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Best Summoning Training RS3 Guide In 2023

Even though Summoning Training RS3 can be very expensive and time-consuming, more advanced familiars make Summoning a rewarding skill. F2P players can advance up to level 5 and keep collecting gold charms after that, which may be helpful if you ever want to switch to P2P.

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Even though Summoning Training RS3can be very expensive and time-consuming, more advanced familiars make Summoning a rewarding skill. F2P players can advance up to level 5 and keep collecting gold charms after that, which may be helpful if you ever want to switch to P2P.

Useful Items In Summoning RS3

Here are some useful items in Summoning Training RS3:

Spirit Gems

Charms can be preserved while infusing pouches by utilizing spirit stones. They can be acquired from a variety of monsters as a rare drop, as well as from a treasure hunter or an oyster in your player-owned home.
Depending on its tier, each gem has a different chance of preserving a charm while using a charge. The gem will be destroyed after a predetermined number of charms have been preserved.
Since blue charms are typically the most difficult to find, these jewels prove to be extremely helpful for them.
To conserve additional charms for later use, a spirit onyx, for instance, has a 60% chance of saving a charm when worn up to 60 times before it breaks down.

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Shaman's Outfit

The Shaman's gear is obtained through familiarization. When worn, each item provides 1% extra Summoning experience. A 1% set bonus is given when the entire set is worn, giving a final bonus of 6%.
Items that could initially be won from the Squeal of Fortune were used to make pieces of the costume. Additionally, the redesigned headpiece offers a 5% chance to keep a charm while infusing bags.

Torstol Incense Sticks

Torstol incense sticks improve base XP gain by 0.5% for each potency level. Every 10 minutes, the potency level will rise, reaching a maximum at level 4 (+2% to base XP). Although overloading uses up six sticks, the maximal strength is immediately available.

Summoning Cape Perk

When infusing Summoning pouches, the Summoning cape's perk offers a 2% chance not to consume a charm; this chance stacks with spirit jewels and the altered shaman's headpiece.

Summoning Focus

A stackable, tradeable item called a Summoning focus gives you more experience while making pouches. When players produce pouches at an obelisk, 20% more Summoning experience is awarded. For each bag that is manufactured, a focus is required. At this time, each is valued at $5,011.

Relic Powers

At the strange monolith, players with level 119 Archaeology can activate the Inspire Awe relic power to get 2% more summoning experience from all sources other than quests.

Starting (F2P)

Players can finish Wolf Whistle, which is no longer required, to start learning the Summoning skill. This will provide them with 276 experience points for Summoning, raising their level to 4, as well as 275 gold charms (enough for level 16, or 5 on F2P).
You will then need to gather your own charms. F2P players can obtain more gold charms by slaying troll brutes and troll chuckers in Burthorpe, or by obtaining one free sample from Pikkupstix's shop.

Pouches (P2P)

The creation of Summoning pouches is the sole practical method of Summoning Training RS3. The following materials must be obtained before creating a summoning pouch:
  • An empty pouch, available from Pikkupstix for 1 GP each. (It is not necessary to leave Daemonheim to summon.)
  • A large number of charms that the player must gather through monster slaughter and other means.
  • A large number of spirit shards, which cost 25 coins each to purchase from Pikkupstix or 125,000 for a set of 5,000. The Grand Exchange also sells spirit shards, which are optional for summoning in Daemonheim. It is uncommon for anyone to sell it for less than the reference price, which is usually 25 coins (now 24 coins), despite the fact that it is not always the case. However, pet store owners (like the one in Taverley) can sell spirit shards in arbitrarily huge quantities; as a result, spirit shards are roughly equivalent to 25 coins. Last but not least, mining is used to collect spirit shards, one of the drops from opening geodes.
  • Similar to the secondary ingredients used in Herblore, a tertiary ingredient is unique to the creature you are constructing.
Utilize the attuned crystal teleport seed to teleport to the Amlodd district, then dash quickly to the Summoning obelisk before teleporting to the Trahaearn district to replenish your bank preset and Beast of Burden (BoB) setup. If you like, you can trade Lord Amlodd pouches for shards.

Spirit Shards

The number of shards you receive back equals 70% of the cost of the pouch when you use Bogrog or Lord Amlodd to change your pouches into shards.
By repeatedly turning the pouches you create back into shards, you can significantly reduce the number of shards you initially need to purchase.
To reduce the number of shards required for training even further, players who have completed the Hard Tirannwn achievements should use Lord Amlodd for all shard returns because he will instead refund 77% of the bag cost.

Training To 200m XP

Utilizing the in-game 'Boxes' friends conversation to identify a planet with a portable bank deposit box near the Taverley summoning obelisk and creating Geyser Titan pouches is the most effective way to train the Summoning skill from its maximum level to 200 million XP.
However, an alternative and tertiary technique have been offered below in case there are no spawning portable bank deposits:
  • The most effective arrangement results in a base XP rate of around 11.7 m/hr. The secondary and tertiary methods yield base XP rates of roughly 4.62 m/hr and 3.72 m/hr, respectively.
  • These rates exclude any Treasure Hunter-related gear, such as pulse and cinder cores, as well as globalbonuses like Bonus XP, Clan Avatar benefits, and Sceptre of Enchantment benefits. Due to the high GP/XP ratio, the increase in XP from a Summoning concentration is not taken into account. Without taking into consideration DXP live weekends, a user can earn more than 26.8 million summoning XP each hour using the primary method when these benefits are added.
  • If not all things or auras are owned, the player will need to recalculate the XP rates before using the next best item or aura.
A screenshot of game of Runescape
A screenshot of game of Runescape

People Also Ask

How Do You Start Summoning In Rs3?

Players must select the "Summon" option on a Summoning pouch in order to summon a familiar. It costs summoning points to summon familiars (again, similar to Prayer points). Similar to prayer, summoning points slowly deplete while a familiar is active until they reach zero.

How Do You Level Up Summoning?

You'll need to find the appropriate individual to level them up since you'll need the help of a Spirit Tuner to make it all happen. Meet Roderick at the Stormhill Shack in Limgrave, close to Stormveil Castle. You can receive the jellyfish ashes by speaking with her. After she has finished speaking, proceed to Roundtable Hold.

How Do You Increase Summoning Points In Rs3?

  • The use of a full Summoning obelisk (full restore).
  • Working with a small obelisk (full restore).
  • Taking a summoning potion (level 70+250%).
  • Taking an 80+250% level super restore potion.
  • Using the Ardougne cloak's once-per-day feature 4 (full restore).

How To Make Summoning Pouches RS3?

Players can build a summoning pouch by filling an empty pouch with a variety of other things. Additionally, summoning pouches can be bought on the General Exchange.


The Wolf Whistle quest, which elevates the player to level 4 Summoning and provides enough gold charms to reach level 16, is the ideal approach to start practicing Summoning via this Summoning Training RS3.
You can learn how to make Summoning pouches via the quest. Every Summoning pouch needs a pouch, some Spirit Shards, a Tertiary Ingredient, and a Charm as a basic requirement.
The main barrier to scaling up Summoning Training RS3, assuming money isn't a major issue, is time.
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