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Songs With The Best Use Of Unconventional Instruments - Exploring Creative Musical Expressions

In the realm of music, innovation knows no bounds. Artists have continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity, exploring songs with the best use of unconventional instruments to create captivating and distinctive compositions.

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In the realm of music, innovation knows no bounds. Artists have continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity, exploring songs with the best use of unconventional instrumentsto create captivating and distinctive compositions.
These songs showcase the best use of unconventional instruments, demonstrating how musicians incorporate non-traditional tools into their music to create extraordinary sonic landscapes.
From household objects to rare and obscure instruments from different cultures, these songs exemplify the spirit of musical exploration and the endless possibilities that arise when artists think outside the box.
Prepare to embark on a sonic journey that challenges conventions and delights the senses with songs that feature the best use of unconventional instruments.

"Good Vibrations" By The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations (Official Music Video)

"Good Vibrations" is a classic song by the American rock band The Beach Boys, released in 1966. The song is renowned for its innovative use of unconventional instruments, contributing to its unique sound and captivating appeal.
Brian Wilson, the band's primary songwriter and producer, pushed the boundaries of studio recording techniques to create a sonic masterpiece.
In "Good Vibrations," you can hear the distinctive sound of the theremin, an electronic instrument controlled without physical contact. The ethereal, otherworldly tones of the theremin add an element of mystery and intrigue to the song, enhancing its overall atmosphere.
The Beach Boys, known for their harmonies and vocal arrangements, combined their signature vocal prowess with the unconventional instrumentals, creating a truly memorable and groundbreaking piece of music.

"Stairway To Heaven" By Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven (Live at Earls Court 1975) [Official Video]

"Stairway to Heaven" is an epic rock ballad by the British rock band Led Zeppelin, featured on their fourth studio album released in 1971. This iconic song is renowned for its powerful composition, captivating lyrics, and memorable guitar solos. However, it also stands out for its use of unconventional instruments, adding depth and texture to the musical arrangement.
In the latter half of the song, "Stairway to Heaven" features a beautiful and haunting recorder solo. The recorder is a woodwind instrument that dates back to medieval times, typically associated with classical and folk music.
Led Zeppelin's inclusion of the recorder in a rock song was a unique and unexpected choice, showcasing their willingness to experiment and explore different musical realms.

"Where Is My Mind?" By Pixies

"Where Is My Mind?" de Pixies (Álbum Surfer Rosa, 1988)

"Where Is My Mind?" is a renowned alternative rock song by the American band Pixies, featured on their 1988 album "Surfer Rosa." The song is known for its distinctive sound, introspective lyrics, and the creative use of unconventional instruments that contribute to its atmospheric and dreamlike quality.
One of the standout unconventional instruments used in "Where Is My Mind?" is the bass guitar played with a slide. The slide creates a unique and haunting effect, adding a sense of melancholy to the song.
This unconventional playing technique gives the bassline a distinct character and complements the ethereal vocals and distorted guitars that are signature elements of Pixies' sound.
The song also incorporates a unique instrument called the marimba, which adds a shimmering and melodic layer to the overall arrangement. The marimba provides a contrast to the raw energy of the guitars and drums, creating an intriguing balance between the unconventional and the familiar.

"Seven Nation Army" By The White Stripes

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Official Music Video)

"Seven Nation Army" is a rock anthem by the American duo The White Stripes, released in 2003. The song is instantly recognizable for its catchy guitar riff that permeates the entire track.
While the primary instrument used in the song is the electric guitar, "Seven Nation Army" also employs an unconventional instrument to create a distinct sonic texture.
In this song, Jack White, the band's guitarist and vocalist, uses a unique technique known as "detuned guitar" or "octave fuzz" effect. This effect creates a thick, gritty, and almost synth-like sound, giving the guitar riff a powerful and distorted quality.
The use of this unconventional playing technique adds depth and intensity to the song, making it instantly memorable and impactful.
"Seven Nation Army" showcases how a simple, repetitive riff played on an unconventional instrument can become a defining element of a song. The White Stripes' innovative use of the detuned guitar effect in this track helped solidify its place as a rock anthem and demonstrates the band's knack for crafting infectious and unconventional melodies.

"Kashmir" By Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Live at Knebworth 1979) (Official Video)

"Kashmir" is an iconic rock song by the legendary band Led Zeppelin, featured on their 1975 album "Physical Graffiti." The song stands out for its grandiose and epic sound, incorporating unconventional instruments that contribute to its unique and atmospheric composition.
One of the notable unconventional instruments used in "Kashmir" is the Mellotron, an early keyboard instrument that produces a distinctive orchestral sound.
Led Zeppelin incorporated the Mellotron to add a rich and ethereal texture to the song, particularly during the mesmerizing string sections that create a sense of grandeur and evoke a feeling of transcendence.
Additionally, "Kashmir" features the use of a Middle Eastern instrument called the tabla. The tabla is a pair of small hand drums traditionally used in Indian classical music.
Led Zeppelin integrated the tabla into the song, infusing it with an exotic and hypnotic rhythm, further enhancing the mystique and otherworldly quality of "Kashmir."

"The Way You Make Me Feel" By Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel (Official Video)

"The Way You Make Me Feel" is a classic pop song by the legendary artist Michael Jackson, released in 1987 as part of his album "Bad." While the song primarily features conventional instruments, it also incorporates an unconventional instrument to add a unique flavor to the track.
One of the standout unconventional instruments used in "The Way You Make Me Feel" is the whammy bar or tremolo arm on the electric guitar. The whammy bar is a lever attached to the bridge of the guitar that allows the player to manipulate the pitch of the notes by bending the strings.
In the song, the whammy bar is used to create expressive and melodic guitar embellishments, adding a sense of playfulness and dynamic energy to the overall composition.
By incorporating the whammy bar technique, Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" showcases how an unconventional use of a traditional instrument can enhance the musicality and create a memorable and distinct sound.
It's a testament to Jackson's ability to infuse his pop songs with creative elements that captivate listeners and elevate the overall experience.

Star Wars Theme Played On Calculators

Star Wars Theme covered by calculators

Clearly, calculators are capable of more than just arithmetic. These calculators can perform the entire Star Warsintroduction, including the Twentieth Century Fox fanfare that precedes the John Williams theme. Contributed to YouTube by One could say that the cover of It's a small world is meticulously calculated and truly impressive.

"Kothbiro" By Ayub Ogada

Cafe MELITA 04 #09 - 2004 - KOTHBIRO - AYUB OGADA - En Mana Kuoyo 1993

"Kothbiro" is a mesmerizing song by Kenyan musician Ayub Ogada. Released in 1993, this enchanting track showcases the beauty of African music and the skilled use of unconventional instruments. The song is performed primarily with the Nyatiti, a traditional stringed instrument originating from the Luo community in Kenya.
The Nyatiti is a lyre-like instrument consisting of eight strings and played with the thumbs and index fingers. Ayub Ogada skillfully plucks the strings of the Nyatiti, creating a captivating melody that resonates with a sense of nostalgia and tranquility.
The rhythmic patterns produced by the instrument, combined with Ogada's soulful vocals, transport listeners to the rich cultural heritage of Kenya.

"The Planets" By Gustav Holst

Gustav Holst - The Planets, Op. 32 III. Mercury (1916)

"The Planets" is a monumental orchestral suite composed by Gustav Holst between 1914 and 1916. This masterwork consists of seven movements, each representing a different planet in the solar system.
What makes "The Planets" noteworthy in terms of unconventional instruments is Holst's use of the celesta in the movement titled "Neptune, the Mystic."
The celesta is a keyboard instrument that produces a magical and ethereal sound reminiscent of bells or chimes. Holst employs the celesta in "Neptune, the Mystic" to evoke a sense of mystery and otherworldliness.
Its shimmering and celestial tones blend with the orchestral arrangement, creating an enchanting atmosphere that transports listeners to the far reaches of the universe.

"Blackbird" By The Beatles

Black bird- The Beatles 1968

"Blackbird" is a beautiful acoustic ballad by The Beatles, featured on their iconic 1968 album "The White Album." While the song is primarily driven by Paul McCartney's delicate guitar playing and heartfelt vocals, it also showcases the creative use of unconventional instruments.
In "Blackbird," McCartney incorporates the sound of bird chirping by tapping on the guitar's body near the soundhole. This technique simulates the melodic chirping of a blackbird and adds a charming and naturalistic element to the song.
The inclusion of this unconventional instrument enhances the lyrical theme of freedom and nature, making "Blackbird" a memorable and evocative composition.
The Beatles' ability to blend traditional acoustic guitar with unconventional sound effects in "Blackbird" exemplifies their innovation and willingness to explore new sonic territories. The result is a timeless song that continues to captivate audiences with its simplicity and artistic ingenuity.

"He's A Pirate" Originally Produced By Klaus Badelt And Hans Zimmer

Pirates of the Caribbean on Wine Glasses

It is debatable whether or not the Pirates of the Caribbean films have fallen into irrelevance. The main theme "He's a Pirate" originally composed by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer for Curse of the Black Pearl, however, is impossible to ignore no matter how hard you try.
Thanks to Dan Newbie, we now know what it sounds like when numerous wine glasses are clanged together. Certainly, it is a unique experience.

"Cruel Summer" Orchestral Cover

Taylor Swift - Cruel Summer | Epic Orchestra

The magnificent cover of Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" by Epic Orchestra is grand and elegant, and it may just lift you off your feet. Pop songs arranged orchestrally are always a little disorienting at first, but once you get into them, you'll be singing along in no time.
We are not currently singing "I'M DRUNK IN THE BACK OF THE CAR, AND I CRIED LIKE A BABY COMING HOME FROM THE BAR" in the workplace.

People Also Ask

What Are Some Examples Of Songs That Use Unconventional Instruments?

Explore the world of musical experimentation with songs like "Good Vibrations" by The Beach Boys, "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, "Where Is My Mind?" by Pixies, "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes, and "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin.

Which Song Features The Use Of Everyday Objects As Instruments?

One notable example is "The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson, where a soda bottle is used as a percussion instrument, creating a unique rhythmic element in the song.

What Is An Example Of A Song That Incorporates Rare And Exotic Instruments?

"Kothbiro" by Ayub Ogada is a mesmerizing song that showcases the Nyatiti, a traditional Kenyan string instrument, adding a rich and distinctive cultural element to the music.

Are There Any Classical Compositions That Utilize Unconventional Instruments?

Yes, "The Planets" by Gustav Holst is a notable example. In the movement "Mars, the Bringer of War," Holst incorporates a tenor tuba, creating a powerful and menacing sound that adds to the intensity of the composition.

Which Song Stands Out For Its Innovative Use Of Unconventional Instruments?

"Blackbird" by The Beatles is renowned for its delicate and intricate guitar picking, emulating the sound of a blackbird, which showcases the band's innovative approach to incorporating unconventional elements into their music.

Final Thoughts

Songs with the best use of unconventional instrumentsoffer a captivating and unique musical experience.
The artists behind these compositions demonstrate their boundless creativity by exploring unconventional sounds and incorporating non-traditional instruments into their music.
From everyday objects to rare and exotic instruments, these songs push the boundaries of what is considered traditional and redefine the possibilities of musical expression.
By embracing the use of unconventional instruments, these artists open doors to new sonic landscapes and inspire others to think outside the box when creating music.
So, immerse yourself in the world of these remarkable songs and discoverthe enchanting sounds crafted through the innovative use of unconventional instruments.
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