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Finding music playing around you is simple with Sound Hound. It makes no difference where you are, at home, in your car, or elsewhere. You only need to open the Sound Hound online app and press the large orange button to find out exactly what song is playing!

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Finding musicplaying around you is simple with Sound Hound. It makes no difference where you are, at home, in your car, or elsewhere. You only need to open the Sound Hound onlineapp and press the large orange button to find out exactly what song is playing!
Sound Hound's Speech-to-MeaningTM engine offers previously unheard of speed and precision, and their Deep Meaning UnderstandingTM technology enables users to simultaneously ask several queries and filter results.
You can keep your brand and consumers safe by using bespoke wake words and custom domains. It's that easy.

Alternatives To SoundHound App

Although the Sound Hound online app is not a web application, there are several alternatives that operate similarly and run in the browser. TuneFind, which is free, is the greatest option available online.
If that's not what you're looking for, here are some Sound Hound Online alternatives, some of which are web apps, so hopefully you can find something that does. Sound Hound's competitors, Midomi, BeatSense, WatZatSong, and WhoSampled are also worth checking out.
Alternatives to the Sound Hound online app often include music recognition apps, but they can also include music discovery services or audio players. Check out this list of free alternatives to the Sound Hound online app:


Have you ever wondered what a terrific new song was that you heard on your favorite TV program? TuneFind's wonderful users have the solution. You can easily find, listen to, and download the music used on all of your favorite TV showsthanks to dedicated TV watchers who enter and verify it.


Midomi is a voice-activated music search engine. Sing, hum, or whistle to quickly locate your favorite music and connect with a group of others who have similar musical tastes.

AudioTag is a free music recognition service. It makes it simple and quick to recognize practically any unknown piece of music. Its usage is pretty straightforward: you upload a brief audio clip (even 15 seconds would do) or a whole song, and the robot analyzes it and then gives you the results.

Every Noise At Once

In essence, Every Noise at Once is a music classification service. It provides a scatter plot of music grouped by genre using artificial intelligence to evaluate Spotify data. By simply selecting to begin playing music from the chosen genre, genres are readily explored.


Songfacts is a searchable library of song information where you can learn the meanings of the lyrics, watch videos, and learn the backstories of your favorite songs. It urges you to contribute your ideas, and utilizing this website will help you better appreciate and comprehend the music you listen to.

People Also Ask

How Do I Use SoundHound Online?

  • Open the app.
  • Press the large orange SoundHound button.
  • Give your phone a few seconds to listen.

How Can I Identify A Song Online?

You can use the Sound Hound app to identify songs.

Does SoundHound Still Exist?

Yes, SoundHound still exists.


SoundHound online app's independent voice AI platform connects customers to brands through personalized conversational experiences that make goods, services, and apps voice-enabled.
It also gives businesses access to valuable customer data and analytics for more control and brand ownership of the customer experience.
Companies from all kinds of industries and places look to SoundHound to help them create a unique voice, branded experiences, and ways to make money that will help them move forward.
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