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Top 4 Stones For Summoning Spirits That You Must Try

Spirits and witches are as complementary as sunlight and solar panels. The capacity to collaborate with them effectively can make or break your magic, but creating a relationship with the other side is not always simple. So, you can try these stones for summoning spirits.

Author:Xander Oddity
Reviewer:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
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Spirits and witches are as complementary as sunlight and solar panels. The capacity to collaborate with them effectively can make or break your magic, but creating a relationship with the other side is not always simple. So, you can try these stones for summoning spirits.
Using the tremendous energies inherent in crystals, gemstones, and minerals, witches can breach the barrier and improve their practices. This is the list of the stones for summoning spirits that you should be working with if you wish to enhance your psychic powers, make contact with all types of spirits, and travel across the planes of existence.


Labradorite is an exceptional stone to utilize when communicating with spirit guides, ascended masters, and the higher orders of angels. Not only is it one of the most beautiful stones on the market today, but it also makes you want to look at it for a long time. This makes it a great stone for scrying.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is one of the most effective stones for communicating with tree spirits, faerie spirits, and ghosts imprisoned on our plane. This stone is extremely useful for locating a ghost who wishes to communicate with you and should be carried when investigating paranormal phenomena or looking for Genius Loci.
Smoky quartz is also a good stone to wear when channeling faeries and should be placed over the third eye when attempting to decipher communications from the faerie worlds.


Moldavite is a rare stone with a unique mix of qualities that make it particularly witchy. On the skin, it enhances the magician's willpower and cuts through the psychic white noise between the user and the spirit world.
It is renowned for its exceptionally high vibrational characteristics, which not only assist you in increasing your frequency but also facilitate your communication with angels and channel their "divine will." This makes this stone especially useful for individuals who perform exorcisms and expulsions.


Selenite aids you in your work with the spirit realm by removing psychic obstructions and correcting the flow of energy between yourself and the spirits with whom you are collaborating.
The presence of a Selenite wand is unlikely to attract low-frequency beings, and it can be used to fend off both low-frequency beings and malevolent magic.
Perhaps one of the most unexpected advantages of working with selenite is its capacity to help you maintain auric density and aid in auric healing when worn.

People Also Ask

Is Lapis-Lazuli A Good Stone For Summoning Spirits?

Yes, Lapis-Lazuli is the best stone to use when attempting to subdue rebellious spirit activity in a home or setting. Your psychic power will increase, and the movement of other competing frequencies will be impeded by its ability to dominate the immediate surrounding area.

Can You Use Ocean Jasper For Summoning Spirits?

Yes, you can. When working with spirits, Ocean Jasper specializes in assisting the deceased who do not realize they are dead or who are trapped. It helps the spirit "pass over" by letting it understand the circumstances of its current life.

Which Stone Should You Use When Dealing With Demonic Spirits?

Red Jasper is especially useful for interacting with demonic spirits or any other spirit you employ for low magic. It is renowned for its capacity to bolster the willpower of the magician and add density to their frequency, elevating them to the top.


You can try these most effective stones for summoning spirits into your home. These stones aid your exploration of the spirit world and your ability to work with it. This is a brief selection of some best stones for this purpose that are readily available and affordable.
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