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Sonic The Hedgehog’s Full Name Is Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehog’s full name is Ogilvie Maurice hedgehog. Startled? Here are all the details you need to know.

Author:Morgan Maverick
Reviewer:Raven Noir
Aug 19, 2022
Sonic the hedgehog’s full name is Ogilvie Maurice hedgehog.
Here are all the details you need to know.
While Sonic the Hedgehog is the name by which most fans are familiar with the Blue Blur, several iterations of the character have shown that this name is actually a superhero-style codename based on Sonic's abilities.
Cartoon character of Sonic running
Cartoon character of Sonic running
Blue Blur Sonic the hedgehog’s full name is Ogilvie Maurice hedgehog.
That was undoubtedly the case in the now-canceled Archie Comics series, where lead author Ken Penders used the chance of the first miniseries' pilot issue to at least partially reveal Sonic's civilian name.
Two distinct tales that introduce the Sega character for the first time in comics can be found in Archie Sonic Miniseries #0.
In reality, Sonic's true identity is revealed in a flashback that takes place after the roboticization of his beloved Uncle Chuck and dog Muttski, which is when Sonic first encountered Dr. Robotnik.
Robotnik orders 200 chili dogs from Charles' chili dog stand in order to entice the Blue Blur away before he subjected his family to the gruesome procedure.
Sonic kindly assists his uncle by making the delivery himself.
In addition to not being paid for the order, Sonic soon discovers that Uncle Chuck and Muttski were robotized during his delivery.
Princess Sally Acorn tries to assist Sonic as he tries to revive his sick family members as the hedgehog explores Dr. Robotnik's lab.
Later, when they are on a mission that requires them to act quickly, Sonic tells Sally (and the world) his middle name.
When Sally asks Sonic if he can keep up with her, he replies that his middle name is Speed, before adding "Actually, it's Maurice.
But don't tell anyone, okay?" he said.
After the Freedom Fighters defeat Dr. Robotnik in issue #53 of the regular series, Sonic's real middle name is mentioned once more.

What is Sonic real name?

Sonic's father Jules starts calling out for his son using Sonic's middle name, Maurice, much to the amusement of his friends and comrades as Sonic and his friends are surveying the wreckage of his base.
Additionally, Sonic has a real first name, but in issue 53, he ends the conversation before it can be revealed.
According to a widely circulated rumor among fans, Penders revealed his true intentions by using his personal website.
Thus, Ogilvie Maurice the Hedgehog would be the real name of Sonic.


Sonic the hedgehog’s full name is Ogilvie Maurice hedgehog in the Archie comics.
He makes a valiant effort to keep that information private, perhaps out of embarrassment.
However, in the game continuity, he goes by Sonic the Hedgehog because this name is not canon (official).
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