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Snorkeler Escapes Crocodile Attack By Pulling His Head Away From Its Mouth

An Australian man had a terrifying encounter with a crocodile while snorkeling off the coast of far north Queensland, but the snorkeler escapes crocodile attack by his daring act to get out of his jaws.

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An Australian man had a terrifying encounter with a crocodile while snorkeling off the coast of far north Queensland, but the snorkeler escapes crocodile attackby his daring act to get out of its jaws.

Australian Snorkeler Escapes Crocodile Attack

Marcus McGowan, an avid surfer and diver, was enjoying a snorkeling excursion with his wife and friends near a remote island off the northern tip of the country when the unexpected incident occurred.
In a statement recounting the incident, McGowan revealed his initial confusion.
I thought I had been bitten by a shark, but when I reached up, I realized it was a crocodile.
Realizing the immediate danger he was in, McGowan sprang into action, leveraging the crocodile's jaws open just enough to free his head from its powerful grip. However, the reptile wasn't deterred and attempted to strike at him again. With quick reflexes, McGowan managed to push the crocodile away, using his hand as a shield.
Fortunately, the group's boat, which had brought them to the diving spot near Charles Hardy Islands, heard their cries for help and swiftly came to their rescue. McGowan was immediately transported to Haggerston, a nearby resort island, before being airlifted to a regional hospital. He sustained cuts and puncture wounds on his head and hands as a result of the attack.
Reflecting on the incident, McGowan expressed gratitude that he bore the brunt of the attack instead of his fellow snorkelers, particularly the children and women in the group.
I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time- Marcus McGowan, Crocodile Attack Survivor
His encounter was so brief that he wasn't able to get a clear view of the crocodile, but he estimated its size to be around two to three meters, suggesting it was likely a juvenile.
Saltwater crocodiles, also known as "salties," can grow up to six meters in length and weigh up to a staggering 1,000 kilograms, according to experts at Australia Zoo. These formidable reptiles are predominantly found in the warmer regions of northern Australia.

Saltwater Crocodile - The Largest Reptile In The World / Documentary (English/HD)

The federal government estimates that there are approximately 100,000 saltwater crocodiles in the country.
The Queensland government has reported multiple crocodile sightings in Cook Shire on Cape York this year alone, underscoring the presence of these creatures in the area. Crocodile attacks remain a rare but serious concern. Since 1975, Queensland has recorded 46 crocodile attacks on humans, resulting in 16 fatalities.
McGowan's close call serves as a powerful reminder of the potential dangers lurking in the marine environment. He acknowledged the inherent risks associated with entering territories inhabited by dangerous animals like sharks and crocodiles.
Despite the harrowing experience, McGowan's courage and quick thinking allowed him to escape a potentially tragic fate, highlighting the importance of vigilance and respect for nature's wild inhabitants.

Top 5 Killer Crocodile Moments | BBC Earth

How To Survive A Crocodile Attack?

If you want to survive a crocodile attack like the snorkeler, Marcus McGowan, then here's what you do:

Staying Alert And Preventing An Attack

Probably the best thing is to stay alert and avoid getting attacked in the first place. Crocodile attacks are rare but can be extremely dangerous.
By following some precautions and being aware of your surroundings, you can reduce the risk of encountering a crocodile in the wild. Here are some important tips to keep in mind:
  • Be Informed -Research the areas you plan to visit and learn about their local wildlife, including the presence of crocodiles. Stay updated with any recent reports of crocodile sightings or increased activity in the area.
  • Observe Warning Signs -Pay attention to warning signs and guidelines provided by local authorities. These signs are usually placed in areas known to have crocodile populations and serve as a reminder to exercise caution.
  • Avoid Crocodile Habitats -Stay away from known crocodile habitats, such as rivers, mangroves, and swamps. These areas are favored by crocodiles for hunting and basking in the sun. Keep a safe distance and respect their natural environment.
  • Travel in Groups -When venturing into crocodile-prone areas, it is advisable to travel with others. Larger groups are more likely to deter crocodile attacks and can provide immediate assistance in case of an emergency.

Survival Strategies During A Crocodile Attack

While prevention is key, it's essential to be prepared and know how to react if you ever find yourself in a life-threatening situation with a crocodile.
Remember, each encounter can be different, and there is no foolproof method, but these strategies might increase your chances of survival:
  • Target Sensitive Spots -Crocodiles have sensitive areas that, if targeted, might force them to release their grip. The eyes, nostrils, and throat are particularly vulnerable. If possible, try poking the crocodile in the eyes or using any object within reach to target these sensitive organs.
  • Disrupt Breathing - If you cannot reach the eyes, focus on the nostrils and throat. Crocodiles have a flap of skin that covers their throat to prevent water from entering while they are submerged. If your hand or arm is caught inside the crocodile's mouth, try pulling down this flap, as it may induce the crocodile to release you.
  • Do NOT Play Dead -Contrary to a common misconception, playing dead is not an effective strategy when dealing with crocodiles. Crocodiles are opportunistic predators and are unlikely to release you if they sense movement has stopped. Instead, fightback vigorously to increase your chances of survival.
  • Escape and Seek Medical Attention -As soon as you are released, waste no time in getting out of the water and moving to a safe location. Do not assume that the crocodile is no longer a threat. Once on land, seek immediate medical attention, even for seemingly minor wounds. Crocodile bites can lead to severe infections due to the bacteria present in their mouths and the surrounding water.
Remember, surviving a crocodile attack requires courage, quick thinking, and a calm approach. While it's crucial to be aware of these survival strategies, it's equally important to prioritize prevention and respect the natural habitats of these powerful reptiles.
By staying vigilant and informed, you can enjoy the outdoors while minimizing the risks associated with crocodile encounters.

How to Survive a Crocodile Attack

These Humans Survived Crocodile Attacks - 6 Ways You Can Too

Here are some stories from individuals who had a crocodile encounter. Who knows you might have use of these tips too? Better prepared right?

Avoid Saltwater Crocodiles - Giant And Deadly

Most attacks occur near or in the water. A saltwater croc can weigh more than 2,000 pounds and launch itself with its tail. It's important to be aware of their size and power to avoid dangerous encounters.
Stay informed about areas known to have crocodile populations and follow local guidelines and warning signs. Swim only in areas marked safe for water activities and avoid leaning over the side of watercrafts to prevent unexpected attacks.
Survivor Story - Battle of Ramree Island
During World WarII, British soldier and naturalist Bruce Stanley Wright estimated that only 20 out of 1,000 soldiers survived a night on Ramree Island's mangrove swamps, infested with crocodiles. It is considered one of the worst crocodile attacks in history.

Back Away, Run Straight, And Don't Look Back!

Confronting a crocodile is highly risky, and it's essential to know how to respond if you encounter one. If you spot a crocodile, the best approach is to back away slowly, avoiding sudden movements that might provoke it.
Splashing in water can draw attention, so it's important to remain calm. If a crocodile starts approaching you, run away in a straight line. Contrary to popular belief, the zig-zag motion is ineffective as crocodiles can move swiftly.
Survivor Story - Kakadu National Park
A viral video in 2016 showed a woman scaring away crocodiles in Kakadu National Park, Australia. While she was successful, confronting a crocodile is highly risky.

Gouge The Croc's Eyes

When engaged in a struggle with a crocodile, targeting its vulnerable spots can help you escape. Crocodiles have impressive vision, especially underwater and at night, but their eyes are also one of the most vulnerable parts of their body. If possible, aim for the eyes and use any means available to gouge them. This might disrupt the crocodile's attack and provide an opportunity to break free.
Survivor Story - Peppimentari, Australia
Stephen Moreen poked a crocodile's eye with his fingers when it grabbed his arm, causing it to release him and swim away.

Fight Like Crazy

A crocodile's "death roll" is a vicious maneuver used to drown and subdue prey. If you find yourself in this situation, it is essential to keep fighting.
Survivor Story - Kakadu National Park
Val Plumwood fought against a crocodile by hitting it and jabbing her fingers into its vulnerable areas during a death roll. She managed to escape by clawing her way up a slippery mud bank.

When In Doubt, Consider Sacrificing A Limb

In extreme circumstances, sacrificing a limb might be necessary to escape a crocodile's grip.
Survivor Story - MalaysianFarm
Rudy Francis hugged the crocodile's underbelly to avoid further bites and instructed his co-workers to pull him to safety, even if it meant sacrificing his leg. He survived the ordeal.

Crocodiles Need Love?

While this example is highly exceptional and not recommended, it highlights a unique bond between a man named Chito and a crocodile named Pocho.
Survivor Story - Reventazón River, Costa Rica
Chito cared for a crocodile named Pocho, and they formed an unlikely friendship. Their story was captured in the documentary "The Man Who Swims With Crocodiles."
Remember, these survival tips should be used as a last resort when facing a life-or-death situation with a crocodile. It is always best to prioritize prevention.

People Also Ask

What Was The Deadliest Crocodile Attack Ever Recorded?

The Ramree Island massacre in 1945 marked the deadliest recorded crocodile attack in history. It occurred during the final stages of Imperial Japan's invasion of Asia, as Allied forces relentlessly fought back, offering the enemy the choice of surrender or annihilation.

What Was The Best Crocodile Attack?

During Operation Matador in 1945, the largest crocodile attack in human history unfolded on Ramree Island. As British and Indian forces launched an offensive to retake the island from the Japanese army, approximately 6,000 soldiers found themselves in a battle against around 1,000 Japanese soldiers.

What To Do If A Crocodile Chases You?

When evading a crocodile attack, run straight and fast to put as much distance as possible between you and the crocodile.

How Can We Prevent Crocodile Attacks?

Stay safe around crocodiles: never provoke, feed, or approach them, especially near water at night or during the breeding season.


In conclusion, these harrowing stories of survival demonstrate the immense strength and resilience of individuals who have managed to escape crocodile attacks. From how the snorkeler escapes crocodile attack by getting out of its jaws to the brave individuals who fought against these powerful predators, their experiences serve as a testament to human determination and the will to survive.
By following the outlined strategies, you can increase your chances of escaping a crocodile attack. However, it is crucial to remember that prevention is the best course of action. Stay informed, respect warning signs, and exercise caution when entering crocodile-prone areas.
While the tales of survival are remarkable, it is important to approach encounters with crocodiles with utmost caution and to prioritize safety at all times.
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