you don't know.

How Should One React In The Face Of A Hostile Dog?

Stay calm and motionless. Frenzied movements or loud noises can exacerbate the situation. According to the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, averting eye contact can also reduce perceived aggression.

Is Escaping Or Fleeing An Effective Strategy Against A Pursuing Dog?

Running triggers a dog's chase instinct and is generally not advisable. Instead, employ calming techniques and a soothing tone to discourage the animal from attacking.

What Immediate Actions Should Be Taken If Bitten By A Dog?

If bitten, use a buffer like an umbrella or bag between you and the dog. Push your limb into the dog's mouth rather than pulling away, as advised by canine first-aid experts. Seek immediate medical help for even minor injuries.

Are There Any Tools Or Objects Effective For Diverting An Aggressive Dog's Attention?

Throwing a distraction like food or a toy away from you can help you safely distance yourself from a potentially dangerous situation with an aggressive canine.

How Are Authorities Contributing To Dog Attack Prevention?

Government bodies are actively discussing and enacting breed-specific legislation and public awareness campaigns to mitigate risks associated with dog attacks.

What Are The Common Mistakes To Avoid When Faced With A Potential Dog Attack?

Kicking, punching, or hitting the dog can escalate the attack, making the situation more dangerous. Using pepper spray or weapons can also be ineffective if you are not skilled in using them. Experts recommend against these common errors.

What Should I Do After Surviving A Dog Attack?

After ensuring your immediate safety, it is crucial to seek medical attention to prevent infections and complications. Then, report the incident to local authorities and consult your healthcare provider for post-incident medical instructions.


In summary, understanding the tactics to survive dog attacks is crucial for both adults and children alike. From recognizing canine body language that signals aggression or fear, to knowing the optimal ways to de-escalate a potential attack, preparedness can make a significant difference in outcomes. While government involvement in dog attack prevention is growing, it remains essential for individuals to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills to handle these high-stakes situations. Additionally, adhering to local laws and being vigilant in public spaces can further reduce the risk.
Remember, when it comes to dog attacks, prevention is the first line of defense, but knowing how to act when faced with an aggressive dog can be life-saving. Hence, educating yourself and spreading awareness are crucial steps in mitigating the dangers posed by aggressive dogs.
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