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Snapdragon - A Plant's Seedpods Gives The Impression Of Skulls

Who said you can't have a house loaded with skulls? These snapdragon blossom skulls will make it feasible for the creepy and goth nursery worker to have a characteristic, however dreadful, a badge of a nursery past.

Author:Dr. Felix Chaosphere
Reviewer:Xander Oddity
May 11, 20224 Shares296 Views
Snapdragon- Who said you can't have a house loaded with skulls? These snapdragon flower blossom skulls will make it feasible for the creepyand goth nursery worker to have a characteristic badge of a nursery past. They're the ideal Halloween design after your nursery is done for the year.
They're excellent when alive yet when they wilt up and die, things get a piece frightening.
Another magical flower vine is the Wisteria. Check it out!
Different colored snapdragons in the garden
Different colored snapdragons in the garden

Do All Snapdragons Look Like Skulls?

Meet the Snapdragon seed podswhich bear the distinct appearance of a human skull.
They are accessible in each tone possible and there are more than 25 types of bloom that exists. The skull flower blossom gets its name attributable to the remarkable shape that seems to be a nose or that of a mythical beast's head.
Blossom rancher Erin Benzkein even said, “Snapdragon possesses so many desirable traits in one plant: beautiful warm colors, tall strong stems, delicate ruffled blooms, and the loveliest citrus scent.”
Antirrhinum majusis regularly known as normal snapdragon; frequently - particularly in cultivation as snapdragon is a type of blossoming plant having a place with the family Antirrhinum.
The plant is local to the Mediterranean area, from Morocco and Portugal north to southern France, and east to Turkey and Syria.
The normal name "snapdragon", begins from the blossoms' response to having their throats pressed, which causes the "mouth" of the bloom to snap open like a mythical serpent's mouth.
It is broadly utilized as a fancy plant in bordersand as a cut blossom. It is generally developed one time each year. The species has been in culture since the fifteenth hundred years.
Close up shots of snapdragons dried flowers from different angles
Close up shots of snapdragons dried flowers from different angles
The Snapdragons name (Antirrhinum) comes from the Greek words"hostile to," importance like, and "rhin," significance nose.
Ages ago, individuals thought the plant had supernatural abilitiesand would put them around their homes to protect the house from condemnations and witches.
Assuming the blossom sprout of the dragon skull floweris planned right, you can coordinate the finish of the blossom to agree with Halloween. Your nursery will be the most frightening, normally happening style.
Assuming you are tingling to grow one, realize that they are cold-season establishes that in all actuality do best in full daylight. You can establish them just before the spring season begins.
Keep them watered and offer them around 1 bit of leeway of water consistently. When developed, they stand from 6 creeps up to 3 feet tall. At the point when dead they'll abandon the frightening tokens, you can gather for the show.
Close up shot of snapdragon seed pods
Close up shot of snapdragon seed pods
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"Fake news. Those are 'will seeds'. Looking cool Joker!"
"Grew up with them all my life , never once did they look like that."
_McnastyCDN (Reddit)
"Yep. I've only had them in my front yard for 3 years. So I'm not an expert, but I call bulls**t on this post."
_Ok_Paint_2840 (Reddit)
"Apparently this is what their seed pods look like after they’re all dried up? 🤷🏻‍♂️
I have snapdragons around and Ive never seen this myself… anyone else?
(I’m in Wisconsin)"
_Dimension_Override (Reddit)
"No. This is NOT what snap dragons look like dried up. This is a very special flower to me and have spent nearly my whole life around them. This is some other plant. Snap dragons don’t even grow on the stem like that. Not interesting and wrong. Swing and miss op."
"A google search for "snapdragon seed pods" brings up hundreds of images from different angles that seem to match OP's pics. There are even videos about how to harvest the seeds and they clearly show the pods on the plants. If this is incorrect, could you provide a photo of what the seed pods really look like? You sound pretty sure.
I'm also a little confused by your statement about how they "don't grow on the stem like that" because like...yeah, they do? I've grown them. The stem is being held upside-down in the pics but otherwise that growth pattern looks correct to me.
During my search I noticed that there's another plant called a "snapdragon vine". It's different than the flower stalk type, with flowers that grow further apart and round seed pods. Is that the plant you're referring to? Are you being a jerk to OP just because you're confused about which species they posted?"
_KnottyKnitty (Reddit)

The Antirrhinum¸ Dragon’s Skull | The Execrable Complexion of Snapdragon Seed Pods

Flower deformation or fasciation, clickfor details.

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Do Snapdragons Floer Look Like Skulls?

At the point when they're alive, Snapdragons make delightful blossoms. Yet, when the seed cases die, something impossible to miss occurs… the dead bloom heads look like little human skulls. Furthermore, on the off chance that crushed between the fingertips, the skull will open and close its mouth.

What Flower Looks Like A Skull?

Snapdragons are formally the most metal blossom to exist — when they bite the dust, they look like human skulls.


In the Victorian days, the snapdragon flower was an image of misdirection, doubt, and secret. Rumors from far and wide suggest that hiding a snapdragon in your garments causes an individual to seem intriguing, thoughtful, and sincere.
Today they are #1 in gardens around Europe, the United States, and North Africa.
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