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Star Wars Character Padme Amidala's Outfit Was Inspired By Last Mongolian Queen Consort

Did you know that Star Wars character Padme Amidala's outfit was inspired by last Mongolian Queen Consort who was murdered?

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The character of Padmé has remained a tremendous presence throughout the Star Warsworld to this day. But did you know that Star Wars character Padme Amidala's outfit was inspired by last Mongolian Queen Consortwho was murdered?
In 2012, when the Star Wars prequel trilogy premiered, the character of Queen Padmé Amidala, played by 16-year-old Natalie Portman, sent shockwaves around the world. The marketing campaign for the trilogy featured spectacular photographs of the elevated Queen Amidala, who was dressed in royal regalia and had her face painted in porcelain.
Padmé addresses the Senate in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, pleading with them to rescue her people and the galaxyas a whole. A rich, crimson velvet gown with embossed roses and a triple-braided soutache on the dress collar and cuffs were worn by Portman for the event. Her hair is bound in an aggressive updo with golden hair bands embellished with hair tip ornaments, which are held in place by the headgear.
When Padmé stands in front of the Senate, she is draped in a thick black cloak that covers her entire crimson gown and shoulders. According to Rebel's Haven, wardrobe designers wanted her outfits to convey the idea that she was the queen. The three-layered red symbolic dress took a long time to create and was "very expensive" because of its complexity.
Star wars queen padme amidala costume in exhibition
Star wars queen padme amidala costume in exhibition
The underdress was created by the Star Wars costume design team using a historic gold skill target that was over 70 years old. They also strategically arranged the sunray pleats so that the light would catch up with Padmé whenever she moved. The middle red velvet robe and outfit's visible layer was made up of red and green silk velvet with bronze embroidery, which contributed to creating the visible layer.
A new method was also used on the helm and yolk panels, which resulted in an overall surface that was both deep and textured. The padded look on the robe was achieved by stitching small tubes into a design and injecting them with a liquid to achieve it. The faux fur used on the outside layer of the robe was used to construct the pyramid-shaped padded shoulders, which were lined with red silk. The clothing was purely fictitious.
However, it symbolized her culture and the traditions of Naboo. Genepil, the Queen of Mongolia, is thought to have been the inspiration for Padmé's clothes. The outfit of Queen Padme Amidala was on display in 2009 as part of an exhibition that followed the film 'Star Wars - A Musical Journey.'
Padmé's eye-catching ensemble, the Phantom Menace's costume department looked to a 20th-century queen named Genepil as its source of inspiration. She was the last wife of Bogd Khan, the last Mongol Khan, and the mother of his children. Bogd was devastated by the death of his first wife and had no desire to marry again, according to the Jetset Times. His court, on the other hand, was adamant, emphasizing the need to preserve the monarchy.
They proceeded on a quest for an appropriate wife with the help of the court's guardians. They came into Genepil, a 19-year-old nobleman from a noble family who they decided to take in. The young lady was already engaged to be married. However, the guardians of the court apprehended her and brought her to the Khan, completely disregarding her previous marriage. Bogd was assumed to be in his late eighties and nearly blind at the time. Presumably, their marriage would be brief, and she would be able to return to her family following his death. In order to cope with the shift, Genepil insisted on returning to her parents, which the Khan agreed to because Mongolian law allowed it.
The courtiers, on the other hand, pleaded with Genepil to return to the palace. They informed her that her country need her assistance, to which she reluctantly consented. Queen Genepilcarried out her responsibilities till Bogd's death. The ruthless and senseless assassination of Queen Genepil came home, relieved that her responsibilities had been completed, and eager to begin living her life in the company of her loved ones.
Star Wars Queen padme amidala siiting on a chair
Star Wars Queen padme amidala siiting on a chair
Unfortunately, according to the Mongolian Institute, this will never be the case. With Bogd no longer alive, the communists implemented a policy of removing any traces of the previous rule. Genepil was no longer considered to be a part of the royal family. However, she remained a symbol of the Mongolian kingdom, which made her a person of interest to historians. Genepil and her father were both imprisoned and executed in 1937 when she was 33 years old.
The Reddit users have their own opinions about this newsin which 'Star Wars character Padme Amidala's outfit was inspired by last Mongolian Queen Consort'.
"'The costume design for the Star Wars character Padmé Amidala took inspiration from a 1921 image of a Mongolian lady that is commonly, though incorrectly, attributed to Genepil.' - wiki"
_jackalisland (Reddit)
"No, actually the Mongolians were inspired by star wars, not the other way around!"
_KAKOOOM (Reddit)
"Obviously! It happened a “long long time ago, in a galaxy far away”. When humanoids settled on earth obviously some traditions continued on."
_ovrlymm (Reddit)

Who Was Padme Amidala Inspired By?

Padmé Organa was inspired by the Flash Gordon character Dale Arden, just as Leia Organa was inspired by Leia Organa. The outfit in The Phantom Menace was created by graphic artist Iain McCaig and costume designer Trisha Biggar, and the wardrobe in Attack of the Clones was designed by concept artist Dermot Power, who worked with McCaig and Biggar on the film.


Even though Genepil's story is terrible, her memory lives on in the unexpected legacy of the Star Wars saga. What are your thoughts on the news in which 'Star Wars character Padme Amidala's outfit was inspired by last Mongolian Queen Consort'?
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