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Solatube - An Australian Daylighting System That Reduce Energy Consumption

Starting around 1991, an Australian development by an Aussie business has turned into the selection of millions of individuals all over the planet believing that a reasonable way, solatube daylighting system, should bring normal light into dim spaces where regular light had seldom been a choice.

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Solatube- Starting around 1991, an Australian development by an Aussie business has turned into the selection of millions of individuals all over the planet believing that a reasonable way, solatube daylighting system, should bring normal light into dim spaces where regular light had seldom been a choice.
Still gladly Australian claimed and presently with a worldwide impression, the honor-winning'tubular skylight' innovation made by Solatubehas altered how sunlight is brought into a structure. The large numbers of establishments all over the planet are demonstrations of this: from private to business, retail outlets to major brandishing arenas - even an old sanctuary in Egypt!
In 1991, was the year the Internet opened up for unlimited business use; the principal internet browser was presented; the airbag was created, and the notable film Point Break hit our film screens.
It was likewise the year that the notable Aussie TV show Beyond 2000 displayed another framework made by a youthful Australian innovator: the 'tubular skylight', a development that outfits the force of the sun to control sunlight. Thus Solatube was conceived.
An outside view of black solatube on a grey ceramic roof
An outside view of black solatube on a grey ceramic roof

Solatube Daylighting System

The primary Solatube Daylighting System was introduced in an unobtrusive rural home in Sydney's Castle Hill. And keeping in mind that the property holders wondered about how one minimal skylight immediately worked on the look and feel of their home, they would never have envisioned they would be the first of what is presently a great many establishments all over the planet.
From these unassuming beginnings, Solatube's elite exhibition daylighting frameworks - which utilize progressed optics to essentially further develop how sunshine is bridled - have been introduced into structures and designs all over the planet, from private homes, business, and retail spaces, to aquatic focuses and major wearing arenas.
The minimal plan and first-of-its-sort tubing of the Solatube framework moves around snags, making it the daylighting answer for any structure.
Solatube's creators routinely concoct answers for configuration difficulties like the one the Oaks lodging in Cairns, Far North Queensland, carrying regular light into the inn's inside rooms (which had no windows to the outside), utilizing extraordinary lighting conduits - with a 17m length of cylinder running from the inn's rooftop arch - and bogus windows.

Solatube Reviews

“Customers are always amazed at how this compact product can light up a space better than traditional skylights many times its size,” says Solatube’s General Manager Brett Dickson.
“And its ability to spread natural light throughout a room is unparalleled. Some models can transfer light further than 30 meters, a feat no other skylight product on the market today can achieve. Not surprisingly, when it was first launched it was nicknamed the ‘light catcher’.”

Updated Model

Development is crucial for Solatube's prosperity and throughout the long term it has proceeded to make new plans and present specialized propels.
For instance, adding optical innovationall through the framework to catch more daylight on the rooftop, move more daylight through the tubing and really diffuse the light in the structure inside, as well as presenting sunshine darkening, lighting, and ventilation gadgets.
Solatube now comes with a solar panel devicethat can lighten up your nights too.
Stainless steel solatube skylights inside a factory
Stainless steel solatube skylights inside a factory

Reddit User Comments

"They're not editing it to make it seem brighter either. There was one where I used to live and it looks like a regular light indoors. It's surprisingly bright."
_ilkikuinthadik (Reddit)
"Parents used to have one before they moved. Perfect diffuse natural light from sunrise to sunset in that room; those things really work."
_RevEngineer_11 (Reddit)
"My Dad used to install Solartubes in the 80s, the tech hasn't changed much. Hole in the roof, reflective tube, magical indoor light. It's just a skylight with extra steps, nothing particularly special or revolutionary."
_Rufus2468 (Reddit)
"This is an ad for a very old product. I'll let the GCs on reddit tell you the issues.
There exists a cool alternative that ties a collector to a fiber optic line, then diffuses on the other end. That one can do a skylight in your basement."
_NotSockPuppet (Reddit)
"Hey, I’ve actually installed these before, and they’re pretty neat! The process for it is honestly super simple and they’re not that expensive overall. They really do work as advertised, phenomenally honestly. Even on cloudy days it gives you ample light. Cover the sun dome during the install though, because.. well, they work as advertised. I only made the mistake once lol.
One big downfall is you need to keep them clean, so you gotta get on the roof once a year and clean it. They also put off heat, so during the summer your AC is going to work a little harder. However, in the winter your heating costs are reduced thanks to them. They’re pretty neat honestly."
_CausticNitro (Reddit)
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People Also Ask

Which Is Better Solatube Vs Velux?

Velux sun burrows offer 98% compelling intelligent material while Solatube rounded lookout windows come in with higher results at 99.7 percent (a consequence of the tubing plan.)
For the property holder, the higher reflectivity implies more splendid lighting for your space

How Much Are Solar Tubes NZ?

They additionally limit brutal noontime sun. As far as cost, getting one Solatube introduced begins at around $1500 incl GST and establishment, which is fundamentally not exactly the expense of adding a window to a house

How Does A Solatube Work?

From sunup to twilight, the Solatube® Daylighting System catches the sun's beams utilizing an optical vault mounted on the rooftop. The light is then moved to descend through restrictive Spectralight® Infinity, the world's most intelligent tubing.

Which Solar Tubes Are The Best?

  • Best Overall: Velux 10″
  • Runner Up: Natural Light 10″
  • For Flexibility: Velux TMF Sun Tunnel.
  • For Asphalt Roofs: Natural Light 13″
  • For Metal Sheds: Solar Light Blaster.


En route Solatube daylighting system has won a loot of grants and industry honors including a prestigious Australian Design Award in 2016, the Most Innovative New Product at the 2014 CONNECT MIP Awards, the Gold Award at the 2020 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, and a 2016 Build It Award.
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